A brand new company is set to enter the our industry. Whilst many mobile bar companies offer the hire of counters to clients, Bar Builder can produce custom bars for purchase for venues such pubs, restaurants, clubs and any other type of venue that requires a custom bar.

An energetic and dynamic company that is based in the south-east region of England, Bar Builder specialise in the creation of custom bar counters that suit the taste of each individual client. The new company posses many years of experience in the field of design and craft, which gives the skills of each creation being built to sturdiness and long lasting continuation.

Bar Builder has vowed to devote themselves in creating unique bars that will fit the specification of the client. The Bar Builder team will come to the venue for survey and planning so that the custom bar counter that has been requested can be tailored to the environment that it will be placed in – this will optimise the look and atmosphere that the bar will add to the venue.

The bar counter designs are also available for personal use and can be fitted in homes; it would be a great choice for sharing moments with close companions and being the life of the party during celebrations and festivities.

Bar Builder have created bars like this for a range of clients.
Bar Builder have created bars like this for a range of clients.

Bar Builder is able to construct bar counters of unique designs, such as LED bars, Tiki bars, Chesterfield bars, Island Bars, and Branded bars. Each bar counter is also available with a back bar where the storage of bottles and glasses is possible, maybe even displaying a collection of spirits and beer.  

Whatever the heart desires, Bar Builder will be able to collaborate with each individual client to create a unique, perfect and magnificent bar counter.

Tell us what you think of Bar Builder and do you desire a custom bar counter of your own?

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