British musician and Heavy Metal legend Lemmy passed away late December 2015, and in dedication to his memory, planning of a life sized bronze Lemmy statue will be erected at Los Angeles’ Rainbow Bar and Grill.

A memorial service was also held at this location for the heavy metal legend as he stated many times that it was his favourite place to be. At his memorial service many musicians had attended with the Sunset Strip being closed down to honour him, many people stated “so it’s obvious that a Lemmy statue would be built here”.

Lemmy was born Ian Fraser Kilmister in Burslem, Staffordshire London, England in the year 1945. Lemmy had passed away due to his battle with prostate cancer. The musician was also diagnosed with neck and terminal brain cancer; it was also reported that he also had heart failure at the time of his death.

The Lemmy statue will be outside of the Rainbow Bar and Grill
The Lemmy statue will be outside of the Rainbow Bar and Grill

Lemmy was the front man for the Heavy Metal Rock band MotorHead with many considering him to be one of the greatest rock stars of our time. His rugged strained voice being his iconic tool with the guitar to follow second. His signature look consisted of a black cowboy hat with black clothing to pair, and being rarely seen in public without a cigarette in his mouth or hand.

The continuation of MotorHead is uncertain for now, with many rumouring that they will continue, but without Lemmy it seems that the heavy metal rock band will never have the same ambience as they once had. To many, there will always be only one Lemmy as many considered him a “Rock God” and it seems only right that he have a Lemmy statue erected in his honour.

What do you think of the Lemmy statue being erected at the Rainbow Bar and Grill? Let us know here.

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