A brand new website has launched this week to promote and hire the use of party pumps for kegs – www.partykeghire.co.uk. The keg party hand pump is well known in America for being a cheap and cost effective way of dispensing beer from a keg and has starred in many movies. However, the owners of Party Beer Keg spotted a gap for such a device to be used in the UK.

The party pump for kegs uses a simple system that replaces the cost cooler, tap and gas cylinder set up and it uses air through the hand pump to dispense the beer from the tap. The keg simply sits in a large bucket filled with ice and has the party pump clamed on top of it. Once the keg has had time to chill, the beer should be perfect to pour after the hand pump has been pumped.

Party Beer Keg hire for the UK

The keg party hand pumps are sure to increase the number of kegs being used at parties rather than bottled beer which can give event organisers an upper hand to give their guests the best experience possible.

Party Keg Hire is giving their customers the choice to use their party hand pumps on their own keg or one purchased from Party Keg Hire. This will indeed sky rocket the numbers of events, such as house parties and BBQ’s that will be hiring out party keg pumps for a fraction of the price of a conventional keg dispensing set up.