Yes you’ve guessed it, Fathers day is fast approaching and do you know if your father is into craft beers? Well if he is, one of the newest Craft Lagers on the market is Beerdsman Lager. Designed to offer the great experience of draught beer at home (similar feel to drinking a pint in a pub), Beerdsman Lager comes complete in its very own takeaway keg complete with a handle and a tap – all you need to do is chill and pour. With the Craft Beer market growing year on year there is good chance that this gift shall go down a storm with fathers up and down the country. The idea is going down very well with the distributors of Beerdsman ( and the microbrewery who produce the product.

Is it considered to be value for money? YES (say the distributors), for a takeaway draught lager it’s considered to be very quirky and a great idea for the summer months and indeed all year round. So at this time of year when sons & daughters up and down the country are looking for something for their dad on Father’s Days, the Beerdsman Lager Keg is a sure choice.

Fathers Day is set to be crafty with Beerdsman Lager
Fathers Day is set to be full of craft beer with Beerdsman Lager

Traditional presents for dad’s on this special day of the year, include the famous socks, tie, taking dad out for a meal, experience days (often driving or flying) and now hoping to top it will be the craft beer market for 2016.
It’s surprising how many children leave fathers day and Mother’s days gifts till the last few days, hoping to still accommodate these requests/orders the distributors of Beerdsman are aiming to guarantee (where possible) next working day delivery. If you do decide to buy your dad a craft lager for his special day – please do email us and let us know.

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