17th March marks St Patrick’s Day, the time of the year everyone embraces their inner Irish! Good Morning Britain celebrated on ITV this morning by Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard enjoying a pint of Guinness live on air! The Guinness bar, keg and equipment were provided by Bexley based Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

The portable bar providers were contacted by ITV on the 16th March in the late afternoon and asked if the set up could be carried out that night – a task that was taken by Mobile Bar Hire and executed within just a few hours of the phone call.

The Guinness bar was provided by Mobile Bar Hire
The Guinness bar was provided by Mobile Bar Hire

The bar was adorned in Irish memorabilia such as shamrocks and was cited as ‘Eamonn’s Bar’, named after the Irish presenter Eamonn Holmes. A runner was asked to pour the Irish tipple with Kate and Ben enjoying the taste live on tele.

This is not the first time that Mobile Bar Hire have worked with ITV having previously provided equipment for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Let’s Do Lunch With Gino and Mel. The Kent bar providers have also worked with the One Show on BBC.

Ben and Kate enjoyed the Guinness on air.
Ben and Kate enjoyed the Guinness on air.

Did you watch Good Morning Britain this St Patrick’s Day? Let us know your best Guinness moments here.

After 256 years, Guinness is due to change its recipe to become vegan. The Irish Stout, which has been brewed at St James Gate Dublin since 1759 is due to stop filtering its beer through isinglass which is currently used to remove excess yeast and help the traditional ‘settle’ to occur faster.

Isinglass is a product of dried swim bladders of fish and it is understood that part of the bladder is still in a pint of Guinness when it is consumed. Guinness are currently looking at two new methods of filtration that would see the use of isinglass removed completely from 2016.

A spokeswoman for Guinness told The Times ‘”While isinglass is a very effective means of clarification and has been used for many years, we expect to stop using it as the new filtration asset is introduced.

“We are conscious that its use may represent a barrier to consumption of our products to some.

Protesters have petitioned outside St James Gate Brewery about isinglass in Guinness
Protesters have petitioned outside St James Gate Brewery about isinglass in Guinness

“As part of our ongoing efforts to further improve the way we make our products; we are seeking alternatives to isinglass.”

The move to pull isinglass from Guinness comes after protesters failed to get big companies to highlight the use of isinglass in their products.

The new vegan-friendly Guinness will see the brewing giants market base expand to include Irish Stout lovers throughout the world who do not consume anything which uses animal products. The method of using isinglass was first used by Guinness in the 1800’s to help rescue beer at the bottom of its huge vats which would have otherwise been undrinkable.

What do you think of Guinness and their move towards a vegan friendly beer – do you think it will affect the taste or do you think the black stuff will taste as smooth as ever? Let us know today!

Diageo have taken the decision to launch their Hop House 13 lager in the UK today (20th October 2015). The fourth beer from The Brewers Project, coming after Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter and Golden Ale; Hop House 13 is Guinness’s attempt at creating a flavoursome lager.

Following a successful launch in Ireland, the new lager is now available in selected Greene King and Stonegate outlets in the on-trade and through wholesale channels in the off-trade.

Hop House 13 is a double hopped lager made with Guinness yeast, Irish barley and hops including Galaxy and Topaz from Australia and Mosaic from the USA. This great range of ingredients leads to the lager having a fruity aroma including apricot and peach. The full flavoured Hop House 13 is still crisp and hoppy – creating the perfect combination for any craft lager enthusiast.

Hop House 13 is named after the 1900’s hop store building at the St James’ Gate Brewery where hops are still to this day stored for use. The long heritage of the name lends its hand to a lager that has done very well in a relatively short period of time. After launching in Ireland in earl 2015, Hop House 13 now accounts for 2.8% of the lager sold in Ireland.

Nick Curtis-Davis says Hop House 13 is for 'mainstream lager drinkers' wanting more character and flavour
Nick Curtis-Davis, Head of Guinness Innovation says Hop House 13 is for ‘mainstream lager drinkers’ wanting more character and flavour

Head of Innovation for Guinness, Nick Curtis-Davis had stated that Hop House 13 is best suited for mainstream lager drinkers who are looking for beer with much more character and flavour.

Have you tried Hop House 13 in Ireland and are excited for its launch in the UK or do you think Guinness should stick to their velvety smooth pints of stout? Let us know here.