Alan Carr Chatty Man is well known for its bright and bubbly host, Alan Carr, who entertains us in our living rooms every Friday night from 10pm. A quintessentially Chatty Man item is Alan’s drinks globe which has seen stars from across the world drinking its array of spirits.

However, this Friday’s episode had a very different drink filling the guest’s glass – draught beer. Kent based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd provided ITV Studios with a draught beer dispenser built into the famous globe.

Pouring from the golden glitter beer tap was Peroni, a well-established premium Italian beer brand. The smooth lager went down well with the guests who enjoyed it including actor Danny Dyer, comedian Josh Widdicombe and signer Rita Ora.

The Chatty Man host poured the Peroni from a golden glitter tap
The Chatty Man host poured the Peroni from a golden glitter tap

Alan’s first pint poured for Josh was successful but it was clear to see the Chatty Man host needed to brush up on his pouring technique as his second pint for Danny Dyer was half beer, half froth. Later in the night, Rita Ora tried her hand at pouring a pint and was much more successful!

This isn’t the first time that Mobile Bar Hire Ltd have provided portable bars for ITV. Previously the bar specialists provided local Kent based Caveman Brewery ale and taps to Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway as well as Gina and Mel Do Lunch for on-screen challenges.

Josh wasn't too impressed with his pint
Josh wasn’t too impressed with his pint

Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘it is great to have worked with ITV again as it shows we can deliver to top clients time after time. Being as outgoing and as funny as Alan Carr is, this was an event we won’t forget anytime soon! Everyone within the ITV team is wonderful to work with and we can’t wait to see what our next collaboration together will bring.’

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A female passenger had to be restrained on a Boston-bound British Airways flight London after she tried to open the exit door.

Crew members called the police while they were still in the air to report an ‘unruly passenger’. Incidents of unruly passengers is common and they usually involve alcohol. However, given the heightened security alert following Friday’s attacks in Paris, all staff in airports, stations and public centres are on alert.

The woman is said to be in her 30s and is currently being questioned by police who have described her as “intoxicated”.

An early statement report by police said that the woman had tried to open the cockpit door, this was inaccurate, police said.

“I think she had a vapour cigarette and she was going into the bathroom trying to use that,” said passenger Debbie O’Leary. “I think once they said that she couldn’t, she got very violent about it”.

British Airways Spokesman Dave Procopio said it was unclear what the female passenger’s motivation was. Later the state police tweeted that the woman, whom they say was drunk, will likely be charged with interfering with a flight crew.

British Airways confirmed the passenger was drunk
British Airways confirmed the passenger was drunk

British Airways Flight 213 landed safely at Boston’s Logan Airport at 1:30pm (6:30pm GMT) and Massachusetts State Police troopers met the aircraft when it landed, they said.

Police identified the flight number as 213, which left London’s Heathrow airport at 6:57am (11:57am GMT) and said troopers were positioned at the jet bridge to take the passenger into custody.

A clerk set bail at $1,040 for Dolniak. She had not posted bail by Tuesday evening and, as a result, was being held overnight at the state police barracks at the airport.

Have you ever been on a plane where a passenger has been aggressive? Let us know.

Constellation Brands is the US’s third largest brewer with beers such as Corona and Modello under its umbrella. The large brewer is set to add Ballast Point Brewery and Distillery and it’s range of craft beers to its portfolio with a $1 Billion takeover deal.

Ballast Point, a craft brewery based in San Diego, was founded in 1996 by Jack White. Ballast Point has shot to fame in the UK with its innovative brews such as Grapefruit Sculpin but it is also well known in the US for its craft distillery which produces 14 different spirits.

One of the main draws for Constellation Brands towards Ballast Point is the fact that the business has grown rapidly in recent years and helps the brewing giants to dip their toe into the ‘super-premium’ end of the beer market with the Sculpin IPA regularly being sold for over $15 per 6 pack.

The acquisition of Ballast Point by Constellation Brands comes just weeks after AB InBev announced their purchase of SAB Miller, who themselves owned Meantime Brewery – a craft brewery based in Greenwich, London. Earlier in 2015, Heineken purchased large shares in Lagunitas Brewery.

Ballast Point is growing in popularity in the UK with brews such as Grapefruit Sculpin
Ballast Point is growing in popularity in the UK with brews such as Grapefruit Sculpin

Large brewers around the world are beginning to take notice of what seems to be a craft beer revolution and are buying their way into the market to take advantage of the expanding craft industry.

What are your thoughts on Ballast Point being bought by Constellation brands? Do you believe it will mean more of the hard-to-find beer making its way to UK shores or do you see this as a small, independent craft brewer selling out to a large conglomerate? Let us know!

Prime Minister, Rt. Hon David Cameron celebrated Diwali at No.10 Downing Street on 10th November 2015. Amongst the carefully selected list of guests were the directors of established events company Mobile Bar Hire Ltd and the newly launched Indian Catering brand Maharaja London.

The annual event hosted by the Prime Minister invites individuals from various aspects of the private and public sector, armed forces and local/national politics to mark Diwali.

In his address to over 100 guests, Prime Minister Cameron praised and acknowledged the contribution made to the UK economy and now into British politics by citizens of Indian Origin, in particular he praised the contribution brought to the Cabinet meetings by the current MP for Witham, Priti Patel (Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions).

He continued to say how he was looking forward to the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UK later this week.

Mobile Bar Hire’s Director, Rags Sandhu commented to say, “It’s a great honour to be invited to such an event hosted by the PM, it shows that he and indeed the team behind him are keen to meet people and organisations from every aspect of the community”.

Managing Director of Maharaja London, Tej Randeva said “During my conversation with the PM, he commented on our company name being “unforgettable”.

The Prime Minister hosts many such events at Downing Street through the year, its seen as a direct link between the PM’s office and the community.

Diwali was celebrated throughout the UK with many street parades and festivals.

(L to R) Rags Sandhu, Avtar Sandhu MBE, Mr Kewal Randeva & Tej Randeva
(L to R) Rags Sandhu, Avtar Sandhu MBE, Mr Kewal Randeva & Tej Randeva

After 256 years, Guinness is due to change its recipe to become vegan. The Irish Stout, which has been brewed at St James Gate Dublin since 1759 is due to stop filtering its beer through isinglass which is currently used to remove excess yeast and help the traditional ‘settle’ to occur faster.

Isinglass is a product of dried swim bladders of fish and it is understood that part of the bladder is still in a pint of Guinness when it is consumed. Guinness are currently looking at two new methods of filtration that would see the use of isinglass removed completely from 2016.

A spokeswoman for Guinness told The Times ‘”While isinglass is a very effective means of clarification and has been used for many years, we expect to stop using it as the new filtration asset is introduced.

“We are conscious that its use may represent a barrier to consumption of our products to some.

Protesters have petitioned outside St James Gate Brewery about isinglass in Guinness
Protesters have petitioned outside St James Gate Brewery about isinglass in Guinness

“As part of our ongoing efforts to further improve the way we make our products; we are seeking alternatives to isinglass.”

The move to pull isinglass from Guinness comes after protesters failed to get big companies to highlight the use of isinglass in their products.

The new vegan-friendly Guinness will see the brewing giants market base expand to include Irish Stout lovers throughout the world who do not consume anything which uses animal products. The method of using isinglass was first used by Guinness in the 1800’s to help rescue beer at the bottom of its huge vats which would have otherwise been undrinkable.

What do you think of Guinness and their move towards a vegan friendly beer – do you think it will affect the taste or do you think the black stuff will taste as smooth as ever? Let us know today!

The company Smith and Sinclair ‘the original cocktail confectioners’, was created by Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard as an ice breaker for a series of dating games that they ran.

Smith and Sinclair are constantly working on new flavours. The two entrepreneur’s aim to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood by gum-based alcoholic sweets. This really shows that just because we are growing older it does not mean we need to grow up!

Flavours include Gin and Tonic, Mixed Berry Daiquiri and Whiskey Sour. Eating one box of 6 will take you over the drink driving limit. Smith and Sinclair said that the launch of their gum-based alcoholic sweets marks the first time a food product will be sold on an alcohol shelf.

Since launching in 2013, Smith and Sinclair have gone from strength to strength. They are now stocked in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Fenwick’s and can be found online on Not In The High Street – and soon to be appearing in Old Street Station.

Two friends dream has become a reality as they are now opening an “edible alcohol” shop. Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard are planning on setting up a shop in Carnaby street selling cocktail flavoured candy floss, dip dabs and alcoholic fruit pastilles.

Smith and Sinclair are looking to open an edible alcohol shop in London
Smith and Sinclair are looking to open an edible alcohol shop in London

On their website at the moment they are selling vodka, whiskey, rum and gin flavoured fruit pastilles. The highest fruit ABV for the fruit pastilles is 6.4%ABV.

The shop will stock products that are not available at their online stores, this includes candy floss jars to pour vodka into. The Vodka makes the candy floss melt which flavours the alcohol and the candy floss.

The shop will be open at 10 Carnaby Street from November 18th until Christmas Eve.

Have you ever tired Smith and Sinclair’s gum-based alcoholic sweets or are you planning to go to their shop? Please get in touch to let us know!

Burger King may well be the first fast food chain to sell alcohol in the UK. The food giants are set to sell American beer in plastic bottles which will only be consumed on Burger King premises.

The bid is to firstly get Burger King their license to sell beer in 4 of their 654 outlets in the UK. The four stores are their Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blackpool, Hull and Bury St Edmunds locations. A spokeswoman for Burger King has stated that they are simply ‘catching up with the rest of the world’.

After the announcement, many looked towards Burger Kings largest rivals, McDonalds, for a reply. The world dominant fast food chain posted on their website: ‘We develop our menu based on what our customers tell us they like and want from a visit to McDonald’s.

‘Although a number of European McDonald’s markets serve alcoholic beverages as part of their menu, this is not something that we have experienced customer demand for or something that fits with the family-friendly focus of our restaurants in the UK.’

Burger King and other fast food outlets in the UK have been serving alcohol for several years with Burger King opening ‘Whopper Bars’ where they serve beverages such as Bud Light from special aluminium bottles.

Burger King already sell beer in their US 'Whopper Bars'
Burger King already sell beer in their US ‘Whopper Bars’

Starbucks, in its birth place of Seattle, have introduced a Starbucks Evenings Menu where they sell beer and wine to their customers. The success of this menu change has led to it being rolled out to over 70 locations throughout the US.

Starbucks serve a range of premium wines along with 4 different beers from Brooklyn Brewery.

What are your thoughts on Burger King selling alcohol in the UK? Do you think it was an obvious step or something which is unnecessary? Get in touch with Bar News today to let us know.