A&E’s are being shocked by the numbers of under 18 year olds that are being admitted to hospital with alcohol related problems. Last year almost 7000 underage children were taken to A&E for these reasons with a horrifying 293 of them being below the age of 11.

Underage Drinking

The numbers were obtained by a Freedom of Information request put forward by Radio 5 Live. They showed that the highest number of admissions were in hospitals from Scotland and South Wales. The awful report shows that more girls are now being brought into A and E for drink related problems than boys.

Public Health England says that one in four underage drinkers consume more 15 units of alcohol a week – the equivalent of seven pints of lager. Top doctors have spoken out against the issue saying that children are much more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than adults and are often difficult to find by the ambulance service as they are hidden away in a secluded spot such as a field to   avoid detection by adults.

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