29th March 2017 marks the historic day in British history as Prime Minister Theresa May sends a letter to European President Donald Tusk triggering Article 50 and our leaving of the European Union, known as Brexit. A large topic for debate with many left wondering just where this will leave UK and the businesses within it. One company who, after a recent event involving Switzerland, now have serious doubts about leaving the EU is Mobile Bar Hire based in Dartford, Kent.

The portable bar providers were asked on Monday 20th March to deliver a bar counter to Switzerland for Thursday 23rd. A mean feat for many businesses but Mobile Bar Hire are well use to providing bars on the continent and began organising the install.

However, the business came across a problem – Switzerland are not part of the EU Free Trade agreement meaning the SME would need to pay over £600 for an accelerated ATA Carnet, a document that allows goods to enter the country. This unforeseen costing was forwarded to the client who themselves were surprised at the additional documentation required when importing from the UK.

Mobile Bar Hire’s Directors called the Swiss High Commission in London and Swiss Customs in Switzerland on several occasions to try and rectify the issue but to no avail.

What will Brexit mean for Mobile Bar Hire?
What will Brexit mean for Mobile Bar Hire?

Due to the increased costings incurred, Mobile Bar Hire were not able to provide the service for one of their largest clients whom had to source bar counters within Switzerland to overcome this ATA Carnet issue.

This has left the bar providers worrying for their future expansion as they have recently provided bars in France, Italy and Latvia and are concerned that leaving the EU will force European clients to source equipment from within their own countries due to what may well be increased costs for Mobile Bar Hire to import goods.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu said, ‘Having expanded our European coverage greatly in the past few years, this incident with Swiss documentation which has lost us a large contract is very concerning. We are likely to have the same border type as Switzerland when it comes to trade at the end of the two-year negotiations of Brexit and if we are being charged to import goods to Europe, we will either have to absorb the cost and lose margin or have to pass it onto clients who may well look elsewhere. Although I have every confidence in the Prime Minister, I sincerely hope that she and her team can obtain the best deal possible to ensure British business can boom inside and outside of our borders.’

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17th March marks St Patrick’s Day, the time of the year everyone embraces their inner Irish! Good Morning Britain celebrated on ITV this morning by Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard enjoying a pint of Guinness live on air! The Guinness bar, keg and equipment were provided by Bexley based Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

The portable bar providers were contacted by ITV on the 16th March in the late afternoon and asked if the set up could be carried out that night – a task that was taken by Mobile Bar Hire and executed within just a few hours of the phone call.

The Guinness bar was provided by Mobile Bar Hire
The Guinness bar was provided by Mobile Bar Hire

The bar was adorned in Irish memorabilia such as shamrocks and was cited as ‘Eamonn’s Bar’, named after the Irish presenter Eamonn Holmes. A runner was asked to pour the Irish tipple with Kate and Ben enjoying the taste live on tele.

This is not the first time that Mobile Bar Hire have worked with ITV having previously provided equipment for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Let’s Do Lunch With Gino and Mel. The Kent bar providers have also worked with the One Show on BBC.

Ben and Kate enjoyed the Guinness on air.
Ben and Kate enjoyed the Guinness on air.

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The Bexley Skills Charter was launched on 18th January and has been designed to encourage conversation between all types of organisation including Businesses, Learning and education providers, Information, advice and guidance providers and Support services. These conversations will aim to ensure the London Borough thrives in 4 key areas:

  • A learning offer fit for the future
  • A skilled workforce for strong and sustainable growth
  • A thriving business and enterprise environment
  • A culture of continuous learning and development

One of the first businesses to sponsor and support this Bexley Skills Charter was Mobile Bar Hire Ltd. The portable bar providers sponsored the drinks, bar and staff for the launch night which coincided with the launch of the Bexley Business Excellence Awards.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Av Sandhu MBE signs to Bexley Skills Charter
Mobile Bar Hire Director Avtar Sandhu MBE signs to Bexley Skills Charter

In total, 30 organisations signed up to the charter on opening night with more expected to do so in the coming months.

Director of Mobile Bar Hire Ltd Avtar Sandhu MBE said, ‘It is a great idea for all organisational types to come together to enhance cooperation. Through training staff in a range of skills to giving back to the wider community, we are pleased to be part of it.’

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Dippy the Diplodocus is set to move from the Natural History Museum after serving in the Hintze Hall since 1905. The plaster dinosaur skeleton is currently not classed as relevant enough to the issues in today’s natural world. The much-loved attraction is due to be removed on January 5th 2017 and replaced with the skeleton of our world’s current largest animal – a blue whale.

The whale, which is currently hanging in the museum’s Mammal Hall, will be used as a dramatic reminder of both environmental problems but also hope for the future.

Dippy will be touring from early 2018 until late 2020 visiting all 4 countries within the United Kingdom. From his removal until he sets off in 2018, conservators will be ensuring the plaster-of-Paris skeleton is ready for its mammoth journey.

Hospitality industry solution providers Mobile Bar Hire Ltd are one of the many organisations who have worked alongside the Diplodocus. Having worked at the Natural History museum on several occasions for weddings and corporate functions, Mobile Bar Hire have provided their service directly under the dinosaur’s tail.

Dippy projected his shadow onto one of Mobile Bar Hire's bar.
Dippy projected his shadow onto one of Mobile Bar Hire’s counters.

Having overseen many events at the Natural History Museum, Mobile Bar Hire Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘it’s a great shame that Dippy is moving from the museum. His grand scale and imposing nature was a real plus for events we attended and made the venue truly unique. Whilst it will change the look and feel of the space, the real blue whale skeleton will add a completely new aesthetic to the hall which can only be a positive. We hope everyone who see’s Dippy on his travels loves him as much as we did!’

If you’ve seen Dippy in the past or have attended an event at the Natural History Museum, let us know your thoughts about his nationwide travels here.

GQ celebrated the Men of the Year Awards 2016 at Tate Modern London on Tuesday night. The event, which chooses one winner from a range of categories including Best Sportsman and Breakthrough Artist, was attended by the elites of the UK and international limelight.

The stars were treated to a lavish display of entertainment and food throughout the evening and were served fresh Patron Tequila cocktails. Bexley based business Mobile Bar Hire were contacted to provide a branded Patron bar for the cocktails to be served from. The counter, which was a centre point throughout the GQ event, was set to one end of the Tate Modern venue.

The star studded event was attended by celebs such as Tinie Tempah, Ellie Golding, Ricky Gervais and Calvin Harris. The bar provided by Mobile Bar Hire was visited by the likes of Olympic gymnast Louis Smith and International Marketing Director for Patron Tequila.

This isn’t the first time the portable bar specialists have rubbed shoulders with elites; in the past Mobile Bar Hire have provided bars for events attended by the Prime Minister, UEFA, The One Show and Alan Carr just to name a few.

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith attended the GQ Event
Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith attended the GQ Event

Mobile Bar Hire Director Ragbhir Sandhu commented, ‘Providing the bar counter for the GQ Awards is a great honour. Having worked with a range of top events, it is great to add this to our portfolio and look forward to working alongside the organisers again soon. We are proud to be flying the flag for Bexley with the crest visible on all of our bars!’

The company, having previously carried out many events in Europe over the past two years, are again off to Paris for their first event since the Brexit vote.

If you need some more information on Mobile Bar Hire’s involvement with GQ, contact us here.

Big Brother is one of the largest and longest running reality TV shows in the UK and has seen many celebrities grace its walls. Having gained such a reputation, they are always looking for new and exciting ways to keep the show relevant and the show teamed up with event solution experts Mobile Bar Hire Ltd for a helping hand.

Big Brother UK contacted Mobile Bar Hire to request a bar counter to be used on their show to be aired Monday 27th June. The bar counter provided by the events specialists was their newest addition – the Bennett Bar. The fully colour changing LED counter was accompanied by LED ice buckets which were dotted around the room on the show filled with drinks for the contestants. The Bennett Bar is a fully functional cocktail counter which can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations due to its weatherproof nature.

It is not the first time that Mobile Bar Hire have been approached by TV producers to provide their services. The Bexley firm have also provided bars and equipment to The One Show, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel and the US TV drama ‘Guilt’.

The bar counter provided to Big Brother by Mobile Bar Hire
The bar counter provided to Big Brother by Mobile Bar Hire

When asked about the Channel 5 programme getting in touch, company Director Rags Sandhu said, ‘Having now worked with most of the major TV channels in the UK in the last year, it is a credit to our team to know we are providing a service of a high enough standard to be seen by millions. Big Brother are another strong tick in our box but we are constantly wanting to better ourselves and will continue to look onwards and upwards.’

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Mobile Bar Hire’s very own apprentice, William Malingan, has been awarded by London based NVQ provider JUST IT the title of ‘Apprentice of the Month’ for May. Mobile Bar Hire is an esteemed business, and has been a long supporter of young adults gaining experience and qualifications through these schemes, they have displayed their support by employing a range of apprentices throughout the years. The portable bar providers apprentices have been working towards NVQ’s in Business Admin and Digital Marketing.

Mobile Bar Hire apprentice William Malingan gained his award for ‘Apprentice of the Month’ with strong support from the Mobile Bar Hire team. William commented “Mobile Bar Hire is wonderful place to work. I have gained a lot of experience and created strong work relationships, I look forward with eagerness to completing the remaining duration of my apprenticeship with the company.”  The apprentice is very keen on continuing his apprenticeship with Mobile Bar Hire and receiving his qualification at the start of 2017.

Mobile Bar Hire apprentice Will won Apprentice of the Month for May.
Mobile Bar Hire apprentice Will won Apprentice of the Month for May.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Avtar Sandhu MBE said “we are passionate about helping young men and women climb onto the first step of the career ladder and aim to help them in any aspect of their lives. The young team members are constantly bringing fresh ideas to the table and are a real driving force behind the company.”

Mobile Bar Hire will continue to support apprenticeships and the company is looking forward to taking on more apprentices in the future.

Do you know anyone who is looking to undertake an apprenticeship or who has received a similar award? Please let us know.

Last week local company Mobile Bar Hire Ltd based in Dartford and Crayford carried out their first ever full bar service in Paris. The service included the company providing bar counters, fridges, stock, staff and till systems for the EU Search Awards diner in the heart of Paris.

Organised by a UK based company in Oldham, the 500 guests expected a full bar service as they arrived at the venue. The Mobile Bar Hire team in the company’s offices went through every little detail including transport, licensing, payments in Euro’s etc – the event was a success and the clients in the UK and in Paris were ‘overwhelmed by the professionalism and attention to detail shown by the team at Mobile Bar Hire’.

Mobile Bar Hire have worked in Paris on several occasions.
Mobile Bar Hire have worked in Paris on several occasions.

However, this has now put company director’s Avtar and Ragbhir Sandhu in a predicament – Are we better off in or out of Europe?

Ragbhir Sandhu said “Having carried out many events in Europe already (but not of this scale) this one is the one that sticks out the most; simply due to all of the factors which had to come together in order for our participation in the event to be a success. If we are out of Europe this will obviously become more and more complex, does this mean we should stay in Europe for the sake of doing business? Having looked at the various pro’s and con’s regarding the Europe issue its confusing as to which way people should vote. As a business I guess it’s best to be in Europe but as an individual it’s probably better to be out – confusing!”

Were you with Mobile Bar Hire at the EU Search Awards or are you looking to be part of it next year? Let us know here.

A new television miniseries is to start on the popular American broadcasting network ABC. ABC is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group and is set to show the series Guilt. The television miniseries producers approached the Kent based business Mobile Bar Hire Ltd so that they could collaborate together. Mobile Bar Hire supplied the show with a curved LED bar, which will be featured in the final cut of the series. Mobile Bar Hire also supplied a range of other props such as dummy bottles and drinks.

Mobile Bar Hire delivered the bar counter to be used in the series to a filming location in London and it will be depicted in a bar/club scene.

The television miniseries, Guilt, is based on the story of Amanda Knox and the murder of Meredith Kercher. The story line will include the lead up to the trial of Amanda Knox and the complications and effects of events that occurred with the Justice System.

Mobile Bar Hire Ltd's bar for Guilt
Mobile Bar Hire Ltd’s bar for Guilt

The miniseries Guilt will have a very talented cast such as Billy Zane (Titanic, Dead Calm, Tombstone), Emily Tremaine (Wolf of Wall street, Self/Less), and Daisy Head (The Last Seven, The Fallen), the collection of such a cast will build up a great excitement and anticipation for the start of the episodes.  

The Guilt series is set to debut on the month of June 2016, with the first episode being ordered back in June 2015 and then being picked up in November 2015 by series creators Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard. The show is in the final stages of production and will debut on Freeform, which is a sub sector television broadcasting provider on cable and satellite that is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group. Many say that the show will be an interesting thing to watch, with many critics wondering how they will portray the story.

What do you think of the involvement of Mobile Bar Hire with the television miniseries Guilt? and does the mini-series sound enticing enough to make you want to watch it?

In recent times the number of SME’s tackling big markets have increased as passionate businessmen and women turn their dreams into reality. However, it is not always as easy as it seems with a large number of start-ups failing within their first year.Today’s Budget released by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne outlined a range of points set to try and help these businesses. One organisation which is likely to be affected by the Budget is local events industry leader Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.

The hospitality providers have been helped by the freeze in beer, cider and spirits duty which will see their prices also freeze. Also set to help the firm add to their already established business is the reduction in corporation tax from 20% to 17% by 2020. Being one of the largest expenses to any SME, corporation tax reductions is set to help millions of organisations throughout the UK.

Mobile Bar Hire’s fleet of vehicles will see their petrol prices staying consistent as George Osbourne also announced as freeze on fuel duty. This will help the business reach its customers not just in the UK but further afield in Europe.

George Osborne announced a freeze on beer duty in the Budget.
George Osborne announced a freeze on beer duty in the Budget.

The much discussed sugar tax was announced and will see charges being calculated depending on the amount of sugar in the drinks with pure fruit juice and milk based drinks being exempt. Whilst the tax is welcomed by the industry amid health concerns, its impact will not be seen for a while.

Mobile Bar Hire Director Av Sandhu said, ‘it is great that the government are looking to help businesses in the hospitality sector which is an industry in decline.  The corporation tax rate reduction is also another key factor which gives us confidence to push forward with our plans. Being an employer of apprentices already, we will look to hopefully employ more staff members from the local Borough of Bexley to boost the local economy.’

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