Jameson Irish Whiskey has created the initiative ‘Drinking Buddies’ whereby they have chosen 5 American Craft Beer Breweries to produce a special aged beer that is as unique as the city they are based.

The craft breweries chosen by Jameson Irish Whiskey are Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in New York, Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, and Hilliard’s Beer in Seattle.

Each brewery visited the Jameson Irish Whiskey distillery in Cork, Ireland and were given a used barrel to then go away and create a barrel aged beer which will have distinct Jameson qualities about it.

Jameson Irish Whiskey chose each of the 5 craft breweries as they are as passionate about producing great drinks as the Irish whiskey giants are. Jameson are releasing a video series of the whole encounter which shows the breweries coming to Ireland, meeting their ‘drinking buddies’ and then taking the barrels away with them.

Jameson Irish Whiskey provided each brewery with a barrel to age a beer.
Jameson Irish Whiskey provided each brewery with a barrel to age a beer.

The beers which are to be brewed are Imperial Irish Ale, Trans-Atlantic Red, Local Legend – Jameson Edition, The Smoothness and Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour.

The growth of craft beer in both the UK and America has been on the increase in recent years with London alone now having over 70 craft and micro breweries. Craft beers range from lagers, pale ales, IPAs, stouts, porters, saisons and more.

Jameson is one of the leading Irish whiskey producers who were originally based in Dublin but now brew their spirit in Cork. The old brewery in Dublin is now a tourist attraction where guests can be walked through the history of Jameson and have a taste of their range.

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One of the UK’s best selling bottled ales, Doom Bar, is not brewed In Cornwall it has been revealed.

Although it has Cornish branding, bottles of Sharp’s Doom Bar have been produced in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, for the last two years. Only the cask is made at the main brewery site in Rock, Cornwall.

Sharp’s is owned by US company Molson Coors and they said it did not have the room to bottle Doom Bar in Cornwall.

The labels on the bottles of Doom Bar contain several references to Rock, Cornwall, but none to Burton-Upon-Trent; however the small print says “Brewed in the UK”. Burton-Upon-Trent is 267 miles away from Sharp Brewery’s home in Rock.

Fans are dismayed as the labels on bottles make reference to Cornwall- and not to Burton-Upon-Trent with some calling the geographical fudge a “con”.

Sharp’s spokesman James Nicholls said: “We have been established in Rock since 1994 and the majority of Doom Bar, more than 80% or about 1 million pints a week, is brewed at Rock.

“But we do complement that with brewing operations further afield and that is the spirit of collaboration that we’ve seen in the brewing market places where beer is brewed under licence in other locations.

Doom Bar bottles are not brewed in Cornwall
Doom Bar bottles are not brewed in Cornwall

“We are using the expertise of specialist operations further afield to make sure that product is a good as it can be. Doom Bar is brewed in Rock and was conceived in Rock and we are very proud of that.”

Sharp’s also report that the team in Rock grew from 77 to 140 in four years, making the business one of North Cornwall’s largest employers.

Doom Bar draws its name from the treacherous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary near Sharp’s Brewery’s North Cornish home at Rock.

Emma Roderick, director at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “We’re extremely proud of our flagship beer, as we are our growing portfolio of premium brands, and are lucky to have an exceptional team here in Rock.

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US rapper Snoop Dogg is suing a beer firm over the Sale of a brand. The rapper claims that he is entitled to 10% of the money made when Colt 45 was sold to a drink entrepreneur last year.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, the rapper is seeking 10% of the net sales paid to Pabst Brewing for its Colt 45malt beer line in the sale.

Snoop Dogg has signed a three-year deal to endorse the beer line in 2011. Under his contract, he was to receive a portion of the sale of the brand if Pabst sold it before January 2016. The contract also called for the rapper to receive a royalty on each case of Blast that was sold.

Nevertheless, Snoop Dogg claims, the company refuses to pay him anything in connection with sale.  “Despite the sale, Pabst has taken the (very convenient) position that no transaction has occurred such that Subsection (a) of the Phantom Equity Clause would be triggered,” states the complaint, which Alex Weingarten of Venable filed.

The sale of Pabst to beer entrepreneur Eugene Kashper and investment firm TSG Consumer Partners was finalised in November, but no purchase price was announced.

Snoop Dogg’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten, however states in the lawsuit that the beer company was sold for $700 million (£455 million) according to AP. The sale price of the beer, called Blast by Colt 45, was not disclosed.

Snoop Dogg, whose legal name is Calvin Broadus Jr, had a payment of $250,000 for the contract and received another $20,000 for every 10th mention he made of the beer on social media TV or during a concert.

Snoop Dogg says Pabst owe him money.
Snoop Dogg says Pabst owe him money.

Pabst, the maker of beers like old Milwaukee and Schlitz, said in a statement that it had not been contacted by Snoop Dogg or his representatives about the proceeded claims.

However, aligned from payment agreements, Snoop Dogg thought that the signed contract also enables him a portion of the sales, as well as royalties from each Blast that had been purchased

“We are investigating the matter and would be happy to talk to Snoop Dogg or his representatives to try to get to the bottom of this”, the associated press quoted the statement as saying.

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A popular sports bar in Newcastle City Centre is to close for 10 weeks as it is re-modelled to attract a more female audience.

The Sports Bar Is To Be Refurbished To Attract More of a Female Audience, the company – formed earlier this year when four businesses run by different members of the Vaulkhard family were merged – says it will be re – naming the bar and giving it a more female – focussed and contemporary look.

Fluid was the first bar to open under the Fluid Group in 2001. Close to Newcastle United’s St James’ park ground, it has always been popular with football fans.

The £950,000 refurbishment of fluid bar, at Newcastle’s Gallowgate, is the start of the Vaulkhard Group’s £4m development plan for a number of its bars in the North East over the next three years. The new bar is set to open its doors to customers at the end of summer.

In March, Mr Vaulkhard and his brother Harry brought together Fluid Group with Breeze Ventures and Blake’s Retail along with commercial property business 42 Streets Realty.

Vaulkhard Group director Olive Vaulkhard said: “There has always been a fondness for fluid as a sports bar. However when we became the Vaulkhard Group earlier this year, we decided to invest heavily into giving a few of our bars a complete change in design and structure.

“We will still offer private corporate match – day areas however it does feel a little like the end of an era for the bar as we know it, but I am very excited to reveal the new look when it is complete”

Fluid Sports Bar Is To Be Closed for Refurbishment
Fluid Sports Bar Is To Be Closed for Refurbishment

The sports bar is being completely stripped back and the bar will take a whole new shape and will allow for more of a sophisticated, sociable feel.

Vaulkhard Group is a family business; the family are a dedicated team, there venues are in Newcastle and Morpeth.

Vaulkhard Group’s portfolio include Burluga in Newcastle and Morpeth, Perdu, The Mushroom, Quilted Camel, All Seeing Eye, Pacific, Blake’s Coffee Shop, Central Bean in Newcastle and Morpeth, Offshore 44, Red House, Bar 42, 42nd Street and Gotham Town.

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