Amar Hall layout of the Mobile Bars
Mobile Bars brought into Amar Hall to give a great cocktail making experience.

On Friday the 19th of September 2014, the Mayor of Dartford Councillor Avtar Sandhu MBE. held yet another of the many planned charity events whereby he endeavours to raise funding for his partnership of thirty-one local groups and charities. The event – a cocktail masterclass – in total raised £620 with the help of the approximately 40 participants, all of which were reportedly enjoying the sell-out experience. One of said participants, Ellen Mote, has informed us of her opinion of the event by telling us: “My first cocktail masterclass was informative, creative and above all fantastic fun!  It was great to enjoy an extremely well organised evening, courtesy of Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, with family and friends whilst supporting the Mayor of Dartford who is working relentlessly throughout his current term in office in order to raise much needed funds within the local community”.


Cllr. Avtar Sandhu MBE and the fundraisers with their cocktail shakers at the masterclass in Dartford Kent.
Cllr. Avtar Sandhu MBE and the fundraisers with their cocktail shakers at the masterclass in Dartford Kent.
Cocktail being made under the watchful eye of the mixologist.

The charity function was sponsored by local businesses Amar Hall and Mobile Bar Hire, who were more than happy to help the smooth continuation of the event by providing their services and products for the purpose of helping out the Mayor’s charities. The local businesses are very active partners of the Mayor’s charities, and often donate their time and resources towards ensuring the success of these events.

On the night, the Mayor of Dartford spoke with all the function’s guests, thanking them for their participation in the charity function and wishing that they had the best of nights.


The Mayor of Dartford was especially pleased at the arrival of the Mayor of Sevenoaks, as this continues to build upon his wishes and belief that working alongside neighbouring authorities can only lead to good things. The night consisted of Mobile Bar Hire’s head of mixology demonstrating the creation of cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and the Strawberry Daiquiri, as well as the Mayor’s Passion – the latter being named especially for the event. He later asked the participants of the event to recreate their own cocktails, which they continued to happily consume.

The Mayor has asked us to once again convey his thanks to all participating members of the event, and wishes that they enjoyed themselves as much as they appeared to.

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