A change in the law has come into place in Scotland which lowers the legal drink-drive limit to the lowest in the UK. England, Scotland and Wales have had the limit of alcohol consumed before driving at 80mg per 100ml of blood for a while now, but Scotland have just reduced the limit to 50mg after a unanimous decision by the Scottish Parliament, with road safety campaigners and experts, as well as the majority of the public all backing up the decision.

Scotland’s previous limit of 80mg – which England and Wales will be maintaining, despite the Scottish Government previously seeking a joint approach with Westminster – is the highest drink-drive limit in Europe, being the law only in the UK (now with the exception the Scotland Drink Drive Limit) and Malta.

Scotland Drink Drive Limit Lowered
Scotland Drink Drive Limit Lowered

The new limit of 50mg brings Scotland in line with much of the rest of Europe, including Germany, France and Ireland. Supporters of the change argue that reducing the limit will send a message to drivers that even a single drink may impact on your ability to drive safely, and thus reduce the number of deaths and injuries received in drink-driving related incidents.

Westminster – as well as other groups and people against the change – have argued that this change in the legal limit would have little to no effect on “high risk offenders”, and so reducing the limit is simply an unnecessary change.

In 2012 it was recorded that an estimated 230 people were killed in incidents related to drink-driving, which is around 13% of all road-related deaths at the time. This large number of drink-driving related incidents related to drink-driving helps to highlight the meaning of those campaigners who are passionate about this change, and perhaps why so many have agreed to its implementation.

What are your thoughts on the change, would you like to see the Scotland Drink Drive Limit introduced in England and Wales?

Curry and Pimm’s may not be the first mix you think of when you think of food and beverage that goes well together, but new popup shop “Pukka Pimm’s” is serving these two together, giving Londoners a taste of something that may not have occurred to them to try beforehand.

Pukka Pimm’s was opened for the first time last night (4th December 2014), unleashing this new mix into the country. Pimm’s is perhaps most well known for being a very summery drink to have while relaxing in the sun, or its Winter variant being a great alternative for this time of year when it’s getting a bit chilly and may start to snow soon.

Popup Pukka Pimm's
Popup Pukka Pimm’s

Combining this well-known liqueur with curry is a rather intriguing idea, combining this fruit cup with some of the country’s favourite types of spice. This is a unique and relatively unheard of idea that is likely to be an enjoyable experience for those who wish to try it – it will be interesting to see if the pop-up shop takes off in the short period of time which it is set to be trading. The popup can be found in Bethnal Green, London.

So far, those that have tried the Pimm’s and Curry mix seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves while eating some delicious spicy food with Pimm’s to cool them down. The mixture seems to work well with the curry recreating the hot conditions of the summer, which is of course the situation that Pimm’s is most used for, thus allowing the two to be perfectly interlinked.

Today (5th December 2014), Pimm’s are running a Facebook competition to win tickets to tonight’s evening meal at the popup Pukka Pimm’s curry house.

Have you had a taste of Pukka Pimm’s or hoping to win the tickets of Pimm’s Facebook page? Let us know in the comment box below or by contacting us.