In 2015, Dartford, Kent saw its very own slice of Bavaria come to Amar Hall through Dartford Oktoberfest. The night saw over 80 guests fill the venue to enjoy Bavarian bratwurst, steins of German beer and live Oompah music.

So much was the popularity of Dartford Oktoberfest 2016 that the organisrs, Amar Hall, are putting on another show for 2016! Located in the same venue, each aspect of the event has been ramped up – from more styles of beer to a larger Oompah band and more bratwurst!

The beer on offer will be of traditional German fair at Dartford Oktoberfest 2016. Lowenbrau and Becks will be the two lagers on offer with the former being one of the special few breweries serving up their beers at the full scale Munich festival! For those whose favourite tipple is not lager, Erdinger Weissbier will also be on the pumps. A refreshing wheat beer style, the flavours of banana, clove and bubblegum will keep you going back for more!

Dartford Oktoberfest offered it's guests 1L steins of German Lager
Dartford Oktoberfest 2016 will offer a range of beers on draught.

The Bavarian bash will be providing live Oompah music for the second year in a row. The event will not play host to a larger band with 5 members playing a range of traditional German songs as well as English songs with a Bavarian twist. A range of German instruments will be played throughout the evening.

Similarly to last year’s event, Dartford Oktoberfest 2016 will have two ticket types – entry and all inclusive. The former will allow you entry into the event where a full cash bar is available. The latter will provide you entry, a bratwurst and unlimited steins of the German beers on tap! Additional bratwurst and a full cash bar will be available for purchase.

If you are thinking of attending Dartford Oktoberfest 2016 or were present at last year’s event, please let us know here.

GQ celebrated the Men of the Year Awards 2016 at Tate Modern London on Tuesday night. The event, which chooses one winner from a range of categories including Best Sportsman and Breakthrough Artist, was attended by the elites of the UK and international limelight.

The stars were treated to a lavish display of entertainment and food throughout the evening and were served fresh Patron Tequila cocktails. Bexley based business Mobile Bar Hire were contacted to provide a branded Patron bar for the cocktails to be served from. The counter, which was a centre point throughout the GQ event, was set to one end of the Tate Modern venue.

The star studded event was attended by celebs such as Tinie Tempah, Ellie Golding, Ricky Gervais and Calvin Harris. The bar provided by Mobile Bar Hire was visited by the likes of Olympic gymnast Louis Smith and International Marketing Director for Patron Tequila.

This isn’t the first time the portable bar specialists have rubbed shoulders with elites; in the past Mobile Bar Hire have provided bars for events attended by the Prime Minister, UEFA, The One Show and Alan Carr just to name a few.

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith attended the GQ Event
Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith attended the GQ Event

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu commented, ‘Providing the bar counter for the GQ Awards is a great honour. Having worked with a range of top events, it is great to add this to our portfolio and look forward to working alongside the organisers again soon. We are proud to be flying the flag for Bexley with the crest visible on all of our bars!’

The company, having previously carried out many events in Europe over the past two years, are again off to Paris for their first event since the Brexit vote.

If you need some more information on Mobile Bar Hire’s involvement with GQ, contact us here.

The Government of Indonesia is to discuss whether a bill of Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia should be passed.

Tourism experts have predicted that this will have a dangerous and significant impact on the tourism in Indonesia, especially the tourist popular Indonesian Island of Bali. Producers of alcohol and business who rely on the sales of alcohol have also backed up the threat of loss of tourism if the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is passed.

The bill of law to ban distribution, production and consumption of alcohol in Indonesia was introduced by the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party which are the two highest ranking Islamic dominated parties. The Indonesian House of Representatives have now taken the bill under consideration and will undertake many steps to decide its final conclusion if alcohol is to be banned in Indonesia.

If the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is to pass, it will only apply to drinks with over 1% of alcohol in them. Furthermore, this will be the first law of its kind in Muslim-majority Indonesia. Only exceptions to ban of alcohol is for travellers, religious rituals and customary activities. But even the chance of banning the substance has the tourism and hospitality industries rallying together in repute and outrage against the consideration of the law.

It is a strong understanding that industries who benefit from the production and distribution along with the consumption of alcohol will receive a crippling and even maybe a fatal blow. Breweries, venues and resorts will be caught by the tidal wave of effects due to the law and hundreds of thousands of jobs are also at risk.

The consideration of the bill for Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia comes after a previous bill was passed for alcohol not being sold in mini marts, many of the population fear that this law may lead to some more changes which will affect their way of life and livelihood.

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These days many people seem to be on their phones 24/7, even when they are out and about everybody seems to have this fatal attraction to staring at their small screens whenever they can. Verbal conversation is at the brink of decline and it seems that nobody is caring about it. But one bar called “The Gin Tub” in Brighton is bringing socialising back to the old days. They have declared that mobile phones are killing pubs due to customers always being on them whilst inside the venue and not participating in the atmosphere of the place, and so they have come up with a solution – a mobile phone signal blocker.

The Gin Tub has included an additional feature to the roof of their property, a mobile phone signal blocker that disables customers receiving 3G and 4G signals. But they have placed old style phones with rotary dials at each table that can connect to other tables or to the bar for ordering a round of drinks.

The Gin Tub is speculated to be the only one bar that has a mobile phone signal blocker attached to the venue ceiling in England, and within its first few weeks of business, it has received a great amount of reviews on how well it gets customers to socialise without the use of mobile phones. For those who have companions who are stuck to their mobile phones, then this may be a great place to bring them and truly interact in a social way without media.

Whilst The Gin Tub has installed a mmobile phone signal blocker, they have allowed rotary phones on each table to order at the bar.
Whilst The Gin Tub has installed a mobile phone signal blocker, they have allowed rotary phones on each table to order at the bar.

The Gin Tub is the only bar which has a mobile phone signal blocker, but maybe not for long. Other bars and pubs are now starting to look into having signal blockers on their roofs to get people socialising in the old fashion way. So maybe verbal conversation is not as near to a decline as we thought.

What do you think of mobile phone signal blockers in pubs and bars? Tell us what you think here.

Many people find airports to be stressful, and the process of getting through them is no picnic either. So when people finally end their endeavour of getting through the airport checks, they give themselves a pat on the back by buying themselves a drink. Either it be a beer, cocktail or wine, many passengers like to drink alcohol to calm the nerves of flying. But that may soon change due to the rules of alcohol consumption in airports to be revised, and may even be change.

The revision of the rules on alcohol consumption in airports has been put on top priority by the New Aviation Minister. Aviation Minister has stated that he wants to tackle the issue of alcohol raged passengers and wants to see the numbers decline, the Minister also included that passengers deserve a pleasant and calm environment flight. The new Aviation Minister has also put into action the research and revision of how alcohol is sold at airports.

There have been many incidents where drunk passengers have caused issues to occur during mid-flight. An example of such behaviour occurred on a Ryanair flight from Luton to Bratislava, the plane had to be diverted to Berlin and six men were arrested for causing a disturbance. Many other flights also had to be diverted where passengers who had consumed a lot of alcohol had caused incidents and disruptions. There have also been many reported incidents of diversions due to drunk passengers coming to blows and fighting inside the airplane during mid-flight.

Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.
Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.

Current laws and rules on alcohol consumption in airports allow airlines to decline anyone who appears to be drunk and may cause a disturbance or risk to passengers and the crew. Airline crew are also told to not serve anymore alcohol to anyone during the flight who appears to be drunk and over the limit. If changes do occur due to the revision of the rules by the New Aviation Minister, Airports can look at having their alcohol licensing hours to be changed and possibly decreased. Other rules that can also be applied are pre-boarding checks in areas where drunk passengers have appeared to be more likely to board, and airlines to have a rule of a two drink maximum. But for many, the worst case scenario is many airlines going dry, and stop serving any drinks with alcohol.

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Scottish craft brewers Brewdog today have launched their very own patented new-wave real ale dispensing system named LIVE Beer.

Brewdog are known throughout the world as one of the staple craft beer producers who are constantly pushing boundaries and, as per their mission, are ‘making people as passionate about craft beer as we are’ and LIVE Beer is set to open a new door to those put off by kegged beer.

The craft brewers began in 2007 with James Watt and Martin Dickie setting up in Fraserburgh and in the early days offered their beers through cask. However, the two brewers decided to stop offering this form of draught as the quality could not be guaranteed when it entered the drinkers glass – often due to uninformed publicans and serving the beer past its 2-day freshness threshold.

Martin Dickie led a project to reinvent cask beer using modern brewing technique, science and a focus on beer quality. The result was LIVE Beer, a patented dispensing method whereby beer is conditioned in a KeyKeg (2 million yeast cells per millimetre of beer!) and served at 9.5 degrees Celsius through a sparkler.

Brewdog say LIVE Beer will ensure consistency and quality.
Brewdog say LIVE Beer will ensure consistency and quality. (photo from

Brewdog’s website says about the beer, ‘The temperamental nature of cask, its short shelf-life and the flavour-dulling ingress of oxygen – LIVE beer removes them all from the equation and majors on the quality of the beer inside, instead.’

World famous beer expert Pete Brown was involved in the development of the system.

The Scottish brewers are launching LIVE Beer across their UK bar network tonight (26th June 2016) with beer enthusiasts being able to enjoy Brewdog’s core Dead Pony Club through the new system.

Do you think Brewdog have cracked a new market or do you think cask ale is fine the way it is? Let us know what you think about LIVE Beer here.

Big Brother is one of the largest and longest running reality TV shows in the UK and has seen many celebrities grace its walls. Having gained such a reputation, they are always looking for new and exciting ways to keep the show relevant and the show teamed up with event solution experts Mobile Bar Hire Ltd for a helping hand.

Big Brother UK contacted Mobile Bar Hire to request a bar counter to be used on their show to be aired Monday 27th June. The bar counter provided by the events specialists was their newest addition – the Bennett Bar. The fully colour changing LED counter was accompanied by LED ice buckets which were dotted around the room on the show filled with drinks for the contestants. The Bennett Bar is a fully functional cocktail counter which can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations due to its weatherproof nature.

It is not the first time that Mobile Bar Hire have been approached by TV producers to provide their services. The Bexley firm have also provided bars and equipment to The One Show, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel and the US TV drama ‘Guilt’.

The bar counter provided to Big Brother by Mobile Bar Hire
The bar counter provided to Big Brother by Mobile Bar Hire

When asked about the Channel 5 programme getting in touch, company Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘Having now worked with most of the major TV channels in the UK in the last year, it is a credit to our team to know we are providing a service of a high enough standard to be seen by millions. Big Brother are another strong tick in our box but we are constantly wanting to better ourselves and will continue to look onwards and upwards.’

Did you see the bar on Big Brother? If yes, let us know here today.

Yes you’ve guessed it, Fathers day is fast approaching and do you know if your father is into craft beers? Well if he is, one of the newest Craft Lagers on the market is Beerdsman Lager. Designed to offer the great experience of draught beer at home (similar feel to drinking a pint in a pub), Beerdsman Lager comes complete in its very own takeaway keg complete with a handle and a tap – all you need to do is chill and pour. With the Craft Beer market growing year on year there is good chance that this gift shall go down a storm with fathers up and down the country. The idea is going down very well with the distributors of Beerdsman ( and the microbrewery who produce the product.

Is it considered to be value for money? YES (say the distributors), for a takeaway draught lager it’s considered to be very quirky and a great idea for the summer months and indeed all year round. So at this time of year when sons & daughters up and down the country are looking for something for their dad on Father’s Days, the Beerdsman Lager Keg is a sure choice.

Fathers Day is set to be crafty with Beerdsman Lager
Fathers Day is set to be full of craft beer with Beerdsman Lager

Traditional presents for dad’s on this special day of the year, include the famous socks, tie, taking dad out for a meal, experience days (often driving or flying) and now hoping to top it will be the craft beer market for 2016.
It’s surprising how many children leave fathers day and Mother’s days gifts till the last few days, hoping to still accommodate these requests/orders the distributors of Beerdsman are aiming to guarantee (where possible) next working day delivery. If you do decide to buy your dad a craft lager for his special day – please do email us and let us know.

Camden Town Brewery have been one of the major forces in the craft beer revival in the UK since they were founded in 2010 in the basement of The Horseshoe pub in Hampstead. Founded by Jasper Cuppaidge, the brewery gained popularity quickly through its core line up and seasonal brews and are now stocked throughout the UK.

Camden Town Brewery received a backlash in December 2015 when they announced they were to be taken over by the world’s largest brewing conglomerate, AB InBev after initially crowdfunding to build their new brewery in North London.

Camden Town Brewery today (10th June 2016) unveiled their reinvented branding which is to be rolled out onto all of its tap badges, bottles and cans. The branding keeps the brewery’s fun and colourful nature but uses bold colour and typography to make the name and style of beer clearer.

The logo of the company has also been changed slightly and will also appear on all of the new packaging. The new cans and bottles will be available in Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Majestic Wines from today.

Camden Town Brewery New Packaging.
Camden Town Brewery New Packaging.

Once the new brewery is completed in 2017, Camden will be offering some of their core range in new vessels – such as their Gentleman’s Wit and Pils in cans and their unfiltered Hells and Ink Stout in bottles and cans.

Ross Stirling from the branding agency Studio Juice that worked on the redesign project, added: “Much like the Camden Hells lager of today, the refresh is the result of tireless refinement. It was about making what worked work harder. On their own, these beers scream from the tap rooms and bottle shops, but as a collection they come together to celebrate their irreverent fun nature and continued success.”

What do you think of Camden Town Brewery and their new packaging? Is it a step in the right direction after their acquisition by AB InBev or is it a signal that the large corporation are already changing things? Let us know your thoughts here.

Carlsberg are launching a sponsorship Pubstitutions campaign for the upcoming UEFA Euros 2016. It will involve around 19 pubs from around England to change their venue name, look and style for the duration that England will stay in the tournament. England are located in Group B of the fixture list, and will play their first match against Russia on the 11th of June, kick off at 8pm.

Pubs that have already been kitted out on the 16th of May for the Carlsberg UEFA Euros 2016 Pubstitutions include; Famous 3 Kings (Fulham), Lion & Lamb (Cambridge), Three Bulls Head (Newcastle), and Red Lion (Northampton). The other chosen pubs by Carlsberg will follow suit with a makeover that will be finalised in the next couple of days. Carlsberg have run this campaign to cement their status as the beer choice for football fans, and hope the pubs will network their great brand and cast an incredible experience for all part takers.

Pubstitutions will see the Golden Lion named 'The Three Lions'
Pubstitutions will see the Golden Lion named ‘The Three Lions’

One of the pubs that will be involved in this Pubstitutions campaign is The Golden Lion, which is located in the Broadway area of Bexleyheath. The Golden Lion has changed their name to “The Three Lions” in support of England during their run in the UEFA Euros 2016. All 19 pubs that have been chosen are going to include signs and displays that will include England squad stars such as Wayne Rooney, Gary Cahill, and Joe Hart. Many of the pubs will also be visited by former England players and managers such as Terry Venables and Lee Sharpe, who are great ambassadors of the brand, they will make public appearances during matches that include England.

Hopefully the love and wonderful support that the England squad will receive through Pubstitutions will give them a great boost in their UEFA Euros 2016 run.

What are your thoughts of the Carlsberg UEFA Euros 2016 Pubstitutions campaign? Tell us what you think here.