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A woman from Jakarta, Indonesia died after tweeting about her 30 hour work day. Mita Duran, 24 had written many tweets complaining of the long hours she worked as a copy writer. The devoted worker had tweeted on occasion that the only thing getting her through the long hours was Kratingdaeng which is Thai for Red Bull. A friend of Duran’s later wrote ‘She died because too much of overtime working, and too much kratingdaeng attacks her heart.’ This is just one of the recent cases of high profile energy drink related deaths in teens/early adults. Many campaigners are already calling for energy drinks to be banned from use with alcohol such as vodka or Jagermeister (although a spokesperson from Jagermeister has defended the company saying it has never and will never advertise/condone the use of energy drinks with its products). But many are now calling for serious investigations to be carried out on the chain of drinks as a whole.

Thai Red Bull

Do you know someone that cannot function without an energy drink in the morning or do you have anyone close to you who may have felt the adverse effects of high caffeine energy drinks?

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When 2013 began it was predicted to be a year of hardship and tough times due to certain high profile banking decisions and general financial pressure upon individuals. This, however, was not the case for local Dartford and Crayford based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

Ragbhir Sandhu & Stephen in the board room

Mobile Bar Hire has seen one of its greatest years to date in terms of event scale and client base. Expanding further into the corporate market as well as keeping their foot well in the private market, Mobile Bar Hire have provided their hospitality solutions at events for UEFA, the MOBO Awards and Dell Computers in 2013. On he’s visit to their offices in 2012, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, named a cocktail the ‘Bexley Breeze Block’. This cocktail has been selling over the country by the Mobile Bar Hire team, the most famous drinker of this cocktail so far has been the music producer ‘Naughty Boy’ at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow earlier this year.

The successful expansion of Mobile Bar Hire’s portfolio led to the company proving bar counters to corporate clients in the European market. Mobile Bar Hire can boast a tick in the box for providing a circular colour changing LED bar to a client in Riga, Latvia and a backlit counter to Dell Computers in Paris. These advances in the European sector prompted Mobile Bar Hire Ltd to launch a brand new website –, a website dedicated to those who wish to use bar counters as well as other bar equipment further afield than the UK. The website has the option of translating the content on the web pages into a variety of languages for ease of use. In 2013 the company won the Best Hospitality Business Award in Bexley and we Highly Commended for the South London Hospitality Awards in the same year.

Supporting the local economy is important to Mobile Bar Hire and at the beginning of 2013 they took on their first ever apprentice through a government funded scheme. By taking on their apprentice to work on Mobile Bar Hire’s websites, the company were able to increase their online presence which in turn led to an increase in the number of internet bookings/enquiries the company received throughout the year.

The benefits Mobile Bar Hire received from their apprentice has led to them looking into taking on a new apprentice early in 2014. Their current apprentice said about his first year working for the company, ‘Being intrused in such a short space of time with such an essential role in the business gave me great confidence. I feel as though I have grown as a person throughout my first year here and I hope to keep expanding my role to ensure another great year in 2014 for me and Mobile Bar Hire.’  A spokesman for the company added “We have always tried to assist school leavers, a frustrating time for any young adult is trying to find work. We have always offered work experience placements in our office for local schools and this was the first time ever we’d taken on an apprentice, the apprenticeship scheme has worked well and we now have more confidence in taking on young adults”.

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One of the UK’s leading supermarket chains, Asda, has backed its cashiers who refuse to sell alcohol to adults who have children with them. There have been many recent high profile cases of adults being refused the sale of alcohol as they were in the company of their own children and this problem has only worsened as kids go along to help with this year’s Christmas shopping.

Supermarkets & Alcohol

Tracey Trigg, a social worker from Boston, Lincolnshire, was refused alcohol at the supermarket giants twice in one week – one when she was with her 24 year old son who had no ID and the second when she was with her 13 year old daughter and 24 year old son. The two children, who were both times helping their mother with her Christmas food and drink shopping, were the reason for the action taken by the cashiers.

Asda bosses have backed their workforce by stating that the ‘heavy-handed’ approach was to protect the members of staff. If they serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 they would be given an on the spot fine and the executives add they are ‘committed to selling alcohol responsibly’. They go on to add that their staff have the right to refuse a sale if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to assume the alcohol is being bought for under 18’s’.

This ‘reasonable doubt’ has been branded a ‘grey area’ and has often been shown to give cashiers the freedom to deny or grant adults the ability to buy drink

Other large supermarket chains including the Co-Op, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have also said they expect their checkout staff to check the ID of anyone they believe to be under 25.