A French Barman Convicted For Manslaughter after he allowed a customer to drink 56 shots during a drinking contest.

Barman Giles Crepin (47) admitted that he had encouraged 56 year old Renaud Prudhomme to try and break the bars shots record. The man’s friends and family cheered him on while he chugged 56 shots and the French Barman Convicted For Manslaughter allegedly told him “only 12 more to go”.

Renaud Prudhomme had consumed 14 drinks when he noticed a sign that announced a record, held by someone who downed 55 shots, so he chose to beat it, and in one minute he downed 30 shots of alcohol. Eventually he did beat the record by swallowing a total o 56 shots.

He already suffered from alcohol abuse and respiratory complications that was unknown to the bartender. After downing the shots, he was rushed to hospital and died a couple of hours later.

The French Barman Convicted For Manslaughter has received a suspended jail sentence for encouraging the victim to try the challenge and letting him down the shots. He was given a four month suspended sentence by a local court this week and banned from working in a bar for a year.

“It’s a decision guided by emotion and the unconscious desire to set an example”, said Renaud Portejoie Mr. Crepin’s lawyer, who had called for the case to be thrown out.


Portejoie said his client bore no responsibility and that it was the man’s daughter who had pushed him to break the record. In addition he cited existing respiratory and alcohol abuse problems.

Antoine Portal, a lawyer for Prudhomme’s daughter, said his client was not at the bar at the time of the competition and that she approved of the year – long ban on Crepin’s future work as a bartender.

An autopsy found Prudhomme’s death came “following a bronchial inhalation alcoholic coma”.

Excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to a number of harmful physical and psychological effects such as alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis of the liver. Long term misuse can lead to heart disease, stroke, liver disease and liver cancer.

Men should not regularly drink more then 3-4 units of alcohol a day, and women should not regularly drink more the 2-3 units a day.

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Booker Group Has Bought Musgrave Retail Partners GB for £40 million. Musgrave retail partners GB operates the Londis stores and Budgens supermarket in the United Kingdom. The owner of Musgrave retail partners owns 1,630 Londis store and 167 Budgens stores.

Booker Group Has Bought Musgrave Retail Partners GB who has made an operating loss before exceptional items of £7.4 million. Londis sales in the year December 2014 were £504 million. Budgens had sales of £833 million. Following the completion, Bookers aim is to further develop the Budgens and Londis brands alongside the Premier and Family Shopper which are Booker’s retail brands.

As with Booker’s retail brands Londis and Budgens stores are operated by individual contractors, who are the supplied by larger groups. The deal will see Booker, which already supplies convenience stores and a growing chain of local discount shops, again involved with mainstream grocery retailing on the British high streets. Booker owned Budgens between 1956 and 1986.

Booker Group Has Bought Musgrave Retail Partners GB limited supply chains, which will be used for delivery to Booker retail customers. Booker Group and Musgrave Retail Partners GB are also developing a partnership agreement to further opportunities and the sharing capacity of two groups.

Booker-whose chief executive Charles Wilson was Sir Stuart Rose’s right-hand man at Marks and Spencer prior to taking the role at Booker – said that access to its supply chain and economics of scale are expected to boost Londis and Budgens financial performance.

Booker Group Has Bought Musgrave Retail Partners GB for £40 million
Booker Group Has Bought Musgrave Retail Partners GB for £40 million

With the UK consumers’ choosing to shop locally and more frequently, the deal appears to be well timed and will help Booker to compete with the country’s four big supermarkets as they expand their own local convenience store networks.

Booker bought ailing cash- and-carry retailer Makro in July 2012 and has started to turn it around.

At the same time as last week’s announcement, Booker revealed its full-year results, with pre-tax profits rising 14% to £138.8 million.

The takeover will add thousands more stores to Bookers network across Great Britain and represents another bold move by its chief executive, Charles Wilson.

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News Shopper, a South East London and Kent based newspaper, marked its 50th birthday this year by releasing its very own golden ale named Shopper Gold. They teamed up with a local, award-winning brewer Caveman Brewery to create the beer.

The Launch for the golden ale was held at One Inn The Woods, a micro-pub in Petts Wood, Kent. Pub owners throughout News Shopper’s catchment area have jumped at the chance to offer their customers Shopper Gold. Made with local Kent Goldings Hops, the beer has proved a hit with it being the first drink to run out at Bexley CAMRA’s beer festival as well as selling out of pubs across the South East on its first weekend.

News Shopper has hailed Caveman Brewery stating ‘we knew Caveman were good, we just didn’t realise they were this good.’ The Swanscombe based brewers have been concocting a range of porters, ales and stouts with a range of hop and malt varieties within their core range since 2012. As with any successful brewery, Caveman also brew a range of seasonal ales with their current seasonal line up including Addura and Si Tech Cah.

Shopper Gold Now Available Throughout the South East [News Shopper]
Shopper Gold Now Available Throughout the South East [News Shopper]
A range of News Shopper staff attended the launch of the ale including journalists, editors and web managers. Are you looking to pick up your own pint of Shopper Gold? Here are just some of the establishments with the golden ale on offer:-

  • The Penny Farthing, Crayford
  • One Inn the Wood, Petts Wood
  • The Long Pond, Eltham
  • Papermakers Arms, Hawley
  • Compass, Gravesend
  • Hare and Billet, Blackheath
  • Royal Albert, New Cross
  • George and Dragon, Swansombe
  • Ivy Leaf, Dartford
  • Dartford Working Men’s Club, Dartford

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A survey has shown that half of the UK population would favour a lower English drink driving limit for young and inexperienced drivers.

The federation, which represents the police, said the English drink driving limit should be dropped from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg. It also warned that there are still a high percentage of women drivers that drink drive. Figures from Social Research Associates showed that nearly one in six women who responded to a survey last year admitted to driving when they thought they were over the limit, while many were unaware how much alcohol would put them over the threshold.

The meeting is scheduled to discuss the English drink driving limit at the annual conference of the police federation of England and Wales this week.

In 2014 Scotland cut the limit down to 50mg in 100ml of blood. The department for transport said tackling drink driving was a priority and it had “strengthened enforcement”. Prosecutions for drink driving in Scotland have fallen by a third since it adopted the new limit in December 2014.

New English Drink Driving Limit Proposed
New English Drink Driving Limit Proposed

A 23-year-old man was banned from driving after he was caught drinking behind the wheel at King Street, Stoke. A 20-year-old man was more than twice the legal drink-drive limit when he crashed his car into a tree at Fegg Hays. That’s just a small selection of the drink driving cases which have been brought before the courts in North Staffordshire over the past few weeks.

According to Staffordshire Police figures, under 25-year-olds made up almost 25 per cent of all drivers arrested for drunk driving in 2013 and 2014.The figures also show that the number of younger drivers arrested fell from 320 in 2013 to 306 in 2014. Over that same period, the number of motorists aged over 25 who were caught drink driving went up from 966 to 1,034.

1200 people in the UK was seriously injured because of drink driving in 2012.The rise in women convicted because of drink driving has gone up by 17% and the number of men convicted because of drink driving dropped by 24%.

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SABMiller and Meantime Brewing Company have come to an agreement which will see the brewing giants acquire the Greenwich based craft beer pioneers.

Meantime Brewing Company was born when company founder Alistair Hook took to creating craft lagers 15 years ago. He believed we were all being ‘short changed’ by the large brewing companies.

Meantime Brewing Company has been expanding ever since and was the real powerhouse behind the current craft beer revolution in the UK.

Since first crafting their initial Union lager, Meantime Brewing Company have gone on to create a core range including their London Pale Ale and Yakima Red. They also host a variety of Limited Edition brews throughout the year (current Limited Edition beers include Union Lager and Californian Pale Ale).

In 2012, Meantime Brewing Company appointed Nick Miller, previously of SABMiller, as their new CEO who made large changes to the capacity of the Blackwall Lane Brewery to allow for future expansion. These changes also saw the introduction of the Visitors Centre at the brewery which includes a Meantime retail store and tasting room.

Meantime Brewing Company Offers a Range of Craft Beers
Meantime Brewing Company Offers a Range of Craft Beers

In May 2015, Meantime Brewing Company announced that they had been bought by SABMiller for an undisclosed fee. Sue Clark, Managing Director of SABMiller Europe, commented on how Meantime Brewing Company had ‘been at the forefront of the modern craft beer movement in the UK’ and that they look to carry this forward.

Nick Miller commented that SABMiller have agreed to allow Meantime Brewing Company to keep brewing innovative beers and mentions that this is a ‘massive compliment and acknowledges our position as pioneers in modern craft beer’.

Meantime Brewing Company saw their volume of beer sales rise by 58% in 2014 and SABMiller are looking to expand on this by exporting Meantime beers into Europe.

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Less than a century ago 5 men bonded by brother hood; their names were Michel Jabre, Najib Jabre, Assaad Jabre, Antoine Comaty and Manayoti Anghelopoulo; created Almaza Beer.

The name was chosen by Antoine Comaty’s wife when she came in flashing a diamond ring on her finger saying: “Almaza”. In the early 60s the brewery started expanding. In 1964 they enlarged the brewery to its current size. However, claiming to be the only Lebanese beer was short lived with the introduction of 961 beer in 2006.

The brand was brewed in Holland but marketed as a Lebanese beer; this beer came in three flavours which was lite, regular and strong. In 2002 Almaza sold 96 per cent of its shares to Dutch beer company Heinekin. Heinekin controlled 10 per cent of Almaza Beer before the deal. Almaza is the largest brewery in Lebanon producing an estimated 24 million litres annually.

Almaza Beer Marketing
Almaza Beer Marketing

The brands logo is to do with the name (Almaza Beer), the red seal came as a stamp of confidence and the gold barley as a reminder of true quality. Today 79 years later, billions of bottles after, Almaza has become a big part of the country’s legacy. Almaza beer is made from water and cereal grains and is the easiest alcoholic drink to make.

The Lebanese beer is marketed in the UK which puts it into competition with other premium national beers such as Stella Artois which is from Belgium, Budweiser which is from Germany and Fosters which is originally from Australia. A 750ml bottle is an average price of £4.00.

Almaza say they have a sixth secret ingredient which they say to be the pride of holding Lebanese history in your hand (turns out it isn’t so secret).

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