Scottish craft brewers Brewdog today have launched their very own patented new-wave real ale dispensing system named LIVE Beer.

Brewdog are known throughout the world as one of the staple craft beer producers who are constantly pushing boundaries and, as per their mission, are ‘making people as passionate about craft beer as we are’ and LIVE Beer is set to open a new door to those put off by kegged beer.

The craft brewers began in 2007 with James Watt and Martin Dickie setting up in Fraserburgh and in the early days offered their beers through cask. However, the two brewers decided to stop offering this form of draught as the quality could not be guaranteed when it entered the drinkers glass – often due to uninformed publicans and serving the beer past its 2-day freshness threshold.

Martin Dickie led a project to reinvent cask beer using modern brewing technique, science and a focus on beer quality. The result was LIVE Beer, a patented dispensing method whereby beer is conditioned in a KeyKeg (2 million yeast cells per millimetre of beer!) and served at 9.5 degrees Celsius through a sparkler.

Brewdog say LIVE Beer will ensure consistency and quality.
Brewdog say LIVE Beer will ensure consistency and quality. (photo from

Brewdog’s website says about the beer, ‘The temperamental nature of cask, its short shelf-life and the flavour-dulling ingress of oxygen – LIVE beer removes them all from the equation and majors on the quality of the beer inside, instead.’

World famous beer expert Pete Brown was involved in the development of the system.

The Scottish brewers are launching LIVE Beer across their UK bar network tonight (26th June 2016) with beer enthusiasts being able to enjoy Brewdog’s core Dead Pony Club through the new system.

Do you think Brewdog have cracked a new market or do you think cask ale is fine the way it is? Let us know what you think about LIVE Beer here.

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