Bavaria came to Dartford in Kent last weekend as Amar Hall, a function hall in the Town Centre, hosted their very own Oktoberfest. Advertised as Dartford Oktoberfest 2015, the event drew guests in from London, Kent and Essex as 100 thirsty revellers entered the doors.

After the cancellation of OktoberFest London at Tabaco Dock, event organisers Amar Hall were not fazed by the lack of organisation at the Capital’s event and were determined to make their foot stomping Bavarian night a success

Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw the ticket holders treated to steins of German lager, a crowd pleasing Oompah band and traditional Bratwurst sausages.

Dartford Oktoberfest offered it's guests 1L steins of German Lager
Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 offered it’s guests 1L steins of German Lager

When doors opened to Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 at 7.30pm, guests saw the walls and ceiling adorned with Bavarian and German bunting as well as flags ready to wave in appreciation to Oompah Band Papa Schnitzel. Party-goers could either purchase an entry only ticket or an all-cilusive variant which allowed them entry, unlimited steins and a bratwurst.

Going through 10 kegs in one night, Amar Hall were filling their IL steins all night long and commented that everyone loved the evening.

Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw revellers coming from throughout the South East
Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 saw revellers coming from throughout the South East

Event organiser Stephen Barrett on behalf of Amar Hall said ‘We thought it was fantastic and were over the moon to see that everyone who bought a ticket was enjoying themselves. Being the first Oktoberfest in Dartford, we feel we have set the mark high and cannot wait to put to work what we have learned this year into a bigger and better version next year!’

For more information and images for Dartford Oktoberfest 2015 or to enquire about any future Oktoberfest events in Kent, please get in contact with a member of Bar News today!

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