A new television miniseries is to start on the popular American broadcasting network ABC. ABC is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group and is set to show the series Guilt. The television miniseries producers approached the Kent based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd so that they could collaborate together. Mobile Bar Hire supplied the show with a curved LED bar, which will be featured in the final cut of the series. Mobile Bar Hire also supplied a range of other props such as dummy bottles and drinks.

Mobile Bar Hire delivered the bar counter to be used in the series to a filming location in London and it will be depicted in a bar/club scene.

The television miniseries, Guilt, is based on the story of Amanda Knox and the murder of Meredith Kercher. The story line will include the lead up to the trial of Amanda Knox and the complications and effects of events that occurred with the Justice System.

Mobile Bar Hire Ltd's bar for Guilt
Mobile Bar Hire Ltd’s bar for Guilt

The miniseries Guilt will have a very talented cast such as Billy Zane (Titanic, Dead Calm, Tombstone), Emily Tremaine (Wolf of Wall street, Self/Less), and Daisy Head (The Last Seven, The Fallen), the collection of such a cast will build up a great excitement and anticipation for the start of the episodes.  

The Guilt series is set to debut on the month of June 2016, with the first episode being ordered back in June 2015 and then being picked up in November 2015 by series creators Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard. The show is in the final stages of production and will debut on Freeform, which is a sub sector television broadcasting provider on cable and satellite that is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group. Many say that the show will be an interesting thing to watch, with many critics wondering how they will portray the story.

What do you think of the involvement of Mobile Bar Hire with the television miniseries Guilt? and does the mini-series sound enticing enough to make you want to watch it?

A brand new company is set to enter the our industry. Whilst many mobile bar companies offer the hire of counters to clients, Bar Builder can produce custom bars for purchase for venues such pubs, restaurants, clubs and any other type of venue that requires a custom bar.

An energetic and dynamic company that is based in the south-east region of England, Bar Builder specialise in the creation of custom bar counters that suit the taste of each individual client. The new company posses many years of experience in the field of design and craft, which gives the skills of each creation being built to sturdiness and long lasting continuation.

Bar Builder has vowed to devote themselves in creating unique bars that will fit the specification of the client. The Bar Builder team will come to the venue for survey and planning so that the custom bar counter that has been requested can be tailored to the environment that it will be placed in – this will optimise the look and atmosphere that the bar will add to the venue.

The bar counter designs are also available for personal use and can be fitted in homes; it would be a great choice for sharing moments with close companions and being the life of the party during celebrations and festivities.

Bar Builder have created bars like this for a range of clients.
Bar Builder have created bars like this for a range of clients.

Bar Builder is able to construct bar counters of unique designs, such as LED bars, Tiki bars, Chesterfield bars, Island Bars, and Branded bars. Each bar counter is also available with a back bar where the storage of bottles and glasses is possible, maybe even displaying a collection of spirits and beer.  

Whatever the heart desires, Bar Builder will be able to collaborate with each individual client to create a unique, perfect and magnificent bar counter.

Tell us what you think of Bar Builder and do you desire a custom bar counter of your own?

A brand new craft lager is due to hit the market this May when Beerdsman Beer unveil the first brew of their range – Beerdsman Lager. The lager, based on a pilsner style, has proven a hit through initial testing with both those in the industry and market research.

Brewed in Staffordshire, Beerdsman Lager utilises the taste of Magnum and Tettnang hops to provide a crisp, well finished pilsner style brew. With a sweet, biscuit malt aroma, the taste is slightly spicy with a lingering bitter finish on the palate which makes it the ideal match for spicy, complex foods as well as mature cheese.

Beerdsman Beer have stated that their lager is to be enjoyed by a large demographic – male and female, young and old and will bring lovers of beer together.

Beerdsman Lager will be available in both 330ml bottles and 5 litre mini beer kegs. The 5 litre mini beer kegs are set to be popular for those looking for draught lager for private use. Whether at parties or get togethers, the mini keg version of the lager needs no dispensing equipment as it comes with its own tap.

The craft beer market in the UK is climbing at a rate which has many of the multi-national breweries trying to grab a slice of the action. This growth in the craft beer market, however, also gives confidence to smaller producers such as Beerdsman that their product can make it in a saturated market.

The final bottle design for Beerdsman Lager will be unveiled in May
The final bottle design for Beerdsman Lager will be unveiled in May

Consumers no longer want the cheapest option available to them, they are looking for quality in style, appearance and taste and are looking to experiment with new flavours.

Speaking on behalf of Beerdsman, Stephen Barrett said, ‘we are really excited to launch Beerdsman Lager in May. It is something we have had in the pipeline for a while and are now ready to go with it and push our product into the market. Its tasting great and we are confident the mini beer kegs available will have people talking.’

Are you looking for a stockist of Beerdsman or want more info? Let us know here.