Circular Bar Italy
Circular Bar setup at the Luxury Italian Villa in Flourence

Mobile Bar Hire, based in Kent, have taken to Europe once again as their worldwide portfolio expands. Last Wednesday (19th August) Mobile Bar Hire were contacted by a member of a top London events firm to provide a bar for their CEO’s wedding in Florence, Italy on Saturday (22nd August). Their style of choice was the portable bar specialists 4m diameter circular LED colour-changing bar.

The Mobile Bar Hire Mascot in Flourence - Bonnie Walker !
The Mobile Bar Hire Mascot in Flourence – Bonnie Walker !

Once confirmation had been received, the sales team worked fast to make all of the necessary arrangements for a 30 hour, 2000 mile round trip with 4 hotel stop offs in total – the Mobile Bar Hire technician, Jack Kerr, then left the flowing day (Thursday 20th August).

Mr Kerr stopped off in France and Italy en route to Florence where he arrived to the CEO’s luxury villa where his wedding was being held. Kitted out with a swimming pool and large stage, the wedding celebrations took place over three days with the portable bar being one of the main attractions on the final day (alongside the bands and circus acts also present).

The portable bar providers are no strangers to European adventures as they have travelled to Paris on several occasions for different brands including Dell Computers and Don Papa Rum – their largest 6m diameter circular LED colour changing bar has also been erected in Riga, Lativa.

One thing which surprised Mobile Bar Hire technician Jack Kerr was the calm in Calais. After seeing the chaos first hand when travelling to Paris for Don Papa Rum last month, the employee was shocked to drive through Calais both to and from Florence, Italy with no problems and no delays.

Over £1.7 million worth of fake vodka has been found in a raid of an illegal factory in Widnes, Cheshire. The fake vodka was found in containers at an industrial unit. The fake vodka can be potentially toxic and is very dangerous if consumed. People who thought they were getting the vodka for a cheap price could be posing a great threat to their health.

In total 130,000 litres was found in the factory. The vodka was found on Friday after a raid by the police and custom officers.

There are symptoms to look out for you are drinking fake vodka or any other fake alcohol; these are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness and dizziness. Drinking it can lead to kidney or liver problems and even coma .Methanol, the substance found in fake vodka. can cause blindness.

There are four simple ways to make sure you do not consume any of this harmful poison. You should always buy alcohol from shops and other licensed establishments that can sell alcohol; you should also always check the price because it make look like your getting a good bargain butthis is often too good to be true; you should look at the label to make sure that quality is not poor and the product is not misspelt.

£1.7million worth of fake vodka was found in Cheshire
£1.7million worth of fake vodka was found in Cheshire

Also make sure that you know the brand well, if the brand is unusual and you have never seen it or heard of it, don’t buy it just in case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sandra Smith, of HMRC, said: “As well as potentially risking the lives of people drinking the fake alcohol, this factory had the capacity to rob taxpayers of millions of pounds in unpaid duty – money which should be spent on vital public services.

There is a full investigation underway but no one has yet been arrested.

For more information on fake vodka and how you can avoid fake beverages, please get in touch.