Last month Diageo – custodians of brands such as Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Pimm’s – announced a legion of innovations to be made to their brands, one of these being Pimm’s. Pimm’s, the brand responsible for the fruit cup liqueur by the same name, has been announced to be launching a brand new drink – a cider call Pimm’s Cider Cup. The cider market has been growing for a while now, offering a sweeter, often fruitier form of drink for the consumer to drink – allowing cider to appeal to a much wider audience than previously.

Diageo's latest invention - Pimm's Cider Cup
Diageo’s latest invention – Pimm’s Cider Cup

Pimm’s are now targeting the cider audience with Pimm’s Cider Cup – combining the fruity taste of their flagship drink with dry cider, resulting in a 4% ABV drink “flavoured with Pimm’s & a hint of Strawberry & Cucumber” to quote their brown 50cl bottle label. This move into the cider market is being backed by Diageo with £1.1 million worth of PR, events and other above-the-line support. A spokesman for the brand has noted that infusing the classic spirit with British cider will create the potential sales opportunity of over £14 million.

Other innovations that were announced by Diageo last month include: Gordon’s Frozen Cooler, Captain Morgan White Rum, Pineapple Vodka Ciroc as well as new Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana – all of which are to be backed with the same support that Pimm’s Cider Cup will receive.

Diageo have stated that their goal within the next five years will be to boost their innovations to account for 20% of their business – currently 13% – which they will accomplish through innovation renewals such as the Pimm’s Cider Cup.

What do you think of the idea of Pimm’s producing cider? Do you think it is a great idea or are Diageo making their brand diversify into an already too crowded market?

Mobile Bar Hire have been in the eye of Bar News for a while now due to their consistent efforts to improve the quality of their services and overall increase the experience had by bar users across the country (and beyond). With the official release of their premium range last year, Mobile Bar Hire have launched new site to deal especially with their premium bars and allow those looking for more this form of service an easy way to access their needs.

Mobile Bar Hire have provided bar hire services for their premium bars practically since they started, having access to bars such as their six metre circular LED bar and their ice bars – both popular options when premium bars are needed for an event. Bars such as these (in addition to any upcoming premium bars) will be found at the new Bar Hire site, offering potential customers all the necessary information and some glimpses of those premium bars through their gallery and elsewhere across the site.

Mobile Bar Hire Launch
Mobile Bar Hire Launch

These premium bars have been and continue to be used in a number of corporate and VIP functions. Examples of this include the use of the ice bar hires at numerous events including Citroen and an event at Old Trafford as well as bar services used by ITV, Cadbury, UEFA and John Lewis among many more.

Bar Hire is not the first offshoot website of Mobile Bar Hire’s, other sites that specialise in their own area including Asian Wedding Bar Hire and Bar Hire Essex, among several online shopping sites designed to allow the company to sell their products over the internet.

Recent premium bar launches include Mobile Bar Hire’s Rustic Bar – a counter that has hit the bar hire community like a storm – as well as the four metre circular LED bar, a great smaller alternative to their larger six metre diameter bar which has been leading their premium bar range in recent years.

Have you used Mobile Bar Hire in the past and are looking to use BarHire.Com? Let us know your thoughts.