The Government of Indonesia is to discuss whether a bill of Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia should be passed.

Tourism experts have predicted that this will have a dangerous and significant impact on the tourism in Indonesia, especially the tourist popular Indonesian Island of Bali. Producers of alcohol and business who rely on the sales of alcohol have also backed up the threat of loss of tourism if the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is passed.

The bill of law to ban distribution, production and consumption of alcohol in Indonesia was introduced by the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party which are the two highest ranking Islamic dominated parties. The Indonesian House of Representatives have now taken the bill under consideration and will undertake many steps to decide its final conclusion if alcohol is to be banned in Indonesia.

If the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is to pass, it will only apply to drinks with over 1% of alcohol in them. Furthermore, this will be the first law of its kind in Muslim-majority Indonesia. Only exceptions to ban of alcohol is for travellers, religious rituals and customary activities. But even the chance of banning the substance has the tourism and hospitality industries rallying together in repute and outrage against the consideration of the law.

It is a strong understanding that industries who benefit from the production and distribution along with the consumption of alcohol will receive a crippling and even maybe a fatal blow. Breweries, venues and resorts will be caught by the tidal wave of effects due to the law and hundreds of thousands of jobs are also at risk.

The consideration of the bill for Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia comes after a previous bill was passed for alcohol not being sold in mini marts, many of the population fear that this law may lead to some more changes which will affect their way of life and livelihood.

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