The American beer Budweiser has won a bid to change their name to America. The Budweiser company is owned by AB InBev, which is a Belgian beverage conglomerate. The company aims to capitalise on three main points that are upcoming in American life; politics, sports, and US holidays.

Budweiser is aiming the name change towards patriotic citizens during the Presidential Election, the Olympics, July 4th, Labour Day and Memorial Day. It is said that Independence Day is also a crucial point for the America beer, as it would be a great addition to the fireworks and barbeque. July 4th is said to be the holiday where the highest amount of beer is consumed in America.

The name change will be accompanied by a TV ad campaign that will be running throughout the summer of 2016, it will debut on the 1st of June with the title ‘America is in your hands’. The name change won’t be permanent but will last from the 23rd of May to around November, which will be a majority of the rest of the year.

Along with the Name ‘America’, the can will also be designed differently – it will consist of mostly silver and white, with the writing to be in Royal Navy Blue. Beneath the name would be a small group of lettering saying “Liberty And Justice For All”, and also “This Land Was Made for You”.

Budweiser to change name on packaging to America in the US this summer.
Budweiser to change name on packaging to America in the US this summer.

Even though the name ‘Budweiser’ has changed its name to ‘America’ for the US population, many citizens have criticised it due to Budweiser being owned by non-American companies.

Many have also tweeted about how the name change is just an exploitation of upcoming events and holidays so that Budweiser can increase their sales.

What do you think of the beer ‘America’, and does it change your opinion about Budweiser? Tell us about your thoughts here.

Last week local company Mobile Bar Hire Ltd based in Dartford and Crayford carried out their first ever full bar service in Paris. The service included the company providing bar counters, fridges, stock, staff and till systems for the EU Search Awards diner in the heart of Paris.

Organised by a UK based company in Oldham, the 500 guests expected a full bar service as they arrived at the venue. The Mobile Bar Hire team in the company’s offices went through every little detail including transport, licensing, payments in Euro’s etc – the event was a success and the clients in the UK and in Paris were ‘overwhelmed by the professionalism and attention to detail shown by the team at Mobile Bar Hire’.

Mobile Bar Hire have worked in Paris on several occasions.
Mobile Bar Hire have worked in Paris on several occasions.

However, this has now put company director’s Avtar and Ragbhir Sandhu in a predicament – Are we better off in or out of Europe?

Ragbhir Sandhu said “Having carried out many events in Europe already (but not of this scale) this one is the one that sticks out the most; simply due to all of the factors which had to come together in order for our participation in the event to be a success. If we are out of Europe this will obviously become more and more complex, does this mean we should stay in Europe for the sake of doing business? Having looked at the various pro’s and con’s regarding the Europe issue its confusing as to which way people should vote. As a business I guess it’s best to be in Europe but as an individual it’s probably better to be out – confusing!”

Were you with Mobile Bar Hire at the EU Search Awards or are you looking to be part of it next year? Let us know here.

London’s pop-up scene was able to experience a great temporary bar, where some might have found the service a little unusual. The reason behind this is drinks were served by man’s furry best friend, the pawesome dog. Some may say that it sounds barking mad but this is no howling lie, because on the date of May the 6th 2016, people were able to receive beverages by pup service to their tables, and the Dog Waiters have delivered an excellent service.

Bar D’Alsace-tian employed a group of well-trained pups to become Dog Waiters, they were equipped with custom made harnesses which has a small barrel replica attachment – the barrel was used to hold the Kronenbourg bottles that were given to visitors of the venue and all of it was of no charge. Each table had received two complimentary Kronenbourg 1664 bottles, with a side of delicious in house made bread and cheese. Many people were wagging their tails in excitement to go, and those who attended were able to have an experience of a lifetime.

Dog waiters served bottles of Kronenbourg 1664
Dog waiters served bottles of Kronenbourg 1664

The whole setup of Dog Waiters serving guests beer came to life due to the idea from the brand director of Kronenbourg 1664, Ifeoma Dozie. Dozie has been known for having such creative ideas, he has been quoted to have said “We are absolutely delighted to be opening our doors on the world’s first bar staffed by dogs. It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the ‘Alsace-tians’ to Kronenbourg 1664 lovers all over”

Bar D’Alsace-tian was open for visitors on Friday May 6th between 6.30pm and had closed at 8.30pm. But to attend the venue, people had to first make a reservation at Unlucky for those who wish to take part and get served by Dog Waiters by just walking in, as entry would have been denied to them.

What do you think of the canine service, and did you take part in the experience? Tell us what you think here of Dog Waiters.