From one of the oldest breweries in the UK comes Bangla beer. Marston Brewery specially created this beautifully well-rounded beer to compliment the robust flavors of Indian cuisine. Inspired by the colourful sights, exciting cultures and warming spices, Bangla beer invites a strong rich flavor into your culinary experiences but remains delicate enough not too suppress the sophisticated aroma of curry dishes. The thick, malty texture of this beer goes hand in hand with the cool acidity that cuts through the spice and oils of a traditional curry.

Bangla Beer London

Seen in many restaurants in the north of the country, London based Mobile Bar Hire Ltd are keen to spread the brand of Bangla Beer in the south of the country. The great presentation on tap or in a bottle, means that a pint or a bottle of Bangla beer looks great with any meal!

The deep golden colour is symbolic of the golden shade of sunset over the Bay of Bengal.  Mobile Bar Hire is excited to be promoting this new and refreshing flavor from the Temples of Dinajpur and Rain Forests of Sundarban. Director of Mobile Bar Hire, Ragbhir Sandhu said “This is another great brand which we are very keen to work with. Its a very exciting time for the drinks industry as new brands and drinks are always emerging – we are always pleased to generate additional brand awarness”.

Additional information is available on this great brand of beer through the Mobile Bar Hire customer services team in London.




Lately there has been some controversy and difference in opinions on the news when it comes to same-sex marriage. While some religious groups have opposed the bill it seems the majority have accepted the changes in society and culture here in the UK and are in favour of the policy motion ‘Equal marriage in the United Kingdom’.

Gay Bar Hire - leaders in hospitality

My only concern is why it has taken so long for this law to be reconsidered. In this day and age we are faced with different attitudes concerning race, religion and sex but these issues are only now a matter of opinion by individuals. We have lived through the collapse of slavery, the suffragettes gaining the vote and the acceptance of religious diversity in the UK but why is it that sexuality and the unity of same-sex couples only now have been deemed acceptable in this country? In the majority of Europe there has been Legal recognition of same-sex marriage for so many years so how is it that the most powerful country on the continent is so behind with legalizing gay marriage?
We here at Bar News we endeavor to follow the daily news and particularly when it concerns issues that are important to our clients, our customers and ourselves.  A leading hospitality provider to the Gay Community – Gay Bar Hire are pleased with the announcement by the government earlier this week , they aim to provide the best service for their customers. A spokesman for gay bar hire said “We  believe in understanding and connecting with you on a personal as well as professional level. If you wish to hold a celebration, event or wedding we are here to help. We provide equipment from counter tops to back bars to cocktail waiters and bar tenders. Our mobile bars range from simple wooden/black/white to bright LED bars to the most extravagant ice bars and sculptures”. Please contact a member of the Bar News editorial team with more information regarding your thoughts on Gay Marriages.


When celebrating the birthday of your loved one, we all like to go the extra mile, below you’ll find some images form an event hosted in a leading London resturant. However although the resturant in London was great, the wife of the birthday boy (Mr Bain’s) decided to add a great additional touch to her very own bottle of Crystal champagne. As seen on the images, she decided to have the birthday cake made into the shape and size of an exact champagne bucket, inside the champagne bucket she decided to place a bottle of the world famous Crystal Champagne.

This I’m sure you’ll agree is a great way to present a birthday cake to your husband. In a packed resturant consisting of the Bains family, friends and relatives the birthday cake was the finishing touch to what the birthday boy said was “a great night”. When contact by the supplier of the champagne bottle, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, Mrs Bains said “I think the presentation of the Crystal champagne within the cake gives a whole new meaning to the phrase – icing on the cake”.

Blowing out the candle
Crystal Champagne Cake Bucket

A spokesperson from the sales team at Mobile Bar Hire said “Mr Bains is part of our team and when he’s wife told us what her plans were it was an opportunity not to be missed.  We all knew that he has always been a big fan of Crystal as it was only right that the present we give must be one he’ll likes”.


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