This fantastic 4% Czech lager is now being stocked on draught at Mobile Bar Hire Kent and its events throughout the UK. This great tasting lager is a very popular Czech brand and throughout the UK Miller Brands are looking to push it to the max. Brewed in the small Czech village of Velke Popovice since 1874 within the Czech Republic its also available in bottles, however in the UK its only available on draught. Local Kent based Mobile Bar Hire director Rags Sandhu said “ Its great to have the option of serving a popular brand from the Czech Republic. The main stream lagers like Carling, Grolsh, Fosters and Cobra etc  are all great brands but I am very excited about having Kozel on board and the team are looking forward to pulling their first pint very soon”.

Kozel at Mobile Bar Hire

Facts about Kozel :
What does Kozel mean – Goat in Czech.
How popular is Kozel – Kozel has approx. 8 million friends aroung the world.
Who would be Kozel customers – the brand is aimed at the 25 – 40 year old male market.
What ingredients make Kozel – Czech Malt, Premiant aroma hops and soft water.
Served in the correct Kozel glassware, this brand is sure to be seen a lot more inwithin the UK ontrade market.

Have you experienced Kozel or any other eastern european lagers or beers?

Please give us your thoughts and views.


Glow Bluewater Bar for Rollerfest

A new bar was open at the Glow Bluewater in Dartford Kent. With a great atmosphere within the summer Rollerfest,  the need was seen by event organisers and the Mobile Bar Hire Kent team for another bar. With 3 bars already fitted as part of the event, this fourth bar is on the left of the skating rink and its hoped to be the most popular one out of the four.


The event at Bluewater Shopping Centre is due to run until early September and is full of great attractions such as a large screen TV screen, dodgems, arcade machines and even a carousel. With hot do stands and the bars, there is plenty to eat, drinks and do within the Rollerfest event. Aimed at children and adults alike, this Kent event is proving to be popular with everyone!


Its worth poping down to this FREE event in Bluewater Shopping centre, Dartford Kent.


Have you been to the Rollerfest event in Kent? Give us your views and thoughts on the event.