Another year, another star studded line up graced the red carpet of the Brits at the O2 Greenwich. The awards see an eclectic array of musicians nominated for a range of awards including Best British single through to Best British Producer. The musicians enjoyed the festivities with the likes of Rihanna, Coldplay, Adele and Little Mix blasting performances with a whirlwind of backdrops and lighting shows.

However, like all good things, the Brit Awards came to an end but luckily for those attending, the party was only just beginning. Cabs, limos and tubes were packed to the rafters as everyone made their way to Freemason’s Hall in London for the annual Brits after party.

Crayford based company, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, were on hand at the after party to ensure the guests were well attended to as they provided the venue with one of their bespoke portable bar counters. The bar set up was stocked with event sponsors Ciroc vodka and served from Mobile Bar Hire’s counter to the A-Listers.

A selection of the celebs at the Brits
A selection of the celebs at the Brits

This is not the first high-profile event Mobile Bar Hire have attended with 2016 alone already seeing them work alongside the Conservative Party and Paris department stores. Previously the Kent based business have applied their services to luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Mercedez Benz, The Body Shop, MOBO Awards, Natural History Museum and Bentley.

The Brits were dominated by Adele and Coldplay with Adele snapping up 4 awards on the night and Coldplay becoming the most decorated band in Brits history with 9 different awards.

Did you watch the Brits this year? What did you think of the winners and if you had a chance to design a Brits themed cocktail, what would it be? Let us know here.

A bar in Brisbane, Australia is planning to create an area where customers are able to inhale their alcohol – this is similar to vaping. A person will be able to go into a glass booth where alcohol vapour will be filtered through the lungs and eyes into the blood stream – it is set to be called the cloud cocktail.

The vapour will give the effect of two drinks per 40 minutes that you stay within the booth, it is said that the effects will be 40% more efficient than drinking the alcohol. The Cloud Cocktail will not be pure alcohol, but instead one-part spirit of your choice and 2 part mixer. This method becomes more efficient due to the fact the alcohol bypasses the liver.

Party goers will have to wear a plastic suit which will expose their face so that they can inhale and let the vapour seep through your eyes. Many people who have already enjoyed this experience have said that the taste of the Cloud Cocktail has a fresh botanical flavour of the spirit that you can’t receive in traditional drinks.

But some people believe that this is a more dangerous way of consuming alcohol as it can damage your brain at a higher rate by inhaling the toxic chemical.

The Cloud Cocktail will turn alcohol into vapour
The Cloud Cocktail will turn alcohol into vapour

If you are looking for a similar location closer to home you will be pleased to know that Alcoholic Architecture in Borough Market, London is already up and running. Created by the same organisation opening The Cloud Cocktail in Brisbane, Bompas and Parr, the London based pop up has proved popular.

What do you think of the Cloud Cocktail? It is just an expensive way to pay to sit in vapour or is it something new and exciting to try? Let us know here.

Plans for a beer fountain to be built in the Slovenian town of Zalec shall proceed even though there was opposition from some councillors. A vote was placed where the opposing councillors were outnumbered by more than two thirds of the council members. Those who opposed believe that the money that is being used for the creation of the beer fountain can be put to better use for the community. The fountain has been set a budget of 170,000 euros which is the equivalent of £132,000 and $190,000. A completion date has not yet been set, but plans have gone ahead for the construction of the public beer fountain.

Beer is a great factor in Slovenia, a recent report that there is a brewery standing for every 7,827 square miles with the two biggest beer brands at a rivalry, Union and Lasko. The town of Zalec’s main export is hops, making it a great resource for the beer that would be provided for the fountain.

The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia
The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia

Even though there was opposition, Mayor Janko said “The fountain will attract beer loving tourists”. The town of Zalec is known for its growing of hops in its fields, many also know the town of Zalec as “The Valley of Green Gold” which is replicated in its flag. The fountain will serve a variety of Slovenian beers, at the price of 6 euros for three and beer lovers are able to receive a commemorative mug to keep. The beer fountain will also be the first of its kind in the continent of Europe.

All the talk about the Slovenian beer fountain has many beer lovers excited, the only news that is to be awaited is that of the opening date, so don’t book your tickets yet. What do you think of the beer fountain?

British musician and Heavy Metal legend Lemmy passed away late December 2015, and in dedication to his memory, planning of a life sized bronze Lemmy statue will be erected at Los Angeles’ Rainbow Bar and Grill.

A memorial service was also held at this location for the heavy metal legend as he stated many times that it was his favourite place to be. At his memorial service many musicians had attended with the Sunset Strip being closed down to honour him, many people stated “so it’s obvious that a Lemmy statue would be built here”.

Lemmy was born Ian Fraser Kilmister in Burslem, Staffordshire London, England in the year 1945. Lemmy had passed away due to his battle with prostate cancer. The musician was also diagnosed with neck and terminal brain cancer; it was also reported that he also had heart failure at the time of his death.

The Lemmy statue will be outside of the Rainbow Bar and Grill
The Lemmy statue will be outside of the Rainbow Bar and Grill

Lemmy was the front man for the Heavy Metal Rock band MotorHead with many considering him to be one of the greatest rock stars of our time. His rugged strained voice being his iconic tool with the guitar to follow second. His signature look consisted of a black cowboy hat with black clothing to pair, and being rarely seen in public without a cigarette in his mouth or hand.

The continuation of MotorHead is uncertain for now, with many rumouring that they will continue, but without Lemmy it seems that the heavy metal rock band will never have the same ambience as they once had. To many, there will always be only one Lemmy as many considered him a “Rock God” and it seems only right that he have a Lemmy statue erected in his honour.

What do you think of the Lemmy statue being erected at the Rainbow Bar and Grill? Let us know here.

2016 is pipped as the year craft breweries throughout the world suffer a hangover as droughts in the US are leading to a hop shortage.

The Yakima Valley in Washington produces around 75% of the US hops we have come to know and love but last year suffered droughts and could not take full advantage of it’s huge acreage. We are this year set to witness a US hop shortage in the likes of UK craft brewery favourites Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo.

The UK craft beer scene has seen a real boost in recent years with the popularity of heavily hop forward pale ales and IPAs beginning a revolution of flavour. This may all be set to change as US hops which offer great citrus, grapefruit and pine flavours/aroma will spike in price as demand far outweighs supply due to the hop shortage.

This price hike will have to be forwarded to the draft pumps as breweries will have to invest more capital in the resource. Smaller start up breweries will have to become more inventive to find ways around this by using lesser known US hop varieties or UK hops.

Smaller scale breweries are set to be hit hardest by any hop shortage.
Smaller scale breweries are set to be hit hardest by any hop shortage.

Within the industry, the bigger breweries get first pick of the hops they want from the US meaning during a hop shortage the smaller brewers just won’t be heard. As well as being unheard, obtaining the hops wouldn’t warrant the price increase as their economy of scale will be significantly smaller.

During a hop shortage brewers can also take advantage of the versatility of malt and yeast. Different malt and yeast strains can provide a beer with different characteristics just as a variety of hops can change the aroma, look and taste of a beer.

2016 may be the year that we see less hard hitting IPAs – will you miss them? Let us know your thoughts on the potential US hop shortage here.

MP’s are set to be governed by the ‘no-alcohol’ condition of Sharia Law as Parliament undergoes much needed repairs. They will be rehoused 91 meters down the road at Richmond House but will be under a strict alcohol ban.

The building was given to wealthy middle eastern businessmen as part of an Islamic bond scheme known as Sukuk. George Osbourne carried out the transfer in 2014 to make the UK a hub for Islamic finance.

The deal with the Middle Eastern businessmen and banks stipulates that it be run by Sharia Law meaning a complete alcohol ban even for MP’s.

A Whitehall official told The Times: “It’s true. If MPs want to use Richmond House they’d better give up any hopes it will include a bar.”

The current parliament building has 8 bars at a cost of £4m to the taxpayer each year. Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said he could not believe parts of Whitehall are being governed by Sharia law.

An alcohol ban will be introduced if Parliament is moved to Richmond House
An alcohol ban will be introduced if Parliament is moved to Richmond House

He said: “I do find it unbelievable government buildings are governed by Sharia law. I don’t see the bars as being an essential part of Parliament but it’s the principle that matters. Most of our constituents will be absolutely amazed that the principle could ever have been authorised.”

The treasury agreed to make the building a Sharia Law zone with a permanent alcohol ban to help entice Middle Eastern investors into the project.

The renovation of Westminster will come at a cost of £4billion to stop the collapse due to asbestos, rodents and leaking ceilings.

What do you think of Richmond House enforcing an alcohol ban onto MP’s during renovations? Is it best that MP’s don’t have access to alcohol or should our government buildings be ruled by UK law?

Dry January sees around 2 million Brits giving up alcohol for a whole month after what was likely an over-indulgent festive season on both alcohol and food. The dry patch can quickly turn into a very difficult time period for pubs, clubs and bars as the numbers going out for their weekend drink reduce hugely.

To combat Dry January, many establishments undertook the newly coiled term ‘Try January’ where you are enticed to not go dry but to try a range of new alcoholic drinks that you may not have tried in the past – an event which saw many trying new, local craft beverages for the first time.

Some bars even tried to entice customers to still spend their cash with a range of Dry January friendly mocktails. One such chain, Be At One, pushed hard on social media to get their range of Try January mocktails into the public domain to drive traffic to their bars all over the UK.

But for those who did manage to stick to Dry January, they now have the difficult decision to carry on with the trend for as long as they can or to head for the nearest bar and enjoy a glass of merlot or two. ‘Wet February’ will see establishments which struggled during January thrive as a possible extra 2 million of us will be spending our hard earned cash over their bar.

Dry January saw around 2 million Brits ditch alcohol
Dry January saw around 2 million Brits ditch alcohol

But what benefits would those who participated in Dry January received?

Less calories consumed: An average pint of beer weighs in at around 180 calories whilst a large glass of wine will almost match this.  By saving this many calories your ‘New Year, New Me’ diet may actually have had a great kick start.

Your skin will look better: Alcohol of any type will dehydrate us leaving our skin looking dry and less plump.

You will sleep better: Although when you drink you may fall asleep quicker; you will experience less REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during your sleep. This leads to less deep, restful sleep.

Did you manage to stick with Dry January the whole month? Let us know what you missed the most.