Many people find airports to be stressful, and the process of getting through them is no picnic either. So when people finally end their endeavour of getting through the airport checks, they give themselves a pat on the back by buying themselves a drink. Either it be a beer, cocktail or wine, many passengers like to drink alcohol to calm the nerves of flying. But that may soon change due to the rules of alcohol consumption in airports to be revised, and may even be change.

The revision of the rules on alcohol consumption in airports has been put on top priority by the New Aviation Minister. Aviation Minister has stated that he wants to tackle the issue of alcohol raged passengers and wants to see the numbers decline, the Minister also included that passengers deserve a pleasant and calm environment flight. The new Aviation Minister has also put into action the research and revision of how alcohol is sold at airports.

There have been many incidents where drunk passengers have caused issues to occur during mid-flight. An example of such behaviour occurred on a Ryanair flight from Luton to Bratislava, the plane had to be diverted to Berlin and six men were arrested for causing a disturbance. Many other flights also had to be diverted where passengers who had consumed a lot of alcohol had caused incidents and disruptions. There have also been many reported incidents of diversions due to drunk passengers coming to blows and fighting inside the airplane during mid-flight.

Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.
Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.

Current laws and rules on alcohol consumption in airports allow airlines to decline anyone who appears to be drunk and may cause a disturbance or risk to passengers and the crew. Airline crew are also told to not serve anymore alcohol to anyone during the flight who appears to be drunk and over the limit. If changes do occur due to the revision of the rules by the New Aviation Minister, Airports can look at having their alcohol licensing hours to be changed and possibly decreased. Other rules that can also be applied are pre-boarding checks in areas where drunk passengers have appeared to be more likely to board, and airlines to have a rule of a two drink maximum. But for many, the worst case scenario is many airlines going dry, and stop serving any drinks with alcohol.

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