Companies are formed all the time, each with their own plans, goals and services planned. One new company on the bar ‘block’ is Shake Wala, a milkshake serving company based within the London area. Shake Wala hope to make their success in providing their great drinks at any events that their clients may have in the works.

One aspect of Shake Wala’s service is their very own fully colour –changing branded LED bar, which was created and supplied by Kent-based company Mobile Bar Hire.

The hospitality experts supply these made to measure bars in both hire and purchase services for their customers in varying forms – their LED bar being one of their most popular options due to its captivating appearance, which is probably one of the reasons why Shake Wala snapped up the opportunity.

We’re sure that Shake Wala will be able to make the very best out of many of their clients’ events by providing them with drinks perfect for improving the quality of any event – ranging from kids’ birthday parties to family events such as Christmas parties, anniversaries, weddings and more.

As well as using their mobile milkshake bar to give a high quality presentation for their milkshakes, the bright appearance of the bar will provide that extra touch to their private and corporate events.

Shake Wala had a bespoke bar counter made from industry leaders Mobiel Bar Hire Ltd
Shake Wala had a bespoke bar counter made from industry leaders Mobile Bar Hire Ltd

The milkshakes that Shake Wala will be preparing on their custom-made bar are made by their professional staff and as part of the flavouring include some of our favourite confectionary products such as Ferrero Rocher, Mars Bar, m&m’s, Cream Egg and many, many more.

So if you’re looking for the hire of professional milkshake makers who can make some of the best flavours of milkshake out there, check out Shake Wala!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the hire of mobile bars, bar staff and more, check out Mobile Bar Hire. It’s good to see local hospitality businesses cooperating with each other to benefit both parties, and hopefully we’ll see more of this in the future.

Have you used Mobile Bar Hire or Shake Wala in the past? Let us know!

Local company Mobile Bar Hire Ltd played a key part at last nights UK launch party for the much awaited NBA 2K15 video game. The launch party, held at Nike’s ‘The Regal’ basketball court in Lambeth, was attended by basketball fans, gamers and celebrities along with many sporting and gaming reporters.

Attended by approximately 200 people, the event allowed guests to play the latest basketball game available on Sony’s Play Station 4. The NBA 2K15 evening comprised of a live basketball competition, prizes, demo’s and great give aways.

The launch was done in true NBA style, with a basketball demo, cheerleaders and beatboxer – there was lots to keep people interested in this great new game.


NBA 2K15 Mobile Bar
Mobile Bar Hire Ltd’s Bar At The Event

Mobile Bar Hire were supporting the NBA 2K15 launch party for the second year running and their services allowed people to have drinks on arrival plus  refreshments throughout the evening.

Mobile Bar Hire’s management said “This launch party for the new game is always a great success. Although it’s a party with music, games and live basketball, people are always surprised and amazed at the amount of activity which goes on within the event.

A range of PS4's with NBA 2K15
A range of PS4’s with NBA 2K15

We regard our role as being vital within this launch event; it shows our commitment to various brands covering a vast range of industries. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in launch events”.

Were you at the event or looking to purchase NBA 2K15? Let us know your thoughts!

Joe Wild, from Jenny’s in Liverpool, is heading for Paris to compete against mixologists from around the world, following a resounding victory at the UK Monin Cup Final.

Joe impressed the judges with his cocktail, All for One & One For All, featuring Monin’s new Lemongrass syrup, Monin Caribbean syrup, Monin Rose syrup and Monin Spicy Mango syrup, vodka, lemon juice, Prosecco and egg white. He will now go on to represent the UK in the International Monin Cup Final in Paris on December 1.

Monin has been making authentic gourmet flavourings at their Bourges headquarters since 1912. Distributed in the UK by Bennett Opie, Monin premium syrups, sauces, liqueurs, fruit purees and frappe powders are used throughout the hospitality industry.

The UK Final took place on the Tuesday of London Cocktail Week at the Monin Studio in Hoxton Square.

Eight young bartenders from across the country shook, muddled and stirred their way through the competition in which Joe Macbeth from Lacehouse in Nottingham took second place and third place went to Jake Mellish from Boilermaker in Nottingham, who also impressed the judges with his brand research.

Each finalist presented their take on the theme “If the UK were a cocktail” to a panel of judges including UK Monin Cup 2012 winner William Humphery, The Cocktail Lovers’ Gary Sharpen and Monin Brand Manager, Darril Ling.

The drinks were judged on taste, balance, originality and visual presentation, with points also awarded for performance and interaction with the judges. The only stipulation was that each cocktail must contain at least 20ml of product from Monin’s extensive range.

Competitors were then quizzed on their Monin product knowledge and put through their paces with a taste test, requiring them to blind taste ten Monin different syrups and correctly guess each flavour.

As well as the honour of representing his country at the International Monin Cup Final in Paris on December 1, Joe also wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Monin’s headquarters in Bourges, France.

James Coston, Monin UK brand ambassador, who compèred the event, said: “The competition produced some fantastic drinks, all of which showed flair, innovation and an exceptionally high level of skill.”

Darril Ling, Monin Brand Manager, said: “The sheer variety of cocktails produced at the UK Monin Cup Final was really impressive.”

A range of establishments are bringing our hugely expensive drink and expensive food. Recently an American-Diner style restaurant in Chelsea called Honky Tonk created what is claimed to be the world’s most expensive burger, which costs £1100 and contains around 2,618 calories – which is over the recommended daily intake for an adult man. So, you might be wondering what this burger contains – here’s just a quick summary of what goes into this burger:

• 220g of Kobe Wagyu Beef

• 60g of New Zealand Venison

• Black Truffle Brie in the centre which makes a ‘liquid pocket’ once the burger is cooked

• The patty is seasoned with Himalayan Salt with Canadian Lobster poached in Iranian Saffron

• Bacon coated in maple syrup, beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf

  • The bun is seasoned with Japanese matcha (a powdered green tea), cream mayonnaise and coated in gold leaf

• Garnished with a mango and champagne jus, grated white truffle

Expensive Burger and Expensive Drink
The ingredients, which when put together will cost you £1100

As you can see, this burger has quite the mix of ingredients that make something truly unique. We at Bar News were wondering what kind of suitably expensive drink one might use to wash this beast down with, and so we started our research:

The Tequilla Ley .925 turned out as the most expensive drink in the world, coming out at $3.5 million (Approximately £2,176,732) per bottle. Speaking of the bottle, this is probably the main reason for the drink’s expense, the bottle itself being covered in around 6,400 diamonds and being made primarily out of platinum and solid white gold. No-one has brought this bottle to current knowledge, but we’re sure it would go down well with the Honky Tonks’ burger.

Expensive Drink - £2.1M Tequilla
£2.1M worth of Tequila

Runners-up to the position of most expensive alcohol include:

The Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is over 100 years old and was produced by the Ley .925 – who also made the Tequila in first place. The bottle is a similar design, has been dipped in 24-carat yellow gold and sterling platinum and similarly to the Tequila, also features 6,400 diamonds on the bottle. The price for this bottle is $2 million (Approximately £1,243,827), placing it just over half the price of the Tequila.

The Diva Vodka is worth $1 million (Approximately £621,914) and is produced in three stages:

• Firstly the vodka is ice filtered.

• It is then passed through Nordic birch charcoal.

• The vodka is filtered through sand that contains precious and semi-precious gems.

While these stages are one reason for the alcohol’s price, the main reason is yet again the bottle, which features Swarovski crystals running through the middle, which can be used as garnish for the expensive drink.

What’s the most expensive drink you’ve ever purchased? Let us know here.

Oktoberfest is an annual festival that takes place in Munich in Bavaria, Germany. The festival has been taking place since 1810 and so has understandably evolved into a huge event whereby millions of people every year continuously attend the event. The main festival within Munich has strict rules placed upon the beer they allow within the event, the rules in question being that they have to follow Reinheitsgebot (often called the Bavarian Purity Law), an ancient set of rules based around the ingredients and production of the beer used within Oktoberfest.

Additional events around the world take place in further celebration of this two-century-old event, including those events within the UK. Millions of gallons of beer are often served at these events, usually ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable night full the countless number of people involved. This year (2014), Oktoberfest started on the 20th of September and continued through to the 5th of October – the 5th being the first Sunday of October, the usual end time for Oktoberfest. The festival not only features a variety of Bavarian beers, but also a huge number of festival rides and numerous tents – each with their own themes, necessities and purposes. Among these tents is the Bräurosl, a tent with the capacity for 12,000 people originally made in 1913.

A Kellnerin (waitress) carrying Bavarian beers at Oktoberfest
A Kellnerin (waitress) carrying Bavarian beers at Oktoberfest

The beer in question used in the event is designated Oktoberfest Beer, and is a part of the Club of Munich Brewers, of which Oktoberfest Beer is a registered trademark. The Club of Munich Brewers consists of the following six breweries:

  • Augustiner-Bräu
  • Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu
  • Löwenbräu
  • Paulaner
  • Spatenbräu
  • Staatliches Hofbräu-München

These beers on average have a 2% stronger gravity than average beer.

We hope that you all had fun in whichever Oktoberfest event you attended, the statistics would surely suggest that many of you did:

• 6.3 million Guests attended Oktoberfest

• 6.4 million Litres of beer were drunk

The most popular souvenirs included:

• Collectors’ Stone Mug

• Hairbands with flowers

• Mini beer steins

• Pins

With that year over and done with, now we’re just to see what comes of next year.

Kent based Mobile Bar Hire recently provided all of the dispensing equipment along with draught Löwenbräu for a range of Oktoberfest events.

Did you attend Oktoberfest this year or looking to plan your own celebration for next year, get in touch!

The Nalmefene tablet is a fairly new drug designed as an alternative to those drugs that aim to prevent drinking entirely, and is said to be more useful for drinkers of around half a bottle of wine per day – as opposed to the severe alcoholics who may find

better treatment in other methods and/or drugs. Experts claim that the drug could save as many as 1,854 lives over the course of 5 years, simultaneously preventing around 43,000 alcohol-related diseases and injuries from occurring. This alcoholism-preventing pill has been actively used in Scotland since October last year, and the final decision whether to implement the pill in England for an annual cost of £288 million will be decided in November.

Nalmefene (also referred to as Selincro) has been clinically proven to help people in their wishes to reduce their alcohol consumption when used alongside professional therapy, and aims not to completely halt the user’s drinking habits, but simply to control them. Those able to qualify for the treatment includes men who consume 7.5 units of alcohol per day, and women who consume 5 units – the difference is due to how each gender’s body generally deals with alcohol, the higher concentration of water in a male’s body helping them to dilute the alcohol more efficiently.

Could Nalmefene help thousands each year?
Could Nalmefene help thousands each year?

The drug works by blocking the part of the brain that finds alcohol to be pleasurable, reducing the consumer’s want for more alcohol and helping them to keep control of their current situation. It is orally taken once a day and when the consumer feels the need to drink, meaning that they are unlikely to feel the need to have more than one drink. The National Institute of Health and Excellence (NICE) has recommended the drug’s usage after trials showed it to cut drinking habits by 61%.

An employee of Mobile Bar Hire, Jack Kerr, said ‘Nalmefene could really change the lives of thousands throughout the UK. I think the initial investment from the NHS would be worth it.’

What are your thoughts on Nalmefene? Get in contact with Bar News today to let us know your opinion!

As the calendar changes from September to October, thousands across the UK will be replacing their pint for a diet coke as Go Sober for October kicks into action. The challenge, which occurs at the same time as Stoptober (no smoking in October) is a charity event where those who wish to save some money, benefit their health and raise money for charity. Each person who wishes to take part is sponsored to do so with all of the funds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

More than 80,000 people have signed up for Go Sober to date, with around £640,000 raised so far. Many looking for inspiration to take on the ‘Go Sober’ challenge have been drawn to social media where supporters have been posting some videos of friends and peers falling over and embraressing themselves whilst intoxicating.

To help quit for a whole month, you are going to have to enlist the help of your friends and thrust up your own will power!

Go Sober For October
Join in with the action and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

To sign up to Go Sober for October, visit the website.

Stoptober, which goes hand in hand with Go Sober for October, is also well tried as thousands each October attempt to kick the habit of smoking as studies have shown you are much more likely to quit if you can abstain from cigarettes for 28 days.

Those looking to stop smoking for good and partake in Stoptober will receive a start kit and will have access to free patches, gum and a stress ball to help fight the urge. Those who download the online app will also receive motivational messages to help keep them strong.

What are your thought on Stoptober and Go Sober for October? Do you think you would be able to do either? If you could, would you abstain from either smoking or alcohol for life?