SodaStream, the Israeli based company known for its products allowing you to create your own sodas and carbonated water, have announced that they are set to provide a brand new product allowing people to create their own beer.

The announcement from SodaStream was that they would be releasing a product called “Beer Bar”. Beer Bar is set to revolutionise the craft beer scene by allowing you to create your own beers at home in a similar way to how their current products allow you to create your own soda’s – by adding concentrate to carbonated water. The concentrate that are being created for this product are a new brand of concentrate called “blondie” and is 4.5% ABV.

Beer Bar was designed to revolutionise the whole home brew process and it would be as simple as step one, add water; step two add carbonation; step three add concentrate. However you could add further steps after the third step to create your own brew for example adding some honey for a sweeter honey infused beverage. The SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum has however come out and been quoted as saying “We are excited to launch a brand dedicated to serving the global growing trend of home crafted beer. Our core carbonation technology and distribution infrastructure provide a great platform for us to extend our business into this emerging category, and we choose to do so with a dedicated beer brand”.

SodaStream have launched their new concentrate 'blondie'
SodaStream have launched their new concentrate ‘blondie’

Now you’ll be surprised to know that this is not SodaStream’s first foray into the alcoholic beverage market as they have also released a Product previously called “SodaStream Mix” which creates carbonated cocktails. The only drawback for us here in the United Kingdom is that we will have to wait until later this year or early next year to get our hands on the product commercially as it’s only available in Germany and Switzerland at this moment in time.

So what do you the reader think about SodaStream and their Beer bar? Let us know here.

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