The Bexley Skills Charter was launched on 18th January and has been designed to encourage conversation between all types of organisation including Businesses, Learning and education providers, Information, advice and guidance providers and Support services. These conversations will aim to ensure the London Borough thrives in 4 key areas:

  • A learning offer fit for the future
  • A skilled workforce for strong and sustainable growth
  • A thriving business and enterprise environment
  • A culture of continuous learning and development

One of the first businesses to sponsor and support this Bexley Skills Charter was Mobile Bar Hire Ltd. The portable bar providers sponsored the drinks, bar and staff for the launch night which coincided with the launch of the Bexley Business Excellence Awards.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Av Sandhu MBE signs to Bexley Skills Charter
Mobile Bar Hire Director Avtar Sandhu MBE signs to Bexley Skills Charter

In total, 30 organisations signed up to the charter on opening night with more expected to do so in the coming months.

Director of Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Avtar Sandhu MBE said, ‘It is a great idea for all organisational types to come together to enhance cooperation. Through training staff in a range of skills to giving back to the wider community, we are pleased to be part of it.’

If you think the Bexley Skills Charter is a good idea for the borough, let us know.

Dippy the Diplodocus is set to move from the Natural History Museum after serving in the Hintze Hall since 1905. The plaster dinosaur skeleton is currently not classed as relevant enough to the issues in today’s natural world. The much-loved attraction is due to be removed on January 5th 2017 and replaced with the skeleton of our world’s current largest animal – a blue whale.

The whale, which is currently hanging in the museum’s Mammal Hall, will be used as a dramatic reminder of both environmental problems but also hope for the future.

Dippy will be touring from early 2018 until late 2020 visiting all 4 countries within the United Kingdom. From his removal until he sets off in 2018, conservators will be ensuring the plaster-of-Paris skeleton is ready for its mammoth journey.

Hospitality industry solution providers Mobile Bar Hire Ltd are one of the many organisations who have worked alongside the Diplodocus. Having worked at the Natural History museum on several occasions for weddings and corporate functions, Mobile Bar Hire have provided their service directly under the dinosaur’s tail.

Dippy projected his shadow onto one of Mobile Bar Hire's bar.
Dippy projected his shadow onto one of Mobile Bar Hire’s counters.

Having overseen many events at the Natural History Museum, Mobile Bar Hire Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘it’s a great shame that Dippy is moving from the museum. His grand scale and imposing nature was a real plus for events we attended and made the venue truly unique. Whilst it will change the look and feel of the space, the real blue whale skeleton will add a completely new aesthetic to the hall which can only be a positive. We hope everyone who see’s Dippy on his travels loves him as much as we did!’

If you’ve seen Dippy in the past or have attended an event at the Natural History Museum, let us know your thoughts about his nationwide travels here.