Camden Town Brewery have been one of the major forces in the craft beer revival in the UK since they were founded in 2010 in the basement of The Horseshoe pub in Hampstead. Founded by Jasper Cuppaidge, the brewery gained popularity quickly through its core line up and seasonal brews and are now stocked throughout the UK.

Camden Town Brewery received a backlash in December 2015 when they announced they were to be taken over by the world’s largest brewing conglomerate, AB InBev after initially crowdfunding to build their new brewery in North London.

Camden Town Brewery today (10th June 2016) unveiled their reinvented branding which is to be rolled out onto all of its tap badges, bottles and cans. The branding keeps the brewery’s fun and colourful nature but uses bold colour and typography to make the name and style of beer clearer.

The logo of the company has also been changed slightly and will also appear on all of the new packaging. The new cans and bottles will be available in Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Majestic Wines from today.

Camden Town Brewery New Packaging.
Camden Town Brewery New Packaging.

Once the new brewery is completed in 2017, Camden will be offering some of their core range in new vessels – such as their Gentleman’s Wit and Pils in cans and their unfiltered Hells and Ink Stout in bottles and cans.

Ross Stirling from the branding agency Studio Juice that worked on the redesign project, added: “Much like the Camden Hells lager of today, the refresh is the result of tireless refinement. It was about making what worked work harder. On their own, these beers scream from the tap rooms and bottle shops, but as a collection they come together to celebrate their irreverent fun nature and continued success.”

What do you think of Camden Town Brewery and their new packaging? Is it a step in the right direction after their acquisition by AB InBev or is it a signal that the large corporation are already changing things? Let us know your thoughts here.

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