Plans for a beer fountain to be built in the Slovenian town of Zalec shall proceed even though there was opposition from some councillors. A vote was placed where the opposing councillors were outnumbered by more than two thirds of the council members. Those who opposed believe that the money that is being used for the creation of the beer fountain can be put to better use for the community. The fountain has been set a budget of 170,000 euros which is the equivalent of £132,000 and $190,000. A completion date has not yet been set, but plans have gone ahead for the construction of the public beer fountain.

Beer is a great factor in Slovenia, a recent report that there is a brewery standing for every 7,827 square miles with the two biggest beer brands at a rivalry, Union and Lasko. The town of Zalec’s main export is hops, making it a great resource for the beer that would be provided for the fountain.

The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia
The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia

Even though there was opposition, Mayor Janko said “The fountain will attract beer loving tourists”. The town of Zalec is known for its growing of hops in its fields, many also know the town of Zalec as “The Valley of Green Gold” which is replicated in its flag. The fountain will serve a variety of Slovenian beers, at the price of 6 euros for three and beer lovers are able to receive a commemorative mug to keep. The beer fountain will also be the first of its kind in the continent of Europe.

All the talk about the Slovenian beer fountain has many beer lovers excited, the only news that is to be awaited is that of the opening date, so don’t book your tickets yet. What do you think of the beer fountain?

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