Back bar hire London

Back bars are something which quite often get forgotten about, Kent and London based Mobile Bar Hire have launched their LED back bar hire service. These back bar counters are available for hire on a 3 day basis for indoor and out door events. Complete with mirrors and LED colour changing lights, they work very well with the front bar counters. Available to hire from as little at 90 + vat per metre this is money well invested into any event.

More information and packages for front and back bar hire is available for the company who are always pleased to assist with the theming and atmosphere of any event.

These back bar counters have room for storage, display and also a fridge within each bar unit. Company director, Ragbhir Sandhu said ” Our company is always looking at new ways to enhance our clients bar experience at one of our bars. This is our latest addition to the Mobile Bar Hire equipment, with the mirrors and lights it looks superb”.



Mobile Bar Hire Kent were pleased to be providing the bar for Westfields Shopping Centre in Stratford. The LED bar was hired to act as the center piece of the huge reception which the venue were hosting for the Australian Olympic Team a day before the official opening of the olympics in London. This 8 metre long bar front was used to serve drinks to thoses who attended the event, with green matting on the approach to the venue, Australia logo’s on the railings and dark drapes throughout the venue the finishing touch was the thousends of pounds worth of lighting which lit up the venue.

Celebrating their 10thanniversary this year, Mobile Bar Hire have provided bar services and bar counters for various events throughout the UK including the Take That concert, The Only Way is Essex and the X Factor, with the Australian Olympic team event being the latest addition to this already VIP bar service the bar hire company is moving in the correct circles.

LED Bar for Australian Olympic Team in London



Company director Ragbhir Sandhu commented, “Although the logistics and timescale and security aspects all needed to be taken into consideration, initially it seemed almost impossible. But yet again, credit goes to the Mobile Bar Hire teams who make the impossible – possible! It was truly a pleasure to be part of such a great event within our own London.”

RollerFest at Glow Kent

Kents newest exhibition centre Glow is home to this summers RollerFest. Starting on 21st July 2012 and running for 6 weeks through to 1st September, this event is expected to be very popular with children and adults of all ages. Located in Kent famous shopping centre Bluewater, the location is ideal for everyone from Kent, London, Surrey and Essex. With bumber cars, roller skating, video games, football and a large sports screen all ages have been thought about when designing this event. Dartford and Crayford based Mobile Bar Hire are the Official Hospitality and Bar Providers of the Bluewater Arms Bars within Glow.

Equipped with a great range of drinks including champagne and cocktails, the Bluewater Arms Bar is also home to Dartford brewed Dartford Wobbler and Kentish Juice and Wines etc. Opening each day from 10am, Mobile Bar Hire’s team are looking forward to working within their home town for such a great event. Company director Ragbhir Sandhu (who recently met PM David Cameron within the same venue) said “Its a pleasure to be part of such a well planned event, summertime is always a time when parents look for different places to take children and so we are very pleased to be working with Glow at Bluewater. Selling local products such ad the Dartford Wobbler and Kentish juices is always close to our hearts, this is the ideal opportunity to showcase local producers”.

Additional information regarding Mobile Bar Hire Kent and their role within the RollerFest at Glow is available from their web site.