Coca-Cola’s London HQ has its entrance blocked yesterday (11th April 2017) by Greenpeace to protest the company’s role in dumping plastic into the ocean.

The Wimpole Street office was blocked by a 2.5 tonne sculpture of a happy family sitting on a beach whilst a helpless seagull was being chocked by plastic right next to them. Greenpeace believe the soft drinks giant produces 100 billion tonnes of single use plastic and this figure is on the increase.

Greenpeace UK senior oceans campaigner Louise Edge stated, ‘Rather than dramatically reducing its plastic footprint, Coke is actually increasing its use of throwaway plastic bottles, which are polluting our oceans and being ingested by everything from seabirds to turtles.’

Greenpeace placed the statue outside Coca-Cola's London HQ
Greenpeace placed the statue outside Coca-Cola’s London HQ

A Coca-Cola spokesman was saddened by the action as they said ‘Coca-Cola is one of the few consumer goods companies whose packaging is 100 percent recyclable.’ The world’s largest soft drinks provider claims it has reduced its plastic production in the UK by 15% since 2007 and continues this worldwide.

Greenpeace may welcome Coca-Cola’s new scheme rolled out in Scotland in March which sees a small refundable fee being charged at the point of sale which is returned to the customer after they have returned the plastic bottles.

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The Government of Indonesia is to discuss whether a bill of Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia should be passed.

Tourism experts have predicted that this will have a dangerous and significant impact on the tourism in Indonesia, especially the tourist popular Indonesian Island of Bali. Producers of alcohol and business who rely on the sales of alcohol have also backed up the threat of loss of tourism if the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is passed.

The bill of law to ban distribution, production and consumption of alcohol in Indonesia was introduced by the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party which are the two highest ranking Islamic dominated parties. The Indonesian House of Representatives have now taken the bill under consideration and will undertake many steps to decide its final conclusion if alcohol is to be banned in Indonesia.

If the bill of alcohol to be banned in Indonesia is to pass, it will only apply to drinks with over 1% of alcohol in them. Furthermore, this will be the first law of its kind in Muslim-majority Indonesia. Only exceptions to ban of alcohol is for travellers, religious rituals and customary activities. But even the chance of banning the substance has the tourism and hospitality industries rallying together in repute and outrage against the consideration of the law.

It is a strong understanding that industries who benefit from the production and distribution along with the consumption of alcohol will receive a crippling and even maybe a fatal blow. Breweries, venues and resorts will be caught by the tidal wave of effects due to the law and hundreds of thousands of jobs are also at risk.

The consideration of the bill for Alcohol to be banned in Indonesia comes after a previous bill was passed for alcohol not being sold in mini marts, many of the population fear that this law may lead to some more changes which will affect their way of life and livelihood.

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These days many people seem to be on their phones 24/7, even when they are out and about everybody seems to have this fatal attraction to staring at their small screens whenever they can. Verbal conversation is at the brink of decline and it seems that nobody is caring about it. But one bar called “The Gin Tub” in Brighton is bringing socialising back to the old days. They have declared that mobile phones are killing pubs due to customers always being on them whilst inside the venue and not participating in the atmosphere of the place, and so they have come up with a solution – a mobile phone signal blocker.

The Gin Tub has included an additional feature to the roof of their property, a mobile phone signal blocker that disables customers receiving 3G and 4G signals. But they have placed old style phones with rotary dials at each table that can connect to other tables or to the bar for ordering a round of drinks.

The Gin Tub is speculated to be the only one bar that has a mobile phone signal blocker attached to the venue ceiling in England, and within its first few weeks of business, it has received a great amount of reviews on how well it gets customers to socialise without the use of mobile phones. For those who have companions who are stuck to their mobile phones, then this may be a great place to bring them and truly interact in a social way without media.

Whilst The Gin Tub has installed a mmobile phone signal blocker, they have allowed rotary phones on each table to order at the bar.
Whilst The Gin Tub has installed a mobile phone signal blocker, they have allowed rotary phones on each table to order at the bar.

The Gin Tub is the only bar which has a mobile phone signal blocker, but maybe not for long. Other bars and pubs are now starting to look into having signal blockers on their roofs to get people socialising in the old fashion way. So maybe verbal conversation is not as near to a decline as we thought.

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Many people find airports to be stressful, and the process of getting through them is no picnic either. So when people finally end their endeavour of getting through the airport checks, they give themselves a pat on the back by buying themselves a drink. Either it be a beer, cocktail or wine, many passengers like to drink alcohol to calm the nerves of flying. But that may soon change due to the rules of alcohol consumption in airports to be revised, and may even be change.

The revision of the rules on alcohol consumption in airports has been put on top priority by the New Aviation Minister. Aviation Minister has stated that he wants to tackle the issue of alcohol raged passengers and wants to see the numbers decline, the Minister also included that passengers deserve a pleasant and calm environment flight. The new Aviation Minister has also put into action the research and revision of how alcohol is sold at airports.

There have been many incidents where drunk passengers have caused issues to occur during mid-flight. An example of such behaviour occurred on a Ryanair flight from Luton to Bratislava, the plane had to be diverted to Berlin and six men were arrested for causing a disturbance. Many other flights also had to be diverted where passengers who had consumed a lot of alcohol had caused incidents and disruptions. There have also been many reported incidents of diversions due to drunk passengers coming to blows and fighting inside the airplane during mid-flight.

Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.
Alcohol consumption in airports and planes may become harder.

Current laws and rules on alcohol consumption in airports allow airlines to decline anyone who appears to be drunk and may cause a disturbance or risk to passengers and the crew. Airline crew are also told to not serve anymore alcohol to anyone during the flight who appears to be drunk and over the limit. If changes do occur due to the revision of the rules by the New Aviation Minister, Airports can look at having their alcohol licensing hours to be changed and possibly decreased. Other rules that can also be applied are pre-boarding checks in areas where drunk passengers have appeared to be more likely to board, and airlines to have a rule of a two drink maximum. But for many, the worst case scenario is many airlines going dry, and stop serving any drinks with alcohol.

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A new television miniseries is to start on the popular American broadcasting network ABC. ABC is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group and is set to show the series Guilt. The television miniseries producers approached the Kent based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd so that they could collaborate together. Mobile Bar Hire supplied the show with a curved LED bar, which will be featured in the final cut of the series. Mobile Bar Hire also supplied a range of other props such as dummy bottles and drinks.

Mobile Bar Hire delivered the bar counter to be used in the series to a filming location in London and it will be depicted in a bar/club scene.

The television miniseries, Guilt, is based on the story of Amanda Knox and the murder of Meredith Kercher. The story line will include the lead up to the trial of Amanda Knox and the complications and effects of events that occurred with the Justice System.

Mobile Bar Hire Ltd's bar for Guilt
Mobile Bar Hire Ltd’s bar for Guilt

The miniseries Guilt will have a very talented cast such as Billy Zane (Titanic, Dead Calm, Tombstone), Emily Tremaine (Wolf of Wall street, Self/Less), and Daisy Head (The Last Seven, The Fallen), the collection of such a cast will build up a great excitement and anticipation for the start of the episodes.  

The Guilt series is set to debut on the month of June 2016, with the first episode being ordered back in June 2015 and then being picked up in November 2015 by series creators Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard. The show is in the final stages of production and will debut on Freeform, which is a sub sector television broadcasting provider on cable and satellite that is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group. Many say that the show will be an interesting thing to watch, with many critics wondering how they will portray the story.

What do you think of the involvement of Mobile Bar Hire with the television miniseries Guilt? and does the mini-series sound enticing enough to make you want to watch it?

Plans for a beer fountain to be built in the Slovenian town of Zalec shall proceed even though there was opposition from some councillors. A vote was placed where the opposing councillors were outnumbered by more than two thirds of the council members. Those who opposed believe that the money that is being used for the creation of the beer fountain can be put to better use for the community. The fountain has been set a budget of 170,000 euros which is the equivalent of £132,000 and $190,000. A completion date has not yet been set, but plans have gone ahead for the construction of the public beer fountain.

Beer is a great factor in Slovenia, a recent report that there is a brewery standing for every 7,827 square miles with the two biggest beer brands at a rivalry, Union and Lasko. The town of Zalec’s main export is hops, making it a great resource for the beer that would be provided for the fountain.

The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia
The plans for the beer fountain in Slovenia

Even though there was opposition, Mayor Janko said “The fountain will attract beer loving tourists”. The town of Zalec is known for its growing of hops in its fields, many also know the town of Zalec as “The Valley of Green Gold” which is replicated in its flag. The fountain will serve a variety of Slovenian beers, at the price of 6 euros for three and beer lovers are able to receive a commemorative mug to keep. The beer fountain will also be the first of its kind in the continent of Europe.

All the talk about the Slovenian beer fountain has many beer lovers excited, the only news that is to be awaited is that of the opening date, so don’t book your tickets yet. What do you think of the beer fountain?

Dry January sees around 2 million Brits giving up alcohol for a whole month after what was likely an over-indulgent festive season on both alcohol and food. The dry patch can quickly turn into a very difficult time period for pubs, clubs and bars as the numbers going out for their weekend drink reduce hugely.

To combat Dry January, many establishments undertook the newly coiled term ‘Try January’ where you are enticed to not go dry but to try a range of new alcoholic drinks that you may not have tried in the past – an event which saw many trying new, local craft beverages for the first time.

Some bars even tried to entice customers to still spend their cash with a range of Dry January friendly mocktails. One such chain, Be At One, pushed hard on social media to get their range of Try January mocktails into the public domain to drive traffic to their bars all over the UK.

But for those who did manage to stick to Dry January, they now have the difficult decision to carry on with the trend for as long as they can or to head for the nearest bar and enjoy a glass of merlot or two. ‘Wet February’ will see establishments which struggled during January thrive as a possible extra 2 million of us will be spending our hard earned cash over their bar.

Dry January saw around 2 million Brits ditch alcohol
Dry January saw around 2 million Brits ditch alcohol

But what benefits would those who participated in Dry January received?

Less calories consumed: An average pint of beer weighs in at around 180 calories whilst a large glass of wine will almost match this.  By saving this many calories your ‘New Year, New Me’ diet may actually have had a great kick start.

Your skin will look better: Alcohol of any type will dehydrate us leaving our skin looking dry and less plump.

You will sleep better: Although when you drink you may fall asleep quicker; you will experience less REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during your sleep. This leads to less deep, restful sleep.

Did you manage to stick with Dry January the whole month? Let us know what you missed the most.

Amazon Prime is now selling alcohol to customers in Seattle.

Amazon prime is now offering a one hour ($7.99) two hour (free) slot for the alcohol to be delivered. Prime customer can order these alcoholic beverages by downloading and using the app on any android and iOS, orders will be shipped to smaller warehouses.

Amazon Prime offers a free two-day delivery on millions of items with the retailer trying out lots of new services, ranging from TV and on demand video to fast delivery.

Amazon has already opened two warehouses in Seattle and Kirkland, Washington. Amazon says that they have an estimated 40 million users worldwide. However Amazon does already sell alcohol on their main website.

Amazon has also promised to provide customers with a one hour delivery policy on anything from alcohol to TVs.

Amazon Prime was started by the organization Now in New York a year ago but has not had the maximum amount of success with its market delivery service in additional markets.

They may have it on their main website but this is the first time in the company’s history that people will be able to buy alcohol and have delivered to them by the company. According to an Amazon spokesperson the beers will be delivered chilled.

Amazon Prime will be delivering alcohol direct to your door
Amazon Prime will be delivering alcohol direct to your door

The service takes Amazon deeper into the growing market for on demand grocery that already includes companies like Instacart in the US and Postmates, which delivers meals and alcohol.

Customers will be able to view menus, place orders and track the status of their orders which will be delivered within an hour.

Customers can order from 27 different departments including electronics, home, garden and now groceries.

Amazon has been offering wine since 2012, and currently ships to 30 states in the U.S., including New York, California, and Texas. Beer and spirits are a new addition to Amazon’s inventory, and will become a part of the trial in Seattle.

Amazon users outside of Seattle may need to wait a bit longer to get the service.

For more information on Amazon Selling Alcohol In Seattle, get in touch.

Ministers have been urged to ban imports of powdered alcohol as part of a crackdown on legal highs. Leading powdered alcohol brand palcohol was approved for sale by US regulators earlier this year. It was recently banned in the Australian state of Victoria but the Australian government has rejected calls for federal wide ban.

Labour peer Lord Brooke said its use was spreading on a “wide scale” in the US despite being banned by some states.  Powdered alcohol, he argued, could be “snorted” or “baked into cakes” or added to confectionery, making it easier for minors to consume it.

Lord Brooke was speaking as peers discussed the government’s psychoactive substances Bill, which will criminalise the production, supply and trade in psychoactive substances and carry a maximum prison of seven years.

Legitimate substances, such as food, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, caffeine and medical products, would be excluded from the legislation but Lord Brooke said powdered alcohol posed a particular risk and urged ministers to act now.

Although not available in the UK, he warned that “as night follows day” powdered alcohol, which can be mixed with water to make a standard flavoured drink, will eventually come to the UK through the internet.

Consumer affairs minister Jane Garrett says there should be a national ban on the “very stupid product”.

She said the product could have a novelty appeal to young people who, for example, could smuggle it into concerts.

Powdered alcohol could make it's way to the UK from the US
Powdered alcohol could make it’s way to the UK from the US

“We understand in the US there are concerns about snorting this product, about overuse, about having big palcohol parties, it’s very difficult to monitor your intake,” Ms Garrett said.

“We’ve got plenty of alcohol available in Victoria that is regulated and safe.

“We do not need this product and we’ve banned it from being sold in Victoria.”

Home office minister Lord Bates said the government was aware of the issue and was considering how to address it.

Its manufacturer, US firm Lipsmark, has criticised efforts by certain US states to ban in advance of it going on market, arguing that it is “legal, safe and revolutionary” and will reduce carbon emissions by “being so much lighter to ship then liquid alcohol”.

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One of the UK’s best selling bottled ales, Doom Bar, is not brewed In Cornwall it has been revealed.

Although it has Cornish branding, bottles of Sharp’s Doom Bar have been produced in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, for the last two years. Only the cask is made at the main brewery site in Rock, Cornwall.

Sharp’s is owned by US company Molson Coors and they said it did not have the room to bottle Doom Bar in Cornwall.

The labels on the bottles of Doom Bar contain several references to Rock, Cornwall, but none to Burton-Upon-Trent; however the small print says “Brewed in the UK”. Burton-Upon-Trent is 267 miles away from Sharp Brewery’s home in Rock.

Fans are dismayed as the labels on bottles make reference to Cornwall- and not to Burton-Upon-Trent with some calling the geographical fudge a “con”.

Sharp’s spokesman James Nicholls said: “We have been established in Rock since 1994 and the majority of Doom Bar, more than 80% or about 1 million pints a week, is brewed at Rock.

“But we do complement that with brewing operations further afield and that is the spirit of collaboration that we’ve seen in the brewing market places where beer is brewed under licence in other locations.

Doom Bar bottles are not brewed in Cornwall
Doom Bar bottles are not brewed in Cornwall

“We are using the expertise of specialist operations further afield to make sure that product is a good as it can be. Doom Bar is brewed in Rock and was conceived in Rock and we are very proud of that.”

Sharp’s also report that the team in Rock grew from 77 to 140 in four years, making the business one of North Cornwall’s largest employers.

Doom Bar draws its name from the treacherous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary near Sharp’s Brewery’s North Cornish home at Rock.

Emma Roderick, director at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “We’re extremely proud of our flagship beer, as we are our growing portfolio of premium brands, and are lucky to have an exceptional team here in Rock.

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