Daniel Craig is the booziest James Bond ever, knocking back an average of 20 units per film, new research reveals.

The Martini-loving spy has been played by six different actors across more than five decades but none of them have consumed as much alcohol as the current 007.

Craig’s average units are eight more then the next James Bond on the list, Pierce Brosnan (with 11). Sean Connery and Roger Moore’s both average out at 11 units each.

George Lazenby’s Bond, in the one film in which he starred as 007, on her majesty’s secret service in 1969, drank 9 units. Timothy Dalton, who played Bond in two films, averaged 4.5 units.

The researchers believe that much of this could be down to the increasing muscle of the franchises sponsors. Luxury Vodka Brand Belvedere will be sponsoring the upcoming film.

Despite playing the booziest Bond on camera, Daniel Craig, has previously lamented his inability to drink in public since taking on the role.

Daniel Craig consumes, on average, 20 unit per film
Daniel Craig consumes, on average, 20 unit per film

The Grocer’s Rob Brown said, “We can exclusively reveal that Daniel Craig is by far the booziest Bond the world has ever seen, having knocked back an average of 20 units of alcohol per film since his debut in 2006’s ‘Casino Royale’.

“This matters, for a number of reasons. Bond is the most powerful film franchise on the planet. The previous instalment of 007, ‘Skyfall’, was the highest-grossing British film, ever”.

Spectre will be Craig’s forth performance and will feature Django Unchained actor Christoph Waltz as his arch rival.

It is scheduled to be released on November 6.

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Amazon Prime is now selling alcohol to customers in Seattle.

Amazon prime is now offering a one hour ($7.99) two hour (free) slot for the alcohol to be delivered. Prime customer can order these alcoholic beverages by downloading and using the app on any android and iOS, orders will be shipped to smaller warehouses.

Amazon Prime offers a free two-day delivery on millions of items with the retailer trying out lots of new services, ranging from TV and on demand video to fast delivery.

Amazon has already opened two warehouses in Seattle and Kirkland, Washington. Amazon says that they have an estimated 40 million users worldwide. However Amazon does already sell alcohol on their main website.

Amazon has also promised to provide customers with a one hour delivery policy on anything from alcohol to TVs.

Amazon Prime was started by the organization Now in New York a year ago but has not had the maximum amount of success with its market delivery service in additional markets.

They may have it on their main website but this is the first time in the company’s history that people will be able to buy alcohol and have delivered to them by the company. According to an Amazon spokesperson the beers will be delivered chilled.

Amazon Prime will be delivering alcohol direct to your door
Amazon Prime will be delivering alcohol direct to your door

The service takes Amazon deeper into the growing market for on demand grocery that already includes companies like Instacart in the US and Postmates, which delivers meals and alcohol.

Customers will be able to view menus, place orders and track the status of their orders which will be delivered within an hour.

Customers can order from 27 different departments including electronics, home, garden and now groceries.

Amazon has been offering wine since 2012, and currently ships to 30 states in the U.S., including New York, California, and Texas. Beer and spirits are a new addition to Amazon’s inventory, and will become a part of the trial in Seattle.

Amazon users outside of Seattle may need to wait a bit longer to get the service.

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