Creators of the famous chain of Social Bite sandwich and coffee shops have created Brewgooder Clean Water Lager – a beer which will see 100% of its profits going to charity. Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn set up their Social Bite sites throughout Scotland and shot to fame when they were paid a visit by George Clooney in 2015.

Mahon and Littlejohn came up with the idea of Brewgooder whilst in a pub and have teamed up with craft beer punks Brewdog to create a ‘Clean water lager’ which was officially launched on World Water Day. Whilst Brewgooder in on sale on draught in all of Brewdog’s UK bars, Mahon and Littlejohn have also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund their first 200,000 cans.

By offering Brewegooder in cans, the beer can be served not just in Brewdog bars but in a range of pubs and supermarkets with the potential market growing exponentially. Brewdog’s website states that the beer is a 4.9% beer hopped with Saaz and Sorachi Ace. The barley and wheat used within the brewing process mean it has an incredibly fresh finish and Brewdog will also produce the beer at zero-margin.

Brewgooder creators Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn
Brewgooder creators Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn

Brewgooder looks to combat the problem of 650 million people not having access to clean drinking water and the 1400 children who die each day due to water borne diseases.  Those looking to back the idea via crowd funding can do so in sums from £5 to £50 with special perks such as cans of the first batch brewed and limited edition prints.

What do you think of Brewgooder Clean Water Lager? Do you think it will make an impact on the worldwide problem and will you be looking to invest? Let us know here.

In recent times the number of SME’s tackling big markets have increased as passionate businessmen and women turn their dreams into reality. However, it is not always as easy as it seems with a large number of start-ups failing within their first year.Today’s Budget released by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne outlined a range of points set to try and help these businesses. One organisation which is likely to be affected by the Budget is local events industry leader Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

The hospitality providers have been helped by the freeze in beer, cider and spirits duty which will see their prices also freeze. Also set to help the firm add to their already established business is the reduction in corporation tax from 20% to 17% by 2020. Being one of the largest expenses to any SME, corporation tax reductions is set to help millions of organisations throughout the UK.

Mobile Bar Hire’s fleet of vehicles will see their petrol prices staying consistent as George Osbourne also announced as freeze on fuel duty. This will help the business reach its customers not just in the UK but further afield in Europe.

George Osborne announced a freeze on beer duty in the Budget.
George Osborne announced a freeze on beer duty in the Budget.

The much discussed sugar tax was announced and will see charges being calculated depending on the amount of sugar in the drinks with pure fruit juice and milk based drinks being exempt. Whilst the tax is welcomed by the industry amid health concerns, its impact will not be seen for a while.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Av Sandhu said, ‘it is great that the government are looking to help businesses in the hospitality sector which is an industry in decline.  The corporation tax rate reduction is also another key factor which gives us confidence to push forward with our plans. Being an employer of apprentices already, we will look to hopefully employ more staff members from the local Borough of Bexley to boost the local economy.’

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The 17th March marks St Patricks Day each year to commemorate the Patron St of Ireland who apparently banished all of the snakes form the Emerald Isle (although it is highly contested there were no snakes there to begin with).

The celebrations are held throughout the world with parades and events which see party-goers adorning novelty Irish hats, glasses and of course, drinking pints and pints of Guinness. The largest St Patricks Day parade in the world is held in New York with this year set to see 200,000 people marching up 5th Avenue with millions more spectating.

But those looking to take part in the St Patricks Day tradition of drinking Guinness may be in for a treat as laws which would usually breach the ‘quality of life’ violations such as drinking in public places and urinating in the street will no longer result in arrest but will only be issued with a summons.

The plans came into power on the 7th March, just 10 days before the yearly St Patricks Day festivities.  The District Attorney’s offices said it will allow ‘“the NYPD to devote its resources to investigating serious crimes, while further reducing the backlog of cases in criminal court”.

Those looking to enjoy Guinness on the street this St Patricks Day will not be arrested.
Those looking to enjoy Guinness on the street will not be arrested.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio called the plan “an intuitive and modern solution” that would “help safely prevent unnecessary jail time for low-level offenses”.

Whilst this new leniency seems a blessing for St Patricks Day revellers, the state has imposed another ruling which may dampen their spirits. An alcohol ban has been introduced on the city’s Long Island and Upstate (Metro-North) rail lines for the festival. The only other days these lines are alcohol-free are New Year’s Eve and during the Santa-con bar crawl. Drinkers however, will not be arrested but simply have the alcohol confiscated.

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The Scottish brewing company, BrewDog, have launched a grapefruit payment method where customers are able to trade in a single grapefruit for a half-pint of Elvis Juice.

This is to promote and celebrate their newest addition of the beverage, Elvis Juice, which is a grapefruit IPA. The scheme was held only for Friday 6th March, starting from 6pm. But before you go and sweep your local supermarket for grapefruits, the offer only applies to one grapefruit per person.

Elvis Juice is the latest drink which has been created by BrewDog. After two prototypes, the beer came out in the form of cans, but on Friday 6th March it was launched in keg. The main ingredient of Elvis Juice is grapefruit, with water, barley, hops, and yeast included. It has been described as having a punchy resinous hoppy aromas blast from the glass; light floral and citrus notes riff against huge piney character and is heavily dry-hopped. It has many excellent reviews with many BrewDog enthusiasts already naming it as their favourite.

Elvis Juice is being compared to Magic Rock's Hire Wire Garapefruit
Elvis Juice is being compared to Magic Rock’s Hire Wire Garapefruit

The grapefruit pay is definitely a magnificent tactic of promoting their new addition; Elvis Juice. And it seems that it has produced great results with many people taking to social media to showcase their free half pint. It seems that their success keeps coming. We can only wonder what they have in store for the future, but whatever it will be, they can only raise the bar from here on.

Grapefruits may not be able to buy you happiness, but it seems that it would defiantly buy you a beer. What is your opinion on the Grapefruit Pay? And were you able to go to one of the BrewDog bars around England for the Elvis Juice keg Launch and trade a grapefruit to have yourself a half-pint of their new addition? Comment here and let us know what you think.