In recent news alcohol is causing more problems both pre-flight and during flights. This has been causing disturbances for some time but due to figures reaching near 450 these past 2 years of people being held on suspicion of being intoxicated before and during flight. As well as this, there has been a 50% increase in drunken arrests in one year.

In 2014 alone 238 million passengers passed through the UK airports, so think of how many people would be affected should you chose to drink at an airport or during flight?

Selected air ports have released a zero-tolerance policy (including airport retailers) to advise the passengers who have bought alcohol not to consume it before boarding their flights as well as during them.

In flight drinks – are we over doing it?

If you or someone else become intoxicated who’s saying they don’t cause serious harm to themselves or others during take-off they can’t just park the plane your thousands of feet in the air

The message isn’t disregarding the buying of alcohol it is just aimed at the consumption before and during your flight.

Airport staff understand that you’re on your way to a nice holiday and want to ‘get the party started’ early, but think of others around you, take a moment to think how you would feel if someone was drunk/drinking on your next flight you wouldn’t want it spoiled now would you???

Airports aren’t looking to “kill your holiday” they are thinking of all others at the airports and on the plane during flight.

Should you be assumed drunk before or during you flight you can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment…

So, think before you fly, buy if you like but don’t drink till your off the planes, out of the air ports and only once you reach your destination.

Do you have your own experience of this or similar? Why not let us know!

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