This Sunday 21st October marked a historic day for Mobile Bar Hire Ltd. This was the day when the company provided its first ice bar for the City Pavilion in Romford, the event was the wedding of Jas and Amrit and so in the normal Punjabi (Indian) style the couple ensured that the ice bar had a ‘Wow’ factor. Stealing a little attention from the décor in the venue, the personalised ice bar created a real premier event feel. Spelling the names of the bride and groom ‘Jas & Amrit’ the ice bar was made of individual letters and once the LED lighting was in place along with their white back bar supplied by the company the wow factor realy set in.

Jas & Amrit at their Ice Bar

A member of the customner services team at Mobile Bar Hire said “This event was a real top class event and we had been told by the client that it’s a ‘no expense spared wedding’. The design of the bar was provided by us and our specialist team installed the ice bar well before the guests arrived. The back bar was white and this with its LED lighting set the scene for a premium style event”. City Pavilion in Romford Essex, is a popular venue for a wide range of events including weddings, parties, crporate events and even boxing. Located where it is in Essex, means its easily accessable to prople from London and Kent. In addition to the City Pavillion Ice Bar, Mobile Bar Hire also provided the LED bar for the drinks recpetion which was also a first.

The Dhaliwals Ice bar at City Pavillion

Asian and in particular Indian weddings are getting very, very glamorous, from the correct venue, the correct DJ, Decor and catering, now people have began to pay more and more attention to the many additions such as ice bars and expensive drinks.

We would be interested in any views you may have on the City Pavilion and any of the services provided by Mobile Bar Hire Ltd. 

What are your thoughts on the ‘Jas & Amrit’ ice bar?


Today marked the 10th anniversary of Mobile Bar Hire, in Dartford and Bexley. The Directors of Mobile Bar Hire, Sandhu brothers, (Avtar Singh Sandhu MBE and Ragbhir Singh Sandhu), were joined by local business men and women as well as the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The Mayor of London and bar manager Aman Bains both mixed a blue cocktail in shakers, poured in to a margarita glass which was then proudly named “The Bexley Breeze Block” by the Mayor.

In his address to the gathering the Mayor said “Mobile Bar Hire Limited is a classic example of a local family run business, who have great ideas, passion and commitment to drive business forward. This is the type of entrepreneur spirit to drive business and jobs forward”. Having named the cocktail he unveiled a plaque marking 10 years of the company. The Mayor later on praised the directors for their hard work and dedication put into the company, by stating that “the Sandhu’s have the can-do spirit”.

Company director, Avtar Singh Sandhu MBE, said “having hosted some great events over the years the Mayors visit to our office was overwhelming, our plans have always been to work with exhibitions centres and private events nationwide, our relationship with venues such as Glow, Bluewater is on the increase and the Mayors visit is a real endorsement on the company”.

Boris Johnson making a cocktail " Bexley Breeze Block" Photo - City
London Mayor at Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Boris Johnson at Mobile Bar Hire LtdMobile bar hire team with Boris Johnson and Leader of Bexley Council. Photo supplied by City


This years Baby & Toddler show is being held and Glow Bluewater Kent.  Running the event is Mercury Events and as per previous shows of theirs, including the recent Wedding Fair at Bluewater their aim it to offer great deals and packages for mothers to be!  Kent’s leading bar and hospitality company Mobile Bar Hire Kent is back at Glow again, installing and running the smoothie and milkshake bar this event is a little for different for the company. 

Smoothie Bar at Glow

Their previous events have generally included alcohol and cocktails but this one – aimed at babies needs to be a lot more juice and milk orientated for obvious reasons. With wide walk ways to accommodate the prams and buggies etc, demonstration areas, everything from clothes to food through to baby essentials the show is sure to prove very popular with visitors to Bluewater. Speaking about their role within the show, Mobile Bar Hire directors said

“The event is different for us but obviously we are pleased to be involved within the development of Glow and indeed the extra business brought into Kent by Mercury Events.  

At our bar we shall have  a range of smoothies,  juices and milkshakes which will be enjoyed on a relaxing seating area by the bar” This year has been a busy year for the Glow Events Centre, from a visit by the PM David Cameron, Rollerfest, Wedding Fair and other shows this year must have been on of the busiest for the exhibition centre in Kent.

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