Coca-Cola’s London HQ has its entrance blocked yesterday (11th April 2017) by Greenpeace to protest the company’s role in dumping plastic into the ocean.

The Wimpole Street office was blocked by a 2.5 tonne sculpture of a happy family sitting on a beach whilst a helpless seagull was being chocked by plastic right next to them. Greenpeace believe the soft drinks giant produces 100 billion tonnes of single use plastic and this figure is on the increase.

Greenpeace UK senior oceans campaigner Louise Edge stated, ‘Rather than dramatically reducing its plastic footprint, Coke is actually increasing its use of throwaway plastic bottles, which are polluting our oceans and being ingested by everything from seabirds to turtles.’

Greenpeace placed the statue outside Coca-Cola's London HQ
Greenpeace placed the statue outside Coca-Cola’s London HQ

A Coca-Cola spokesman was saddened by the action as they said ‘Coca-Cola is one of the few consumer goods companies whose packaging is 100 percent recyclable.’ The world’s largest soft drinks provider claims it has reduced its plastic production in the UK by 15% since 2007 and continues this worldwide.

Greenpeace may welcome Coca-Cola’s new scheme rolled out in Scotland in March which sees a small refundable fee being charged at the point of sale which is returned to the customer after they have returned the plastic bottles.

What do you think of Coca-Cola and Greenpeace’s hostility? Let us know here.

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