A wedding at the National History Museum is always a prestigious event and is made even more spectacular by the services which are used. An Indian wedding that took place on Sunday 31st March 2013 was a special occasion for all involved. However, one company whose services were used at the ceremony were celebrating a new record! Mobile Bar Hire Ltd were the main bar hire service used at the event and had a very difficult job at hand.

National History LED Cocktail Bar

Usually Mobile Bar Hire would arrive at an event and take around one and a half hours to set up this style of bar in a venue with good logistics – however the time frame in which they could set up at the National History Museum was slashed dramatically in a venue with huge amounts of stairs to gain access to the main hall and cocktails having to be prepared for the guests that were soon to arrive.

But through sheer will and determination the company perused and prevailed as they set up a 4 meter LED bar with two meters of back bar with fridges and cocktail preparation in a record time of just 40 minutes. The bar was a complete success with guests complementing the staff and quality of drinks. “Mobile Bar Hire Ltd have provided LED and Cocktail Bars for the Natural History Museum on several occassions but this event was the quickest set up” – said Avtar Sandhu.

Have you seen similar set ups at the Natural History Museum London? Give us your thoughts on this!