In today’s budget Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced a 1p reduction in duty tax on a pint of beer. With the recent proposed changes etc. In the minimum pricing of alcohol being scraped over the past couple of weeks, this reduction in the price of beer is welcomed within the industry.

Mobile Bar Hire Welcome 2013 Budget

With the current financial climate being as it is, this reduction is a much needed boost to the drinks and events industry. Director of events company Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Ragbhir Sandhu commented on today’s budget by saying “it’s a tough market at the moment for the events and drinks industry as a whole and this 1p reduction is not enough to give the industry a boost, however, it is a start.”

Other major changes within this year’s budget including the fact that public sector pay increases will be limited to 1% in 2015/2016; 450,000 small firms will pay no employer National Insurance; the flat rate pension will be brought forward to 2014 and the personal income tax allowance will be increased to £10,000 by next year.

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This year’s annual International Confex exhibition kicks off on Tuesday 19th March 2013 and will go on until the 21st. International Confex is the UK’s leading events exhibition and plays a vital role in ensuring all aspects of the events industry are found in once place every year. With its professional and helpful exhibitors and staff, International Confex is the place to be to ask questions, answer questions and do some real business.

Confex at Excel London 2013

With over 900 exhibitors over three days, it can be difficult to find exactly what you want. However, International Confex has set up zones for different aspects of the industry with some of the exhibitors including Bash Bars Ltd, Bus Bar Company Ltd, Aspers Casino, The Hilton and many more involved in the events industry.


Due to other corporate commitments Mobile Bar Hire Ltd could not attend but are still proud to be sponsors of the bar/reception counter at stand number K370 for Mash Media. This shows that the leaders of the industry are still committed to supporting such international events as Confex. The counter is a curved, fully colour changing LED stand with both Mash Media’s and Mobile Bar Hire’s proud logos in each LED panel.

There are four different zones that shall be covered throughout the three day event which include:-

  • Location UK – All types of venues throughout the UK all to be found in the ExCel, including traditional and modern venues, tourist attractions and castles and manors!
  • Location International – Find all of your international needs such as venues and magical destinations all in one place.
  • Something Special – Add those final finishing touches to your event to wow your guests all night long.
  • Logistics – audio visual, graphics, security, lighting, and more; they can all be found in one area!

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Those who were worried that the sale of alcohol for less than 45p a unit would be scraped have no need to worry.

This is because the Prime Minister has taken a U-Turn on the policy as over half of the cabinet did not agree with the proposal and the Prime Minister gratefully listened to his cabinet and decided to scrap the idea as Economists had predicted that the average family drinks bill would soar by almost £100 a year under minimum pricing. A 45p per unit minimum price would mean a can of strong lager could not be sold for less than £1.56 and a bottle of wine for less than £4.22.

The government did not want to not punish hard working families who drink responsibly in times of austerity. However the government is looking at different ways to stop irresponsible drinking including no buy one get one free on alcohol and no more big bulk discounts.

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The rate of closures in pubs within the last year has risen dramatically and a campaigning group are calling for urgent action by the government to stop the decline. Figures show that 18 pubs in Britain close every week as the rising costs of beer forces owners to shut up shop. The Campaign for Real Ale say that 450 pubs closed between March and September 2012 and they keep closing at around 2 a day with the Midlands and South East being the worst affected areas.

Pub is now closed

The beer duty escalator introduced by Labour in 2008 means that the amount of tax paid on beer is automatically increased by 2 per cent above inflation every year. As a result, over a third of a pints cost is tax and landlords are finding it very difficult to adapt to these increases in pricing.


This has led to thousands of lost jobs and an increase into drinking at home where bulk buy and other discounts attract the punters.

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