It is a well known fact in the bar and hospitality industry that Essex nightlife is growing at a rate outpacing the other Home Counties. Nightclubs, bars and late night music spots are popping up across the area as both middle aged punters and youngsters alike look for a space to dance the night away or have a quiet one with a few mates.

However, this is not to everyone’s taste as many looking to host an event in Essex are choosing to have it in a venue with more privacy and in some cases – more lavish. Whether it be a marquee on private grounds or a hotel ballroom, event organisers are taking Essex by storm.

Wreaking the rewards of this turn in Essex occasions are the local mobile bar hire companies. Bar Hire Essex are just one of the firms taking advantage of the Essex situation as they bring the bar service to the customers in locations across the county – indoor or outdoor. Mobile bars in Essex provide versatility in a range of options such as bar counter types and which draught beers you would like on offer – this is just one of the reasons why the mobile bar hire business is booming in Essex. Bar Hire Essex have a range of different services and event options available to the hirer, these can be for private and corporate events of any size.

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As the summer sun gets hotter and the cider is running over ice, the festival season strides into full swing throughout the country with events ranging from small cultural festivals to the UK’s largest musical events including Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds Festivals. One firm taking the summer festival season by the reigns is Festival Bar Hire – one of the UK’s largest portable festival bar providers.

Festival Bar Hire offer a range of services to these indoor and outdoor events including:-

  • Dry Bar Hire – if you wish to run the festival yourself but don’t have the equipment for the job; simply hire bar counters, draught beer equipment, fridges and staff from Festival Bar Hire
  • Revenue Share – Running a festival bar can be a lot of hassle; letting the experienced team at Festival Bar Hire run the show can give you piece of mind. You yourself will then receive a percentage of all takings at the end of the event.
  • Tendering – Festival Bar Hire can tender for the right to provide the bar services at your festival.

The portable bar providers, who have offices in London, Birmingham and Cardiff, have worked at a range of festivals including V Festival, Dartford Festival and T Fest and have catered for tens of thousands of people over a weekend period.

To find out more on Festival Bar Hire, get in touch with Bar News ir perhaps the Festival Bar team direct.

Throughout the years, Dragons Den has seen many entrepreneurs come in through the doors and pitch their business to them in hope for the cash investment they believe they need to make it to the top. On the 3rd August 2014, the Dragon’s were treated to yet another barrage of enthusiast looking for a cash injection – however, one product was caught the attention of cider lover the country over – Victor’s Drinks. Victor’s Drinks are a range of simple homebrew drinks where everything you need is pre-packaged; all you need to do is add water and wait 10 days.

Once the 10 day period is reached, simply open the tap on the box and pour your refreshing cider which can range from 4.5% to 5.5% ABV depending on temperature, amount of water etc. The idea was born when two university students brewed their own cider and took it to a party where it was a hit! Now the easy brew cider can be found on an array of gift websites and the  range of drinks available to be brewed at home have grown to include Apple Cider, Mixed Berry, Elderflower and Apple and a pale ale.

On the evening, the owners of Victor’s drinks took a grilling as the product may encourage cheap drinking as it can work out as cheap as just over £1 per pint of cider. However, multi millionaire Duncan Bannatyne saw potential in the business and invested £40,000 for a 35% stake in Victor’s drinks.

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Dartford based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd have a long history of employing those under the age of 25 and taking on work experience from local Dartford schools. 2014 has seen Mobile Bar Hire sticking with their trend as on the 30th June they took on Emma Laimbeer, 15, from Wilmington Grammar School for a two week period.

Emma was the perfect student for the hospitality firm to receive as she has aspirations of taking the events industry by storm after 6th form. To give her an all round insight into the world of events, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd will be giving Emma a taste of each aspect – from taking phone calls, to creating marketing material all the way up to taking her to an event to see the end result of her previous work in the office.

Emma is currently studying for her GCSE’s and is looking to stay on at Wilmington Grammar for sixth form where she hopes to study ICT, History, Maths and Sociology. Although only just having started her two week period at Mobile Bar Hire, Emma is already enjoying the world of events and is enjoying her experience.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu said, ‘As a local business, we strive to help youngsters in any way possible to get into employment or to gain the skills to help them move forward in the working world. We hope that even in this two week period, Emma will have learnt enough to help her in her future ventures.’


On the 7th May 2014, Avtar Sandhu MBE was sworn in as Mayor of Dartford. Avtar is the Director of portable bar and hospitality solutions firm Mobile Bar Hire Ltd and has been a Dartford resident for over 40 years.

Elected as a member of Dartford Borough council for Newtown Ward in 2011, Councillor Sandhu has loved getting out and meeting the residents of Dartford and trying to deal with any issues they may have. As Mayor of Dartford, Avtar will be looking to attend as many locally organised events as possible – from Brownie group meetings to archery lessons.

Councillor Avtar Sandhu MBE, Mayor of Dartford 2014/15.

The New Mayor of Dartford is looking to meet as many businesses as possible. In doing this he will be looking to bring Dartford businesses together to share ideas and to help with any difficulties they may be facing. As well as this, Avtar will be raising a staggering amount of money for his 31 Mayoral Groups which include charities and local organisations.

From all of us here at Bar News, we wish the Mayor of Dartford Avtar Sandhu MBE the best of luck for his Mayoral year.


Saturday 5th April 14 saw the finale of the 11th series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away air live on ITV.

Two Kent based businesses teamed up to provide the equipment for the Rovers Return set up – Mobile Bar Hire Ltd and Caveman Brewery. Mobile Bar Hire, who are based in Bexley and Dartford, were contacted by ITV and asked to provide kegs of ale and dispensing equipment.

Mobile Bar Hire, believers in using local Kent based
products, once again teamed up with Dartford based brewers Caveman Brewery for kegs of their unique ale. The ale of choice was Neanderthal Best Bitter, a 4.6% speciality, it is made of local Kent based ingredients including English hops and dark crystal malt.

Mobile Bar Hire technicians set the equipment and were onsite throughout the show. Ant entered the Rovers Return in the lead and began to pour his 3 pints of ale. However, in trying to keep his lead Ant was trying to pour too fast which allowed too much air to enter and a big frothy head was the result. Once Dec entered the set he began his slower pour but was soon into the lead thanks to his accurate pour and precise frothy head. Dec left the Rovers Return first and eventually went on to win the challenge.

Mobile Bar Hire were also asked to supply props for the back bar of the Rovers Return. The portable bar providers brought along a range of products to fill the shelves of the back bar – one including their Dreamy Cocktail Mixers. New flavoured cocktail mixers just hitting the market, they have already had great exposure.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu didn’t waste any time in offering Dec the opportunity to come and pour a pint on any of their bars after seeing his great potential! Head brewer at Caveman Brewery said about Mobile Bar Hire using their product, ‘it is getting the exposure it deserves thanks to Mobile Bar Hire’s client base.’

The FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks off on the 12th June and is set to be a scorcher! Hosted by Brazil, the tournament sees 32 teams who have qualified from their respective world regions compete for the Holy Grail of international football honours. Venues and event organisers throughout the UK will be looking to host a variety of events to celebrate certain matches, certain stages of the competition and of course – the final. One company who have sparked interest in the World Cup is Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

The London/Kent based firm have today launched a brand new service for all those looking to put on the best World Cup party possible – World Cup Bar Hire. The service consists of a 2 meter bar counter fully kitted out with World Cup branding which can be tailor made to the specifications of the event. In addition to this the party will receive a keg of Budweiser, official sponsors of the World Cup or a keg of Carlsberg, official sponsors of the England International Football Team along with fully branded dispensing equipment.

The portable bar solutions specialists haven’t stopped there, also on offer included in this generous price is branded glassware of the chosen draught beer for the night – all ensuring a great experience is had by all.

It seems that with companies such as Mobile Bar Hire pushing to ensure all World Cup events are a success, this summer should be a great season for the hospitality industry!

On the 19th March 2014, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne unveiled his plans to decrease national debt with the annual budget. Many changes were outlined including £200m to be given to local councils to tackle potholes, £140m made available for flood defence repairs, £7bn package to cut manufacturers energy bills as well as scrapping the planned fuel tax increase in September.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry throughout the country were sitting with crossed fingers in the hope that the expected rise on alcohol duty be less than they had originally thought. Chancellor George Osborne in fact lent a helping hand to the already struggling industry by outlining methods to stop supermarkets selling alcohol lower than the minimum price and undercutting pubs and clubs.  The Chancellor then went on to outline more positives to the drinks and hospitality industry introducing a freeze on cider and Scottish whiskey duty as well as 1p cut in tax on beer.

Dartford based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, who provide portable bar solutions to the private and corporate market, have felt the recent struggle of the drinks and hospitality industry and have welcomed the budget with open arms. Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Director Ragbhir Sandhu said ‘Due to the budget we have frozen our prices on alcohol as there is no further tax implemented and duty on fuel has been frozen. Keeping in mind that we are a mobile outlet, thanks to this budget we can still deliver alcohol to your event at an industry-leading price.’

During the period of the ‘Credit Crunch’ hospitality was one of the many industries which felt the effects of people spending less the quickest.  From weddings, parties through to corporate events such as product launches and team building events the industry was affected.

Do ANY of the changes, reductions/increases announced by the Chancellor impact you? We would love to hear from you, please contact us.

Budget being announced 2014
Budget being announced 2014

Last night at Danson House in Bexleyheath, Mayor of London Boris Johnson made another of he’s famously named ‘Bexley Breeze Block’ cocktails. Named by him back in 2012 when he attended the offices of Bexley based Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, he last night took centre stage to shake up the tasteful concoction once again. The event was put on to launch the Bexley Council manifesto for the next Bexley elections.

Boris Johnson shakin the Bexley Breeze Block
Boris Johnson shakin the Bexley Breeze Block

The Mayor of London was more than happy to mix the drink once more and was overwhelmed that Mobile Bar Hire had sold over 3000 across the country since it was first invented in their offices. The Bexley Breeze Block has been loved by a variety of cocktail enthusiasts including Naughty Boy who enjoyed the tipple at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow last year where Mobile Bar Hire provided the drinks to the stars.

Boris Johnson seemed at ease as he shook up his own invention of vodka, Blue Aftershock, champagne and lemonade with the Director of Mobile Bar Hire, Ragbhir Sandhu. Both were watched by those attending as Boris and Ragbhir began shaking together the contents of their Bexley Breeze Block behind the bar of Danson House.

Tastes as good as the original
“Tastes as good as the original ?”  asks Rags Sandhu

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu said, ‘Since the Bexley Breeze Block was first made in our offices in 2012, the cocktail has sold itself as it was designed and named by Boris himself. Although the Mayor did not finish his drink, he did confirm that it still tastes as good as the original.’

Mobile Bar Hire are a leading Bexley based hospitality business who also provided their services for the UFC media preview earlier this week ahead of the big fight at the O2 this weekend.

Mobile Bar Hire had the fantastic opportunity of having one of their bars hired to the call centre of the hit BBC Three TV show ‘The Call Centre’. On February 21st their skilled team set off on one of their most exciting events this month. This was a fantastic opportunity for Mobile Bar Hire to emphasise, and showcase their pedigree within the industry.Call Centre Bar Hire Swansea

The Call Centre is a reality show in which you gain an insight of what working life is like in one of the biggest call centres within the UK. The call centre’s popularity has rocketed sky high since the start of the show. It has now become a firm favourite with the Great British public with more than 1.1 million viewers tuning every week to see the trials and tribulations of the call centre.

The reason why The Call Centre decided to have a party was due to the fact that they were refurbishing a floor in their building, so they wanted to celebrate the fact that they won’t be able to use that floor for a long period of time.

The trip to the call centre turned out to be a massive success, with both Mobile Bar Hire staff and the call centre staff both coming away waxing lyrical about how amazing the night was. Upon arrival the Mobile Bar staff was greeted by the manager of the call centre, and much loved character within the show Nev.

In the jovial spirit of the party, it wasn’t just Mobile Bar Hire staff who poured pints, with both manager Nev and firm favourite and tea lady Hayley both pouring pints during this fun filled and good humoured event.

Due to this success, Mobile Bar Hire are hoping that will be able to build a solid relationship and friendship between the call centre and themselves, with the potential for them to potentially use Mobile Bar Hire’s service again.