Guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence on how to protect against Dementia suggests that even drinking within the Government safe limits can increase the risk of Dementia.

Research has found that one third of all Alzheimer’s disease cases can be linked to lifestyle factors, such as, obesity, smoking, drinking and exercise.

Current Government advice suggest that women can drink two to three units of alcohol a day (one 175ml glass of wine) and men three units, without compromising their health.

Middle-aged people should be warned there is “no safe level of alcohol consumption” and advised to curb drinking to reduce their risk of developing dementia, according to new official guidance.

The warning is aimed at those aged 40-64 and comes as the Government reviews alcohol guidelines, which could be published later this year.

In reaching its recommendations, Nice’s Public Health Advisory Committee was told “the overall message should be that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption”.

Its report also suggested drinking alcohol regularly had become a social norm which should be “challenged”. Current official guidance states men should not exceed four units a day, while women can have up to three units.

Dementia risk could be cut by not drinking during ages of 40-64
Dementia risk could be cut by not drinking during ages of 40-64

Figures from NICE show we are living longer than ever, and by 2025, almost a quarter of the UK population will be aged 65 and over.

But the watchdog warned that these years are not always spent in good health.

Professor John Britton, professor of epidemiology, University of Nottingham and Nice guideline development group chairman said: “It is well known that smoking, too much alcohol, inactivity and being overweight is bad for our health, but many people don’t realise that these things can also increase the likelihood of developing dementia and other causes of poor quality of life in older age.

“The evidence we looked at suggested that people can prevent these outcomes by making simple changes in life — stopping smoking, cutting alcohol, being more active and losing weight,” he said. “Even small but regular changes – such as climbing the stairs instead of using an escalator – can have significant effects. ”

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Diageo have taken the decision to launch their Hop House 13 lager in the UK today (20th October 2015). The fourth beer from The Brewers Project, coming after Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter and Golden Ale; Hop House 13 is Guinness’s attempt at creating a flavoursome lager.

Following a successful launch in Ireland, the new lager is now available in selected Greene King and Stonegate outlets in the on-trade and through wholesale channels in the off-trade.

Hop House 13 is a double hopped lager made with Guinness yeast, Irish barley and hops including Galaxy and Topaz from Australia and Mosaic from the USA. This great range of ingredients leads to the lager having a fruity aroma including apricot and peach. The full flavoured Hop House 13 is still crisp and hoppy – creating the perfect combination for any craft lager enthusiast.

Hop House 13 is named after the 1900’s hop store building at the St James’ Gate Brewery where hops are still to this day stored for use. The long heritage of the name lends its hand to a lager that has done very well in a relatively short period of time. After launching in Ireland in earl 2015, Hop House 13 now accounts for 2.8% of the lager sold in Ireland.

Nick Curtis-Davis says Hop House 13 is for 'mainstream lager drinkers' wanting more character and flavour
Nick Curtis-Davis, Head of Guinness Innovation says Hop House 13 is for ‘mainstream lager drinkers’ wanting more character and flavour

Head of Innovation for Guinness, Nick Curtis-Davis had stated that Hop House 13 is best suited for mainstream lager drinkers who are looking for beer with much more character and flavour.

Have you tried Hop House 13 in Ireland and are excited for its launch in the UK or do you think Guinness should stick to their velvety smooth pints of stout? Let us know here.

Bavaria came to Dartford in Kent last weekend as Amar Hall, a function hall in the Town Centre, hosted their very own Oktoberfest. Advertised as Dartford Oktoberfest 2015, the event drew guests in from London, Kent and Essex as 100 thirsty revellers entered the doors.

After the cancellation of OktoberFest London at Tabaco Dock, event organisers Amar Hall were not fazed by the lack of organisation at the Capital’s event and were determined to make their foot stomping Bavarian night a success

Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw the ticket holders treated to steins of German lager, a crowd pleasing Oompah band and traditional Bratwurst sausages.

Dartford Oktoberfest offered it's guests 1L steins of German Lager
Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 offered it’s guests 1L steins of German Lager

When doors opened to Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 at 7.30pm, guests saw the walls and ceiling adorned with Bavarian and German bunting as well as flags ready to wave in appreciation to Oompah Band Papa Schnitzel. Party-goers could either purchase an entry only ticket or an all-cilusive variant which allowed them entry, unlimited steins and a bratwurst.

Going through 10 kegs in one night, Amar Hall were filling their IL steins all night long and commented that everyone loved the evening.

Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw revellers coming from throughout the South East
Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw revellers coming from throughout the South East

Event organiser Stephen Barrett on behalf of Amar Hall said ‘We thought it was fantastic and were over the moon to see that everyone who bought a ticket was enjoying themselves. Being the first Oktoberfest in Dartford, we feel we have set the mark high and cannot wait to put to work what we have learned this year into a bigger and better version next year!’

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Since their inception in 2007 by two men and their dog, Brewdog have been no stranger to controversy as they have brewed some of the world’s strongest beers clocking in at over 40% ABV. They have also seen industry responsibility body, The Portman Group, scorn them – Brewdog retaliated with a rather sarcastic letter to the body.

However, it seems Brewdog just aren’t finished raising the bar in what craft beer can be as they unveiled Black Eyed King IMP in a can. Coming in at 12.7% ABV, Brewdog claim it is the world’s strongest canned beer.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: “We love big beers, big flavours, and challenging people’s perceptions of beer.’

The barrel aged imperial stout is described as a ‘super intense and twistedly complex brew, with intense notes of sweet vanilla, rich espresso, smooth molasses and bitter chocolate barely contained by the metal wrapped around it.’

Brewdog are calling it 'The World's Strongest Canned Beer'
Brewdog are calling it ‘The World’s Strongest Canned Beer’

Jam filled with 7 different malts, Brewdog’s latest addition was barrel aged to give it the complex flavours and aromas the beer giants were looking for.

Brewdog have created many high ABV beers in the past but one caught the attention of the media worldwide – The End of History. Clocking in at 55% ABV, the high alcohol content brew was packaged in taxidermy and sold for £700.

Black Eyed King IMP cans are available from Brewdog’s website at a price of £9.50 and became available in all of their UK bars at 6pm onThursday 15th October 2015.

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The world’s two biggest brewers, SABMiller and AB InBev, are set to merge as AB InBev have put forward an offer to buy the London based giants for $104bn (£68bn).

The deal, which is in the top five in corporate history, will see that every one in three beers poured throughout the world will be owned by AB InBev.

Although SABMiller had rejected previous takeover bids by the world’s biggest brewer, they have now reached an agreement ‘in principle’. London based SABMiller have stated that AB InBev are willing to pay £44 cash per share.

The £44 a share value means the brewers of Stella and Budweiser value the brewers of Peroni and Millers at 50% more than its value on the 14th September. If all the shares were sold for that price it would value SABMiller at about £71bn but the £39.03 part-share alternative, devised for tax reasons, brings the valuation down to £68bn.

InBev had until the 14th October to make a formal bid after 4 of their previous bids were turned down. SABMiller have asked for an extension to this deadline so the two brewing giants can work out terms – the new date set is the 28th October.

Soon to be a familiar sight? SABMiller & AB InBev products together
Soon to be a familiar sight? SABMiller & AB InBev products together

SABMiller has negotiated a $3bn break fee payable by AB InBev if the deal falls through because of competition hurdles or opposition by AB InBev shareholders.

If the deal does go ahead, AB InBev would have secured a long wanted target which would see them increase their operations in Africa where SABMiller already makes 28% of their turnover. SABMiller was set up in Johannesburg in 1895 and have a lot of infrastructure in the continent which AB InBev will look to utilise.

The Chief Executive of AB InBev stated that the deal would be good for customers as the brewers would be able to provide their products in SABMiller strongholds such as Africa where they previously could not.

What do you think of the deal? With SABMiller having just purchased Greenwich craft brewery Meantime, how will they fair being part of the world’s largest brewing conglomerate? Get in touch to let us know your thoughts.

The number of people attending Oktoberfest 2015 in Germany has slipped due to the border controls being forced to control the flow of refugees, which is complicating rail services.

Beer consumption fell as well to 7.3 million litres – 400,000 steins fewer than 2014. However, crime was also down, with police recording 9 per cent fewer mobilisations this year.

Oktoberfest began 205 years ago, this year marked the 182nd edition as the party was cancelled during two world wars, two cholera outbreaks, Napoleon’s invasion of Bavaria and the hyperinflation of the 1920s. The German Oktoberfest goes on for 16 days and is the biggest party/event in Germany.

Seeking to register the record numbers of migrants entering Germany as a result of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation to Syrian asylum seekers, the country temporarily reintroduced border controls in mid-September.

German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn, responded by suspending key services to and from Austria and Hungary, reports AFP. Munich central station is a major railhead for the thousands of migrants moving northwards, arriving on trains from Budapest through Austria to the southern German city. However, it is also a destination for those seeking to reach the Oktoberfest 2015 festivities.

Oktoberfest 2015 saw a fall in beer sales by 400,000 steins
Oktoberfest 2015 saw a fall in beer sales by 400,000 steins

Strong security forces were deployed in order to prevent any confrontations between Germans celebrating their cultural heritage and newly arrived migrants – 20,000 arrived on each of the first two weekends of September alone.

Police said yesterday that their efforts had been successful, after many asylum seekers were picked up at the border and put on buses and trains to other regions of Germany.

Overwhelmed by the amount of migrants entering Germany and seeking to register asylum seekers, Germany temporarily reintroduced border controls.

The event was originally held in October, as the name suggests, to celebrate a royal wedding but was brought forward by one month to take advantage of better weather.

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Mobile Bar Hire supplied Starline Limo Buses with a bar counter, furniture and three different flavoured mocktails which included the Starline Slammer, Partini and Mercedes Sour at the Coach and Bus Live Exhibition. The firm received very good feedback from Starline, there promotion was a success and the drinks provided were a huge hit. Starline Limo Buses stated that it was nice to offer customers who were interested in the company a drink while having a conversation.

Mobile Bar Hire have worked at many different exhibitions with a range of services such as dry bar hire, offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and many more to entice potential customers to visit their clients stand.

On Wednesday 30th September the NEC in Birmingham held the Coach and Bus Live Exhibition, 200 companies from the transport industry took part. This exhibition gives you the chance to experience the new products that will be on offer and includes visitors from outside of Europe as well as visitors in Europe. There is normally a large amount of visitors to this show, whether they are drivers, engineers, CEO’s or Managing Directors. Coach and Bus Live brings together industry buyers and leading exhibitors to do business over two whole days.

Mobile Bar Hire mixing things up on the Starline Limo Bus stand
Mobile Bar Hire mixing things up on the Starline Limo Bus stand

Starline Limo Buses are a company who manufacture party buses which are the latest brand to hit the high street of the UK. These buses seat 16 passengers, side facing (limo style) seats. These buses are perfect for transportation of a large group of people for events such as weddings, birthdays, proms, business trips and many other important events. Starline Limo Buses include other features such as LCD screens, full sound system, air conditioning, LED steps and much more.

‘Our aim for the show is to let the buses take centre stage’ says sole distributor of Starline Limo Buses, Tej Randeva.

“This is why we are taking both our black and white additions with us, showing the diversity of colours and features we can offer’.

‘Our aim is to teach people about the great business opportunities involved in buying a party bus and what to give people the support to create a lucrative business’ continues Mr Randeva.

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Migrants in Calais waiting to try and enter Great Britain are living it up in nightclubs and bars in their sprawling Calais camp.

The Jungle is currently home to between 2,000 and 3,000 migrants and refugees. While those there have mainly fled war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan; dictatorships with compulsory military service like Eritrea and others come from less common starting points like Algeria, Egypt and Jordan.

The ramshackle, known as the “Jungle”, has been turned into a thriving community boasting a vibrant nightlife. In just a few months dozens of shops, restaurants, churches and discos have opened.

In the evening they will head to the camp’s restaurants and cafes were people are trading, or even to the camps nightclub where they can buy a beer for 75p a pint.

During the day they try to board vehicles that are on their way to Britain in the hope of finding work. Those who fail head back to the camp where they are giving meals and clothes from charities and individuals that are eager to help. A library, called Jungle Books has been set up to lend thousands of books which have been donated. The men are even allowed to charge their smartphones to surf the net.

Migrants try to board a truck to the UK during the day
Migrants try to board a truck to the UK during the day

At 5pm each day, local authorities provide camp residents with their one guaranteed meal. Toilets are also washed around the same time by workers requested by a local NGO.

Some women and children are housed in the Jules Ferry Camp, a more protected space at the end of the Jungle, but this area is currently full. Those who have made it inside are the most vulnerable – often survivors of rape and horrific sexual violence.

Male migrants in the main camp are allowed to use showers there, separate from the women.

What are your thoughts on the migrants having set up a small city in Calais? Get in touch to let us know.

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) awards are the gold standard in the beer world. This year 1,532 breweries entered 6,738 beers, hoping to stand out among their peers. It was a ceremony filled with screams, cheering and high fiving as the breweries congratulated each other as gold, silver and bronze medals were announced. The GABF award cover 92 categories.

Rhode Island came second after entering 10 beers and winning and one medal.

Firestone Walker in California and Sun King in Indianapolis were among the most successful breweries.

Maine breweries walked away with three medals from the Great American Beer Festival, the most since Allagash Brewing Co. won three medals in 2010.

For the American style IPAs category alone, there were 336 entries.

The 92 categories of beer included fruit beers, chocolate beers, Scottish-style ales and Vienna-style lagers.

Before the awards are announced at the Great American Beer Festival, there are 2 days where beer lovers explore the hall, which is roughly the size of seven football pitches, without any guidance, and that’s when the peoples champion is announced.

This year’s panel included 242 judges from 15 countries.

The Great American Beer Festival attracts visitors from all over the world.
The Great American Beer Festival attracts visitors from all over the world.

Around 60,000 people gathered at the festival in Boulder, Colorado, which lasted until 26 September. Judges handed out 275 medals at the event, which organiser Brewers Association said was the largest beer competition in the world.

Ms Herz said “Winning a medal at the Great American Beer Festival instantly puts that brewer’s beer on the map. Unlike most wine competitions, the GABF gives out only one gold, one silver, and one bronze in 92 categories spanning 145 different styles of beer.”
“Hands down it is the most prestigious competition and festival in the US.”

She added that Maine’s achievement was a “huge accomplishment” and showed “the quality being produced in the mighty state”.

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