The sale of Fake Alcohol potentially containing anti-freeze could put thousands in risk of blindness or death this New Year’s Eve.

As partygoers stock up on alcohol ahead of New Year’s Eve and others plan celebrations in town and city centres, councils are warning about the health implications of fake drinks.

A warning has been issued over the sale of counterfeit booze after hundreds of thousands of litres of Fake Alcohol were seized in the run-up to the festive season.

Some of the Fake Alcohol seized contain lethal chemicals such as chloroform, which can induce comas, and isopropanol, commonly found in car screenwash and anti-freeze.

Other substances found in counterfeit bottles include ethyl acetate, which is used in glues, nail polish removers and cigarettes and can lead to organ damage.

The LGA, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, is urging shoppers to keep safe by looking out for the tell-tale signs that bottles are fake – unfamiliar brand names, crooked labels, spelling errors and unusually low prices.

Simon Blackburn, chairman of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: “Everyone likes a bargain, especially at this time of the year, but drinking cheap, Fake Alcohol could seriously harm your health and even kill you, so people should avoid it at all costs.

Vodka is the most common fake alcohol.
Vodka is the most common fake alcohol.

“Some shopkeepers clearly have questions to answer about how these items arrive on their shelves. They need to think twice about stocking as we will always seek and prosecute irresponsible traders”

You should also check the smell of Fake Alcohol; as fake examples often smell like the chemicals.

The most popular Fake Alcohol is vodka. Even if you are buying alcohol in clubs and pubs still check the smell for your safety and the safety of others.

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Popular London craft brewer Camden Town Brewery is being bought by the world’s biggest beer maker, AB InBev. The deal values Camden Town Brewery at around £85 million – Camden declined to comment on the value.

The takeover drew immediate criticism from craft beer purists, many of who view the major brewing companies with suspicion. James Watt, one of the founders of craft beer group Brewdog, rounded on his rival for selling out to a global behemoth of the drinks industry.

He said Brewdog would no longer stock any Camden Town beers in its bars because it does not sell drinks made by AB InBev. Brewdog even released a video onto social media showing one of their bartenders removing Camden Hells Lager from their menu. Long-time fans of Camden Brewing Company also expressed their disappointment.

AB InBev, which makes world known beers like Corona, Becks, Budweiser and Stella Artois is buying 100 per cent of the 5-year-old brewery.

Iain Newell, European director of specialities and craft beer at AB InBev, added: “Camden Town Brewery is a creative business with a great range of brands that will complement our existing portfolio.

“We will support their ambitious plans for the future, using our expertise and global distribution network to help them get their great beer to more people.”

The Camden Town Brewery Bar stocks all of the brewers range
The Camden Town Brewery Bar stocks all of the brewers range

Camden Town Brewery, launched in 2010, now employs 95 people having sold 12 million pints in 2015. The beer is available in more than 1000 pubs and is available in certain supermarkets.  Camden plans on building a second brewery in London next year to add to the production it currently has from its Kentish Town brewery.

The deal between Camden Town Brewery and AB InBev is expected to be completed by the first week of January.

What do you think of another ‘craft brewer’ selling out to a huge brewing company? Camden are following in the footsteps of Meantime, Goose Island and Lagunitas. Let us know your thoughts here.

Middle-class parents risk turning their children into alcoholics by offering them drinks at home, according to government research. Middle-class parents are not only risking their children’s health but make the child more likely to have tried alcohol and to continue with the habit once they have started, said the survey of 120,000 15 year olds.

The London Boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets had the lowest amount of teenagers who have ever had a drink in the country, with 15 per cent and 20 per cent respectively. The district of Barnsley in South Yorkshire had the youngest people who had had a drink with 77.6 per cent followed by Devon with 76.9 per cent and 76.6 per cent of teens in Cornwall.

The majority of parents in the DrinkAware study thought it was inevitable that children would drink before they turned 16, while one third thought it was “OK” for them to do so. This means that middle-class parents are seen to be encouraging their children to have a drink, whether that is for celebrations like GCSE results or family dinners.

Charities warn that many parents make the mistake of introducing their children to alcohol at home, even a glass of wine with a family dinner can encourage the children to take up drinking more often at these young ages.

Middle-class parents are more likely to let their teens drink alcohol
Middle-class parents are more likely to let their teens drink alcohol

Government advice states that alcohol should never be given to children below the age of 15, but 50 per cent of those surveyed had drank alcohol before the age of 14. A crackdown on underage drinking in the seaside town of Newquay found that 70 per cent of drunk teenagers stopped by police had been given alcohol by their mother or father.

In one case a police community support officer rang the mother of one of four 16 year-old boys who were caught with 64 cans of Special Brew. “The mother had a go at my member of staff, saying, ‘Haven’t you ever had fun? You are stopping my son having fun, it’s outrageous,” said Supt Julie Whitmarsh, of Devon and Cornwall Police.

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Meantime Brewery have collaborated with fellow London business Brompton Bicycles to make an item which represents the other through the brewery’s Make Time For It campaign. Meantime created a Brompton lager and Brompton created a bicycle inspired by the craft brewers.

The Greenwich based brewers say their beer has a fifth ingredient; time (it’s even in their name). All of their beers are matured for a minimum of 6 weeks, much longer than the large brewing conglomerates of the world such as AB InBev, meaning the flavour of their beers are perfectly balanced as the flavours have had plenty of time to mature.

Meantime set out to see what else could be achieved in just six weeks and challenged Brompton Bicycles to create a bespoke bike in just one and a half months.

Meantime’s Brompton lager is a full bodied beer full of complex fruits, spicy notes and floral aromas. The use of Bavarian malts gives this lager a deeper colour than other lagers on the market ensuring a unique tasting experience for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on some. The Brompton lager logo is displayed on the front of the black and silver bottle label.

Meantime brewed a lager inspired by Brompton Bicycle
Meantime brewed a lager inspired by Brompton Bicycle

The Meantime bike, created by Brompton, is an SL2 made with bespoke parts to provide it with a unique look and style. The ride height and 2 gears make this bike swift and easy to use on London’s busy streets.

Both Brompton lager and the bicycle are up for grabs through a Meantime competition as well as the beer being available at the Greenwich brewery store and e-store.

Both brands have stressed the importance of not drinking and cycling.

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The Ideal Home Show at Christmas has just closed its door on another successful year at its new home, London Olympia. The show saw over 50,000 guests flood to West London to see, feel and taste a range of Christmas products – from fashion accessories and clothing to sausages and beer.

One stall holder at the Ideal Home Show Christmas were, the online outlet of Mobile Bar Hire Ltd. look to bring a range of products to consumers which are not readily available on the high street with something to suit everyone’s taste palate. stocked 3 different craft beer products including a Meantime Brewery Gift Set, Hop Stuff Brewery Gift Set and a 5L Quartz Brewery Extra Blonde Ale Self Tapped Keg. The range of craft beers from Mobile Bar Hire’s ecommerce offshoot were an example of just how well the craft beer industry is doing in terms of sales and reputation.

Also available on their festive stand were cocktail pastilles. Created by Smith and Sinclair, the pastilles have an ABV of 6% and above and come in rum, vodka, whiskey or gin flavoured with two cocktail flavours in each pack.

Blind Pig Cider also made an appearance on stand with Rum and Poached Pair, Whiskey Honey and Apple as well as Bourbon and Blueberry flavoured bottles being available in a unique Blind Pig carry crate.

For the Home Brewers out there, also offered a starter kit which included essentials such as a glass demijohn, bubble air lock, malt, hops and yeast. Both Pale Ale and IPA variants were available. offered items not available on the average high street. offered items not available on the average high street.

Looking to provide a range of products, also offered the Philips Perfect Draft Machine and their 6L kegs. The draught beer system is marketed as a home beer tap and grants the user access to 11 pints chilled down to three degrees.

The main product on the stand was the company’s Pimm’s No 3 Winter Gift set, a unique Pimm’s blend with brandy which is served with warm apple juice. Testers provided a hit with the show-goers and it was’s bestselling product over the five days.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘ began as a small off chute of our main business, Mobile Bar Hire, but has grown into something much, much larger. We are looking to offer a range of unique drinks gifts which are not currently available on your average high street as the best prices. Look out for us at future shows!’

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