UK based Small Beer Keg is all set for the Christmas rush. The company are looking forward to their first Christmas where they plan on taking the small beer kegs into the market on a large scale. The Philips Perfect Draft Beer Machine has been on the UK market for many years now and although most of the ranges of small beer kegs available are stocked in other parts of Europe – the British consumer has often been left with no other option than to buy from abroad.

Philips Small Beer Kegs for Christmas

The company now stock some of the major brands available for use with the Philips Perfect Draft Machine including Stella, Becks, Leffe and Hoegarden. These kegs are in stock and available for next day delivery from their London office.


The company are keen to hire out the machine (if needed) or simply sell the kegs to those people who already have the machines. Over the Christmas period this is looking to be a very popular machine within hundreds of UK house holds.


Additional information and prices etc. are all available from the company directly.

Do you have or have you had the Philips Perfect Draft Machine? Tell us what you think of the machine and its beers!


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