‘Underage and Over the Limit’ – the title is a good way to grasp the concept of a hard hitting BBC3 documentary shown on the 14/01/14. The show followed a youth worker by the name of Phil Tye as he battles the huge underage drinking problems in the North East of England. This was achieved in some cases by getting them involved in activities that got them off the streets and their minds off alcohol. 

The North East has the highest number of young drinkers between the ages of 11 and 15 than any other area of the UK. The show also met the youngsters to find out what made them turn to drink at such a young age in the first place. Set in Sunderland and Newcastle, the programme showed how cheap it is to buy alcohol and the lengths the youngsters will go to just to have a drink.

With a parent buying alchol for her child through to 14-15 year olds passing out in a public park late at night – it highlights the possible issues the drinks industry may be facing.

The documentary aims to bring light to the troubles in the North East and the whole country.

Have you seen someone drinking in excess under the age of 18?

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